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5 products for even tanning without harming the skin

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In summer, a lot of people want to look irresistible with a tan. A uniform, light tan gives your body a healthy look and shine. But not all people can easily get such a tan: many people repeatedly burn in the sun or simply can not buy a chocolate shade, remaining pale or reddish. The secret is that there are foodstuffs that allow you to buy a flat, saturated tan without burning. Let’s find out what kind of food it is.


The orange color of carrots indicates that it contains a lot of vitamin A. This vitamin protects the skin from harmful sun exposure, which allows you to sunbathe without fear of burns. Vitamin A also has cumulative properties – it accumulates in the skin cells and gives it a reddish shade. It is a good base for further chocolate tanning.

How to eat carrots?

  • Eat a couple of carrots an hour before going to the beach.
  • Have a glass of carrot juice on the beach or just before you go out there.

Tip: Vitamin A dissolves in liquids, so carrot juice can Mix with fatty coconut oil or even cream to make it better and faster.


Another product that contains a lot of beta-carotene, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B. Apricots themselves also have a yellow and orange hue, so they act as carrots, giving the skin a red color. But they also protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays, which is also important when tanning. When using apricots, you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

How to use apricots?

  • The best option is to eat about one or two apricots every day. A single use of apricot will give either a very weak effect or will not give at all.
  • There is also apricot in the form of mashed potatoes and natural juices, which can be prepared by yourself.

Cocoa beans and chocolate

It is a natural bitter chocolate, which can be bought in many online shops. Cocoa beans contain flavonoids, a vegetable component that protects the skin from environmental influences, including sunlight. They saturate the skin with moisture (not to be confused with fat content!) and contribute to the “sticking” of tanning without harming your health.
In addition, chocolate and cocoa beans have “colorful” properties – they will give your skin a weak dark brown shade, which will be a good basis for future tanning.

How do I consume chocolate and cocoa beans?

  • Cocoa beans themselves are bitter, but they give the mashed potatoes and cocktails an unusual taste. Try to mix them with cream and banana or add them to your homemade ice cream.
  • A small bar of natural chocolate won’t hurt your body if you eat it an hour before you visit the beach.

Tip: If you don’t like dark chocolate, eat it with honey, banana or sweet oranges.

Salmon and oily fish

Such fish contains not only healthy fats and proteins, but also many vitamins: B, E, D, omega acids. This means that not only will you get protection from ultraviolet light, but you will also be able to safely “assimilate” the tan, which will lie on your skin without harm.
Oily fish also protects the skin from burning, which is especially important for people who suffer from red tanning and are often sunburned. In addition, salmon have many other useful properties.

How do I eat salmon and oily fish?

  • Raw salmon steaks or slightly smoked salmon are best suited. Eat a lot and you don’t need to – salmon are assimilated for a long time, so you can eat it even a day before going to the beach.
  • You can also eat salmon of any kind – it will not lose its useful properties.


Tomatoes are unique in that they contain a rare substance – lycopene in combination with vitamins B and numerous minerals. They provide prevention of skin cancer, prevent the formation of cancer cells under the influence of sunlight. They accelerate the appearance of tanning and provide such protection of the skin as can be provided by a cream with a low level of protection.

How do I consume tomatoes?

  • Tomato salad of any kind is delicious on a hot summer day, does not burden your stomach and is good for tanning.
  • A glass of tomato juice is quickly absorbed, so you can drink it right on the beach.

With the help of these products you will provide yourself a beautiful tan. If you have them daily in summer, you can not worry: tanning will last all very much and will be very slowly washed off the body. In addition, these products provide protection for the skin, so you don’t have to worry about health and the effects of ultraviolet light.

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