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8 cooking apps: really helpful!

The contents

  • The memory in the pocket: a shopping app “Buy me a pie”
  • Choose fruits and vegetables with Perfect Produce
  • Help convert: Kitchen Calculator PRO
  • Replace the products in the recipe: Substitutions will help
  • A library of recipes Kitchen Stories
  • FatSecret to count calories
  • “Spice!”: gourmet
  • Bonus! “Proper nutrition” app from MedAboutMe

Every Good Mistress, as were almost all of our mothers and grandmothers were always available on a special shelf with a small library of books on farming, crafts and of course cooking. And yet — thick notebook with recipes, written from the words of my friends and relatives. There is glued newspaper clippings and magazines with recipes and helpful tips. As a result, the manuscript had swollen to three times, with time, its pages had yellowed, the ink faded, and the cover certainly multicoloured spots — traces of active use while cooking the most delicious in the world of pies, cookies, pickles, salads and soups.

Probably, many are now kept in a secret place the mother’s notebooks. As a memory, as a legacy, family heritage. But more often we enjoy the fruits of technology development: modern applications for smartphones. Among them is culinary, and the choice is so great that it is no wonder hang for a long time, choosing the best and really useful.

MedAboutMe offers to pay attention to 8 excellent mobile apps that are certainly useful most of the modern Housewives and cooking lovers.

The memory in the pocket: a shopping app “Buy me a pie”

What we do in the first place, when are you going to cook something tasty? That’s right, we go to the store to buy the right set of products. Now tell me, hand on heart: have you ever returned home with a bunch of shopping, discover: the most important-and not bought. Flew out of my head! Was distracted by something else, forgot to put in the cart — it doesn’t matter why. The main thing — a nuisance that you have to go to the store a second time, muttering something about a bad head, which does not rest nor legs, nor the rest of the body.

So: the app “Buy me a pie” will solve this problem. It is a convenient, intuitive application does not cause problems in application, allows you once and for all to abandon the paper list and endless calls home with clarifying questions. All lists will be in your smartphone, no matter what platform it didn’t work: the app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. There is a free version, there are inexpensive paid with advanced features.

The application allows you very easily to create shopping lists, and one motion to strike bought. With the app “Buy me a pie” you no longer have to be disappointed in my own memory.

Choose fruits and vegetables with Perfect Produce

This is another useful and totally free app that will help you make the right purchase. Let’s be honest: not everyone know how to choose really high-quality fruits and vegetables. You can spend in the vegetable rows for several hours, tormented by doubts, and as a result bring home stuffed with nitrates tomatoes, unripe pineapple, mango tasteless and not enough red, hard beets.

In addition to the tips about what to look for when selecting vegetables and fruits, the app Perfect Produce will provide you with information about the nutritional value of the fruit, the recommended daily norm of consumption, as well as a selection of recipes, which are interested in the vegetables or fruit are the main ingredient.

The application has one conditional drawback: it is only available in English.

Help convert: Kitchen Calculator PRO

The English paid (229 rubles), an application that allows you without problems translate incomprehensible “Cup”, “pounds” and “ounces” in the usual grams, “tablespoons” and liters. At the same time, the app will help calculate the required number of products to a specified number of servings.

For a correct translation you need to specify the name of the product, so as the same amount of weight may vary. The application has a list of products that the user can edit and add to suit your habits and needs.

Replace the products in the recipe: Substitutions will help

Remember the old anecdote about the letter to cooking show? About how “avocado we replaced fried potatoes, shrimp, pork rinds, Italian herbs dill and garlic, but overall your salad we liked”.

So: free Substitutions app for iOS devices will help you to find a really adequate replacement for the one that’s not in the fridge. Or what the user is allergic to. Or that too rich and does not match the selected type of food.

There are choices of substitutions for vegans. You can see a list of the proposed substitutions by category.

However, it should be remembered that the taste of the dish still will change slightly as the full match on the taste can not be. However, the app will help to make existing recipes change if the need or desire.

A library of recipes Kitchen Stories

By downloading on your smartphone the free app Kitchen Stories, you will be able to join a huge company of cooks from around the world. Because some of the recipes proposed by the editors, and the other part serves the users themselves. However, in this application you will have to use English although it is Russified, many recipes are published in English. But here you can find a huge number of recipes in different categories. Many are supplemented with step-by-step photos or video. Favorite recipes can be bookmarked and you can easily make a list of what to buy from the missing products.

In addition to the recipes in the app you can find a lot of useful tips — how to quickly peel a pineapple, for example, or how to handle a chili pepper how to best whip the cream or peel boiled eggs.

App available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

FatSecret to count calories

If you finally decided to come to grips with themselves, the FatSecret app will be your assistant. You can choose a goal of maintaining weight, weight loss or a set of missing, to enter some information about yourself (height, weight, lifestyle), and the app will calculate for you calorie consumption. And consumed calories will also be considered, from doing exercises in the gym to home Affairs.

For user convenience, the app has a food diary: build a visual graph of weight to see the progress and rejoice in him. In addition, the app includes a large collection of diet recipes.

Free for all devices.

“Spice!”: gourmet

To understand the world of spices and seasonings can not all. But with “Spice!” to learn it will be much easier. The app contains information about more than hundred of dishes and almost the same amount of seasonings and spices.

“Spice!” will help you to get information about which dish a particular spice, what it is better to combine, how to apply and in what quantity. Moreover, the app will tell you where to buy the right seasoning.

There is a limited free version, but even for full not will have to shell out too much: for only 33 rubles, you can access all of the app’s features.

Designed for the iPhone.

Bonus! “Proper nutrition” app from MedAboutMe

Our team of developers has created a wonderful application for effective weight control, which can be downloaded from Google Play. Selecting as an assistant to “Proper nutrition” and installing it in your smartphone, you will only have to enter the necessary minimum of information about themselves: age, gender, height, weight. And, of course, the goal of maintaining, reducing or gaining weight. The program will select for you an individual action plan, including recommendations for nutrition and physical activity (if you have the desire and opportunity to practice).

In addition, our app will allow you to keep a food diary so you know exactly what and how much you eat. Sometimes this alone is enough to correct your diet and get rid of excess weight.

Expert commentary

Juliette Steen, lifestyle blogger, Australia

Life must be effective, otherwise you can miss a lot and then regret the wasted time. If there is something that will help easy and fun to organize daily life — this must be used. The more that modern technology offers this many opportunities.

I am constantly finding and trying new applications that allow the purchase of products, order delivery food, choose recipes or modify them depending on what I have in the fridge or a mood today.

But there are a few apps that I never want to leave. It’s Jamie Oliver’s Recipes, Menulog — food purchases online, Happy Cow, an app that helps you find vegetarian and vegan food anywhere in the world. It is not easy, especially if you arrived somewhere and not versed in the local cuisine.

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