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14 kitchen of the little things that will turn cooking into a feast
The contents

  • Cutting and preparing food
  • For vegetables and fruits
  • Cook-fry without problems

Theoretically the cooking need not so much. Water and a saucepan to boil, pan — fry, knife — cutting, but the fire/electricity. But the cooking can be turned into an easy and very pleasant experience using a variety of intelligent and witty inventions.

Several new findings recommends that the host MedAboutMe.

Cutting and preparing food

One of the wonderful convenient gizmos — silicone Mat for baking. This device can be of different size, but as a rule its area is more than the usual cutting boards. Than a good silicone Mat:

  • They are smaller boards with larger area. After use, the Mat can simply be rolled up and stored anywhere.
  • Silicone back surface of the Mat does not slip on the surface of the table, even if it is polished marble.
  • The silicone does not stick the dough.
  • On the front surface of the markings to facilitate cutting.
  • Silicone is perfectly clean and disinfected. The Mat can be drenched with boiling water, for example.

Some assumed disadvantages, too. For example, silicon mats cannot be used as a baking tray or in the microwave, or in a gas or electric stove. And it is impossible to use sharp metal objects to cut the dough will have a plastic or wooden knives.

This Mat is 400-500 rubles, if you order on a famous Chinese website — from 150 rubles, without shipping cost. But it is better to buy products of famous manufacturers, which guarantees the compliance of products to sanitary and hygienic norms.

To work with more batter helps a convenient dispenser from which it is very easy to pour into the pan the desired amount of dough for pancakes or crepes. No more drops of dough on the table and plate, all neat and beautiful.

The price of the device — up to 500 rubles.

Life hack!

Economical craftsmen suggest the use of a dispenser an ordinary plastic bottle of ketchup. As a disposable option is quite possible, but not more. Very much inconvenient to wash unsuitable for this bottle.

A kitchen scale is probably in most homes. Thing useful and necessary, but has some disadvantages: a limited range of weighing. For dispensing small amounts of foods and spices you can buy your one-stop spoon with built-in scales. To accurately measure the sugar, baking powder, starch, spices will become much easier. Price of the device — up to 1000 rubles.

Sometimes baked biscuit or cake need to be cut into several layers. Any owner will confirm: do it exactly is difficult. No matter how you try, the layers are often uneven. Locking of the knife problem would be solved. The device allows not only to confidently cut the baked cake horizontally, but also to layers of the same thickness.

Another tool makes it easy to clean vegetables and fruits anywhere in the room watching TV, on a stump around the campfire, children, while child is doing homework and needs help. Sat down, put on his knees the device — and forward. There is a place for wholes, for cleaned and for cleaning too.

For vegetables and fruits

Hardly anyone likes to peel garlic. I hasten to please: now this procedure can become much easier if you get a small device. This is a soft tube made of silicone. Garlic cloves are placed in it so the tube need to vigorously roll across the surface of the table for a few seconds and shake out peeled garlic cloves. Husk — garbage in, garlic in cooking. Takes no place, is quite a bit.

Cutting greens and vegetables will be safer for your fingers if you use a special protective holder. They exist in many variants — plastic and metal, different color and design. Common one thing: their application will remain in safe hands and nails.

Love to drizzle the dishes with lemon juice? You also have new items. First, it is an ingenious spray, which sprays juice directly from a lemon.

Secondly, a special silicone thing, which you can use a squeeze of lemon juice, not rasbridge his sides. All fragrant liquid is drained through a hole in the prepared capacity to get then into the dish.

Cook-fry without problems

During cooking sometimes you need to close the lid. And sometimes — just to cover up a little, leaving a gap. But bad cover and tries to pull back, which often leads to the fact that the brew foams up and goes, leaving traces of his flight across the slab. And unpleasant burnt smell in the air.

Now to keep the lid in the correct position will become easier: what kind of person invented a special nozzle on a pan that will not allow the lid to close. These little things are very various in shape, often funny, which makes the cooking a little fun and mischief.

Life hack!

The role of such a stop for the cap can have a linen clothespin. But it is not so funny, but it works.

Another device for the edges of the pan: pin-locking pin to a spoon. Very handy when on the table there is no place for special support under a spoon or ladle.

Boil the eggs soft-boiled, hard-boiled and “in the bag”. Each family has their own ways to determine the readiness of the eggs, and almost all of them fail. Especially in the morning, when standing over a boiling egg with a stopwatch in hand once.

But if you throw in with the eggs in the saucepan a special indicator of readiness eggs, no stopwatches do not need: the device will show how to cook eggs for Breakfast.

To further facilitate the process, the egg boiler: she also goes off when the eggs reach the desired degree of readiness.

And finally, the last finding.

Spoon-clip pack with tea, coffee or other food product. The graceful curve of handle clamps the top of the opened package, to not erode the aroma. Isn’t it beautiful?

Review expert, Danilo Alfaro, natural cook

When you love a priest in the kitchen, sometimes only the bare minimum tools. But most cooks strive to make the cooking process more comfortable and enjoyable. To acquire knives, high quality, good cutting boards, graters, rolling pins, grinders, screens, forms and hundreds of other useful devices. This is correct, because it can save time and facilitate the process.

Yes, it happens that the purchased device is not claimed, because they were uncomfortable or did not meet expectations. But it happens with other items of clothing, for example.

For me it was a test case with my aunt. I gave one to her convenient device for slicing vegetables. Several years passed, and suddenly she called me one day to say with delight — “Danilo, why didn’t you just say, what a handy thing?” It turns out that my gift she stuck deep in the locker, thinking it was completely futile — that she, with hands and knife won’t slice a potato or cucumber? But once reminded of the tablet and decided to try it. It turned out that using the tool cutting potatoes into thin slices for chips takes a couple of minutes, then like a knife it cut would be several times longer, and the slices never would be so smooth.

Don’t reject new items. Even the simplest of them can significantly simplify the process or make it more enjoyable and/or safe.

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