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A bone fracture is always dangerous and painful, regardless of that broken leg, collar bone, especially the spine. The bones are our skeleton, the Foundation, based on what the body with all its organs, and its violation is fraught with dangers that should be avoided. Well, if the trouble occurred immediately treated.

If fracture or bone crack on her knitting mobilized all systems of the body — the hormones start to act cell — sharing, amino acids and antioxidants also come into play. It takes the body a lot of energy. A few natural ways to speed up your process of splicing!


Simple tips for fractures


1. Increase the intake of minerals


70% of bones are made of minerals — not just calcium, but also manganese, silicon and vanadium. When a bone fracture it is important to replenish these minerals in the body.


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Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and foods rich in calcium, and you will recover faster!


2. Take anti-inflammatory measures


Bone fracture leads to an increase in the content of free radicals in the blood, causing the body includes a natural protection. Vitamins C and E, and lycopene can speed up the process of building this protection from inflammatory effect.


3. Practice


Biomechanical stimulation helps broken bones to recover and strengthens in case it is already fused. In addition, the exercises improve blood circulation and reduce overall stress!


4. Make sure to consume enough protein


Body accumulates all the available proteins to mend a broken bone. Help the body this will reduce the risk of complications and reduce recovery time.


5. Use essential oils


Mix essential oils of fir, cypress and immortelle and apply the mixture to the fracture site. Cypress improves circulation of blood Immorteli treat nervous tissue, and thanks to the fir are fused bones.


6. Do acupuncture


The correct acupuncture, with an emphasis on noney authorities treat the body using its own energy.


7. Eat calcium rich foods


That means green leafy vegetables and parenteralnye dairy products. Studies show that calcium is absorbed properly only together with magnesium, so keep an eye out for magnesium!


8. Increase your normal caloric intake


Studies have shown that the increase in daily caloric three times — of course with healthy eating — helps bone. To them to mend, the metabolism needs a lot of energy! published econet.ru.