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Each of us has his own culinary habits, formed under the influence of parents, accepted norms and traditions in society. Some of them are quite natural and adequate, but others can not only change the taste and quality of food for the worse, but also openly harm health. What kind?

Long cooking seafood

Perhaps, only residents of coastal cities can be considered experts in the preparation of all kinds of marine reptiles, and all the other Russians, who were able to diversify their diet with such food only with the development of globalization and world trade, at first did not even know how to approach it. Many people turned their attention to recipes for popular cookbooks, but even there you can often find incorrect information regarding the time of preparation of seafood. But their taste in many respects depends on it, because if you boil squid or shrimp for too long, they become "rubber". In fact, they only need a few minutes to become ready, juicy and incredibly tasty. Together with salt, add parsley to the water, and sprinkle the finished dish with lemon juice.

The habit of rinsing pasta

I must say that real Italian pasta on the shelves of modern stores appeared relatively recently, and the usual pasta – all kinds of spaghetti and horns have always been. The latter is simply impossible to eat without first rinsing, because then they turn into a shapeless sticky mass. But products from whole grains of wheat, which include paste, can not be washed. Moreover, well-known chefs advise to abandon this culinary habit altogether, because washing will inevitably cool the pasta, and it takes them some time to “get there”.

In addition, the water will wash away the starch, which ensures the absorption of the sauce, without which the Italians will not sit down to eat pasta. Boil pasta in large quantities of water with the addition of salt, and the broth remaining after cooking should be used as the basis for the sauce.

The use of aggressive marinades in food

Someone can’t imagine their food without marinades, and someone only resorts to their help from time to time when they come across too hard meat or, even worse, with the so-called “ducky”, that is, signs of spoilage. However, in neither case will save the meat with vinegar and spices, because no matter what the marinade, it acts only on the surface, without penetrating inside. Culinary experts consider vinegar the most unfortunate version of the marinade, because it is able to pull together the fibers of the meat and dry them. If the product is spoiled, it will not help either, especially if bacteria and microbes manage to penetrate into the deeper layers.

Yes, in some cases, you can’t do without marinade, especially when it comes to game, but you should not hope to completely reanimate an illiquid product with it. You should not buy meat with an expiring shelf life for stocks held in supermarkets. So instead of the desired savings, you can get additional costs for the treatment of poisoning.

Frying as a way of cooking

Frying as a way of cooking

Perhaps one of the most harmful culinary habits, which is better to get rid of as soon as possible. Most often, we fry meat food products – poultry, fish, offal, then by stewing or eating in this form. However, it is very unhealthy, since in the process of frying dangerous compounds are formed – heterocyclic amines with carcinogenic properties. They cause mutations in the DNA, which can increase the risk of cancer.

The same goes for grilling meat, especially in combination with caramelized sauce or marinade. The tandem of protein and sugars enhances the glycation process with the formation of substances that, in high concentrations, can provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and even affect cognitive abilities. Therefore, it is better to abandon frying as a way of cooking, preferring baking, stewing and boiling.

Ignoring recipes with raw vegetables and mushrooms

There are many recipes using mushrooms, but they all require a long boil or frying. But few people know that there are mushrooms that can be eaten raw – these are champignons. True, we are talking about artificially cultivated mushrooms, and not those that were collected in the forest closest to the house. Chefs of famous restaurants decorate thin slices of fresh champignon sandwiches and cold snacks, add them to salads. There are many vegetables that Russians also do not eat raw, but meanwhile, the well-known zucchini, squash, pumpkin and zucchini are incredibly good in their pure form and can enter a healthy diet along with cucumbers and tomatoes.

So they retain most of the vitamins and minerals. But if there are any diseases of the digestive system, then it is better not to get carried away by thermally untreated gifts of nature to eliminate undesirable consequences in the form of bloating, cramping, discomfort and abdominal pain. Better out of habit to simmer them over low heat.

Using Low Fat Salad Dressing

Using Low Fat Salad Dressing

Today, few people use salad recipes from past Soviet years. Then the Russians were limited in their choice of food, and today this problem is no longer worth it. The type of refueling has also changed a lot. Instead of fatty mayonnaise, people prefer to use low-fat yogurt, and dieters completely limit themselves to soy sauce and lemon juice. On the one hand, such a habit helps to keep fit, and on the other, it reduces the benefits of vegetables, and that's why. The thing is that for the assimilation of vitamins present in the gifts of nature, fats are needed and this is especially true for carotene, tocopherol, vitamins D and K, which are fat-soluble.

Without lipids, their benefit will be minimal, because it is fats that provide the absorption of vitamins in the intestine. Therefore, it is worth remembering the good old addictions of past years and return to them, but do it wisely. Not all fats are equally healthy, and if you choose between mayonnaise and vegetable oil, you should give preference to the latter option. Vegetable oils do not raise blood cholesterol and are ideal for dressing salads.

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