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Fighting obesity: basic principles
The contents

  • Diet and weight loss: why it works for long?
  • Habits for weight loss
  • Proper nutrition: a selection of products and their quantity
  • Physical activity

To reduce weight quite difficult, even more difficult to continuously retain the results achieved. It is no secret that diets have a positive effect until they are followed, but after returning to full power often returns and excess weight. Is it possible to save the form, not sticking to diets? Nutritionists have developed certain principles of nutrition and dietary behavior to achieve this goal. MedAboutMe will acquaint the readers with them.

Diet and weight loss: why it works for long?

The main problem of struggle with excess weight is that diets usually only lead to temporary loss of unwanted pounds. While there are food restrictions, it is possible to maintain a desired body weight, after the diet continues weight restored, and sometimes increased. The reason is that the body aims to protect all systems and organs, largely due to maintain weight, necessary for their normal functioning. Fat accumulation provide the flow of many vital processes. In addition to the functions of accumulation and expenditure of energy, insulation of body fat is essential for the synthesis of hormones, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, the growth and development of cells. Malnutrition or exclusion from the diet of certain foods is a danger signal for the organism, so under favorable conditions (return to usual diet) it tends to make fat reserves in case such stressful situations in the future.

However, the lifetime diet is the body needs good nutrition, which should contain proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. Obviously, reducing weight, and then hold it at a certain level require different approaches and methods not related to limitations in food, and change some habits and eating behavior.

Habits for weight loss

Change eating habits — it is rather complicated. Therefore, nutritionists advise to do it gradually, without causing harm to the body by a sudden change in the usual diet.

Here’s some expert advice that will help not to overeat and not gain weight:

  • There is a need, slowly, comfortably seated at the table. In any case, not on the run or not adapted to this place. This will not only help with proper digestion, but also reduce the risk of overeating. The fact that the brain only after 20 minutes from the beginning of the meal receives the first signals of saturation.
  • Food should be divided into small pieces, and each piece is well chewed, enjoying his taste.
  • Is necessary to full saturation, but no more. As soon as the saturation, you should stop eating even if the plate is something left.
  • Before you sit down at the table to drink a glass of water. This simple habit helps you feel full on less amount of food and does not add calories.
  • It is important not to miss the next meal. In the absence of a complete meal, such as at work, it is possible to eat yogurt or fruit and a slice of bread, brought from home a chicken sandwich or a hamburger. It will save from the desire to continuously chew to stave off hunger (cookies, chips, sweets, biscuits).

Proper nutrition: a selection of products and their quantity

To provide the body with all necessary for vital nutrients necessary nutrition, including all kinds of products. The main rule for those who want to keep long in good shape should be a reduction in the amount eaten. A small portion, not too rich, simple and healthy food taken 4-5 times a day, keep you from overeating is the main causes of excess weight.

Assistance in achieving this task will have the following tips:

  • Replace your large plates small. Use small plates will not allow you to fill them with plenty of food.
  • You should make it a rule to put on a plate a bit of food, then having to Supplement when necessary, not to fill it right to the brim.
  • Limit fatty and sweet in your diet (cake, cake and more) is necessary, but to completely abandon this is not necessary. Just the use of these products should be infrequent and very moderate. And that it did not contribute to weight gain, you can increase physical activity and reduce calorie intake in the next few days.
  • When cooking to use a better quality vegetable fats, but some butter for Breakfast very useful.
  • Fatty cheeses are not conducive to weight loss, as well as low-fat dairy products. Better to eat dairy products low in fat.
  • To abandon or rarely use the following unhealthy foods: meats, industrial marinades, sausages, ready-made cooking, fried foods, sweet carbonated water. Special attention should be paid to the composition of purchased finished products, avoiding those that contain too much sugar (in this case, it is indicated on the labels in the first place), salt, TRANS fats, various additives. These products not only increase the risk of gaining weight, but also significantly harm health.

Physical activity

To maintain optimal weight may not only changing your dietary habits and making adjustments in the diet. Some studies have shown that with enough exercise you can achieve the same goal, not paying much attention to their own food. This does not mean, of course, that you can overeat and eat junk food. But eating rationally and paying attention to sports or physical education, you can easily maintain optimal weight. There are several reasons for the beneficial influence of physical activity on weight loss.

  • The weight of a particular person depends on the rate of metabolism in his body. This process, in turn, is determined by lean body mass. The more muscle, the more energy is spent on their work and less into fat accumulation. Physical activity, contributing to building muscle, speed up metabolism and reduce the risk of weight gain.
  • Physical education and sports in the body stimulate the synthesis of endorphins, the neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of pleasure and reduces stress levels. The latter is one of the most important factors that contribute to overeating and excess weight.
  • From the point of view of psychologists, physical activity is good still that diverts food lovers from food. According to their advice, useful in this respect and any other interesting activities that bring pleasure, not associated with food.

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