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First Breakfast in the new year: the best and worst foods for a hangover

The contents

  • Died down the fireworks, ring out glasses
  • No! What not to eat and drink with a hangover?
  • How to return to life, or what you can drink?
  • How to cheer up, or that you can eat?
  • Get rid of this hangover: saving recipes
    • Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary
    • Cold Thistle
    • Israeli shakshuka

If Monday is the heaviest day of the week, January 1 — the most difficult time of the year! In 2018, the two most “scary” events for the Russian people came together — 1st Jan fell on the first day of the week. And how will that be, depends on the mood and health throughout the festive holidays.

Died down the fireworks, ring out glasses

The first of January, usually comes unexpectedly. Most often it sneaks up on you at lunch. The body is honestly trying to cope with the consequences of a night of libations, but closer to 12 o’clock its resources exhausted and have to Wake up the “master”.

Headache, nausea, fatigue, indigestion — all of it works 100 times better! The master slowly returned to the real world and immediately begins to solution of global problems: how to cope with a hangover and help yourself and your family to survive the ill-fated Monday?

The easiest way to eliminate the effects of “happy New year” and is guaranteed to join the group of “abstainers” — the right Breakfast. No matter what time it is; it’s what’s on the menu!

No! What not to eat and drink with a hangover?

“Simple solutions — the key to good health,” the mistakenly believes the master exhausted body and is pushed closer to the glass of vodka, fatty pizza, salad “Olivier”. The fact that they stayed up all night on the table, as a rule, do not bother, after midnight all had hard times.

But before we follow a long tradition of “100 grams”, it is worth considering that in the body all metabolic processes are slowed down, disturbed water and electrolyte balance, the liver and pancreas work wear, equally upset almost all organs and systems.

With all the above it can be concluded: drinking alcohol categorically it is impossible! A new portion of hot drink, may lead to short-term amendment of health, but later will definitely affect the well-being. Doctors warn for the “sober” is always followed by a stronger and prolonged hangover. So is it worth the risk?

If you can not drink, then you can at least a Cup of coffee? asks the exhausted body and puts the kettle on the stove. But here he was in danger! Attempts to cheer up using coffee is a bad idea. Too much coffee (and who on the morning of the first day of January limited to gourmet dose) leads to even the large dehydration of the body and strengthen all the symptoms of a hangover.

Dangerous from this point of view, and natural fruit juices. Especially if it is sour and citrus. Orange juice and grapefruit irritate the already sensitive stomach.

How to return to life, or what you can drink?

There are several drinks that are guaranteed to help you feel better. They are based on ordinary water. Here with her then you need to start!

At the heart of many troubles in the morning on the first of January is the dehydration. And it can be prevented! To do this just before bedtime should drink one liter (not glass!) cool clean water. This simple measure will paint the morning after a holiday in warm Golden tones and allow you to feel more or less, while the other participants Banquet hide your eyes from the sun.

If the holiday commotion I forgot, have to struggle with dehydration already in glorious manifestation.

  • Just add water

Most people in the New year not only taste delicious, but also dance. So after a holiday it is better to drink plain, clean water — without gas. Dance is over — you should not substitute the body, infusing him with pleasure! water. The best choice would be cool, filtered water.

  • Brew mint or ginger tea

Studies have shown that drinks based on plants that help reduce nausea and motion sickness — are symptoms that have to tolerate the first day of the new year. Mint tea, moreover, reduces stomach pain and helps to cope with spasmodic pain.

  • Find cabbage or cucumber pickle

Proven folk remedy really works. From the point of view of medicine, it restores the deficit of body fluids and correcting electrolyte balance. It has a high content of minerals and salts. So it became a little easier, you should drink at least 100 ml.

  • Drink Apple juice

The fructose in sweet apples, is able to replenish dwindling energy, stimulates metabolism, and water help hydrate the body, promotes rapid removal of toxins. If Apple juice has a sour taste, it should definitely be diluted with water.

  • Take yogurt or kefir

In Turkey, the best cure for a hangover I think the yogurt in Italy — a milkshake, a Bulgarian — yogurt. And for good reason! Dairy products — easy remedy for congested plentiful food in the intestine and stomach.

How to cheer up, or that you can eat?

First rule: no “Olivier”! Say “No!” the salads based on mayonnaise, and fatty dishes — sliced smoked sausage, steak or chops of pork. The digestion of fat requires that the body significant energy costs, but it is the first day of January and so have a hard time.

Fortunately, fasting is not necessary! There are many useful recipes that can help.

  • Eggs

Contain useful amino acids — taurine and cysteine. According to research, taurine has a positive effect on the liver, including, protecting it from the negative effects of alcohol. And cysteine assists in the removal of acetaldehyde — a toxic substance formed as a result of the collapse of ethyl alcohol.

  • Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes — a good source of lycopene, an antioxidant which helps the body to cope with inflammatory processes. They contain pectin and fiber, which stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, help to establish digestion. As a great alternative to tomatoes will make the tomato juice.

  • Bananas, dates, dried apricots

All of these products are rich sources of potassium — an important electrolyte deficiency is well felt in the body after a holidays. If in the morning the thought of Breakfast causes nausea, you can try to “trick” the body by making smoothies.

  • Chicken noodle soup

Easy and nourishing dish that will bring welcome relief. Besides the fact that the broth is well restores the balance of electrolytes in the body, chicken contains cysteine — an amino acid that helps to cope with intoxication.

  • Jelly

If after the feast, left the jelly, you can consider it a major success! It has a high content of amino acids, which have the ability to accelerate a chemical reaction of decomposition of ethanol. If the jelly were prepared with the addition of gelatin, can obtain double benefit. In a lot of gelatin glycine — first means for eliminating a hangover.

By the way, on the basis of the latest do many hangover drugs. Jelly good to eat with black bread — because of the high concentration in the last vitamins of group B.

  • Oatmeal

Hot oatmeal is not just a good hearty dish, but the mass of nutrients. To offer the body with calcium, potassium and iron, vitamins of group B. preferably Oatmeal to Supplement berries with say, for example, jam of blackcurrant or berries, and slices of fresh apples. And for lovers of salty porridge more suitable fresh parsley or dill. Vitamin C helps neutralize toxic substances, so will help rather get in shape.

Get rid of this hangover: saving recipes
Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary

Take 300 ml of tomato juice, add half a teaspoon of black pepper, put a pinch of salt. Shake well drink, pour into glasses and add some ice cubes. To get better, drink you need to drink a bit of sugar with leaf celery — it has a lot of magnesium and sodium.

Cold Thistle

This dish is easy to prepare remaining after the holiday. Of course, if you bother to remove them overnight in the fridge. Cut into small cubes pickles, strips — bell pepper, chop in a blender salt the tomatoes (removing the skin), cut in half black olives, add boiled veal or beef. Products pour the brine from pickles, half-diluted with water, if desired, add garlic, passed through the press.

An improvised stew is ready! Serve with fresh dairy cream. The dish make up the deficit of potassium, sodium and magnesium, and will bring welcome relief.

Israeli shakshuka

  • Peeled and diced fresh tomatoes — 800 g
  • Chicken eggs — 6 pieces,
  • Olive oil — 3 tbsp.
  • Onion — 1,
  • 1 red bell pepper,
  • Garlic cloves — 2-3 PCs., passed through the press,
  • Salt, black ground pepper — to taste
  • Halves olives — for decoration,
  • Chopped herbs (parsley, cilantro) — a big bundle.

How to cook?

Preheat a deep skillet olive oil, add the onion and bell pepper, simmer until they are browned well on all sides. Add the garlic and sauté another 30 seconds the vegetables should be soft.

Then enter the tomatoes and stir well the whole mass. On low heat simmer the dish for 10 minutes, then season with ground black pepper, place half of the parsley and cilantro.

A large spoon, make indentations in the pan and consistently break in the resulting “crater” eggs. Salt them and cook under closed lid for another 5-7 minutes, have to grab a protein, and the yolk to remain liquid.

Sprinkle the dish with the remaining greens and serve with crisp slices of black bread.

Review expertTatiana Butskaya, a pediatrician, organizer of the “Marathon on maternity hospitals,” the founder of the national award of children’s goods “parental Choice” of Russia

— What not to eat after celebrating the New year?

You can’t eat yesterday: dressed salads dried up meats. What you need to have one? If “accepted”, it is better bouillon soup the type of soup, chicken broth.

If well celebrated the last day of the old year, the first day of the new year should be as light as possible! I would even usual porridge advised to boil water! The rule on January 1: one meal, one product, i.e. the mono-diet! To murdered on the eve of the pancreas rest.

Proteins/fats/carbohydrates or fried potatoes with fried/fatty meat and a salad “Olivier” salad with mayonnaise — NO!!! Boiled potatoes with olive oil and tomato or a piece of meat with cabbage salad — excellent! Milk, butter, fat better to remove.

And children it is better to remove all sweets and tangerines, to prevent yesterday’s food and try all together to return to normal diet. The holiday is over…

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