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Healthy eating: use “colorful” diet
The contents

  • Weight loss and color of the products
  • Colored foods rich in vitamins and trace elements
  • Food in the fight against excess weight
  • Healthy eating

How man eats depends on the condition of the body, and mood, and how it looks. Psychologists say the link between the color of the products and what benefits they bring. It is noticed that the human diet, when the diet includes the whole spectrum of colors, more rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Weight loss and color of the products

In this matter, and psychologists, and nutritionists take a position, and it is that there is a connection between color of food and its effect on the body. Better food, the color of which has different shades, and for some people the fact that each color has a distinct impact on the body is undeniable. Someone does not agree with this opinion, but the fact that these products are useful, that’s for sure.

If you start from Ayurveda, the food is able to suppress or stimulate body functions, and if the products unnatural color, taste these exotic fruits do not want. If you correctly combine foods, focusing on color, you can not only improve your health, but also to solve problems such as weight loss, to improve your mood.

Colored foods rich in vitamins and trace elements

  • Red

All the food is red has in its composition vitamin C, and it is extremely necessary for normal work of our body. Another important factor is the presence in such products of lycopene and carotenoids, which are protective ingredients. It is popular opinion that the food red is stimulating, that is, when its use increases efficiency, aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, improves blood circulation. If the person is too excitable and irritable, it is best to limit the amount of food red. These include tomatoes, watermelon, hot red pepper, other vegetables and fruits.

  • Green

As vegetables and fruits are green it is not only vitamins, but also antioxidants. They contain lots of chlorophyll, and it has a positive effect on the body. All kinds of greens, cabbage, cucumbers, green peas, without all those veggies it’s hard to imagine the diet of the Russian people.

  • Orange color

This color — up, to raise it maybe a delicious sweet orange or persimmon. New year’s table it is impossible to imagine without mandarins, these fruits are very useful. When vitamins are in short supply, there is no need to swallow pills will always help a delicious and healthy fruit, rich in carotenoid, it protects cells from aging. The diet should be carrots, pumpkin, peaches, need to stock up on vitamins in the summer and maintain health in the winter months.

  • Yellow

This colors a lot of flavonoids, which speed up the metabolism, fruits and vegetables help in the fight against excess weight, improve the condition of the skin. A diet rich in foods of this color, improves the appetite, restores energy reserves, stimulates digestion. You should pay attention to corn, lemons, cheese, eggs, etc.

  • The color purple

All shades of blue are the colors of calm and stability. Food this color is rich in anthocyanins, a person with normal sleep, works better cardiovascular system.

Leaning on eggplant, beets, grapes and berries to get enough vitamins and improve the condition of the body.

  • White color

This color symbolizes purity, renewal, and ease. Good to eat dairy products, rice, pasta etc.

Food in the fight against excess weight

How to be the man whose excess weight is not only the absence of harmony, and the threat to life and health? For dietitians in the issue of weight loss has a simple answer: you need to properly prepare your diet, and if we talk about color, it’s best to a few basic colors were in the daily menu.

There are many variants of color of the diet, some recommend to eat during the day food of all colors, others shared a week at one of them.

What are the positive aspects to this kind of power? The main advantage — diversity. Often the diet we have to limit ourselves in the desires is unattractive, tasteless food. Does the product not have time to get bored. The diet includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also cereals, animal proteins, allowing you to make a balanced and beneficial diet. Important fact: the weight loss happens smoothly without stress to the body.The digestion is normalized, there is a feeling of lightness.

But there is a negative side diet. Since the first day involves fasting for a certain category of people, this task is sometimes daunting. Weight loss on this diet is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, if a person has diabetes, some other pathology. So if you have health problems, it is necessary to consult at the attending physician.

Healthy eating

Important factor, what is the amount spent on products. If the summer consumption of fruits and vegetables full range of colors available to everyone, in the winter the price increases. Them or difficult to buy or very expensive.

For busy people this diet is not suitable, so as to prepare you need every day. With the right attitude, the problem is easy to solve, and freshly prepared meals healthier and tastier. Rapidly lose excess weight will not work, and strive to do not worth it. The body needs to gradually adjust, in order not to experience stress.

Human has a strong influence and diet, and how prepared dish, so it depends on the food and mood. The presence of colors in the prepared food regulate our psychological state, and the body often tells us what product to choose.

We must not forget about drinking regime, and without enough water on the positive result, however. You need to drink as much as is required by the body. In the morning on an empty stomach is helpful to drink a glass of warm water. You can eat in half an hour. There is no hard limit on the number of products for each of us there is a certain amount of food eaten that will be optimal for the organism. Of course, do not overeat, as many of the products in this diet are high in calories, and a reasonable approach to this issue is required.

After the meal should remain a slight feeling of hunger, because in this way the gastrointestinal tract works not at full strength and manages to digest food in peace. Is at least temporarily abandon fried, fatty, eat little and often.

Do not ever stick to a diet and limit yourself, you can alternate between it and regular diet. Or just tune to 14 days diet 7 days diet — week rest. It all depends on a person’s condition, circumstances, opportunities, therefore, a reasonable approach is to adjust the diet for yourself you will be able to any person.

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