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Blonde hair color has a large part of the inhabitants of Russia. Many of them are unhappy with their tone, considering it a “mouse” and inexpressive. In vain! More and more girls prefers natural hair color, highlighting individual strands with the highlighting. It is important to know what kind of paint will emphasize the noble Rus tone and what technique used to choose.


  • What is the weave
  • Basic techniques
    • Classic
    • French
    • Zonal
    • California
    • Ombre
    • Balaj
    • Shatush
    • Coloring
    • Avant-garde
    • Ramilisonina
  • The pros and cons
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
  • How to choose the color
  • How to choose paint
  • Highlighting techniques self –
    • Technique # 1: cap
    • Technique No. 2: with foil
    • Technique No. 3: with comb

What is the weave

The procedure is familiar to almost every girl. It was first proposed in the Barber of France Jacques Dessange in the middle of the last century, but the popularity and love of thousands of girls streaking won in the early 2000-ies. The technology involves the separation of individual strands in a different color. This can be used as a natural, bright shades and more vivid colors.

The feature of this painting that is affected not the whole mass of hair and individual strands. Therefore, highlights in brown hair choose girls who are afraid to damage the structure of hairs and make them weak and brittle.

Highlights suitable for women with any color and structure of hair. Correctly performed staining will help to structure the hairstyle and even change facial features. The shade will be more noble and alive, hair will look great even without styling.

Basic techniques

The days when you had to sign up just for the classic highlights, long gone. Master colorists are not standing still and constantly invent new techniques to achieve the desired result.

The main techniques for highlighting brown hair include:

  • classic;
  • French;
  • zonal (partial);
  • California;
  • Ombre;
  • Balaj;
  • Shatush;
  • coloring;
  • avant-garde;
  • ramilisonina.

At first glance it may seem that all the techniques are almost identical, but with their help it is possible to achieve different results. Therefore, all options should be considered in more detail.


The very thing which a few years ago, went every third girl. The essence of this technique lies in the fact that all of the mass is selected a plurality of thin strands, which are then clarified and tinted. Typically used 1-2 shade of paint, but no more than 4.

For convenience, the barbers often use a special hat with small holes in it, and with a hook pulled out of thin strands. At home this cap can replace ordinary swimming, where small holes are cut.

For classic highlighting on brown hair it is recommended to use light colors. They will help to revive the hair and make the face younger. Depending on the main color you can change light colors with more warm honey or cool platinum.


Technique is designed to simulate sun-bleached strands. Perfect for girls with blond hair. The difference in tone will not be too noticeable, but hair will become more lively and voluminous.

When highlighting on darker hair shades, we choose a couple of shades lighter than natural. Too bright contrasts look unnatural, so it is advisable to avoid them.

Technique is suitable for both long and short hair, the main thing is to arrange the colored strands.

At the French highlights use paint without ammonia, the maximum sparing effect on the hair. Some brands of paint contains a special wax that protects and enhances painted strands.


This technique is perfect for girls with damaged hair. If you paint all the hair is terrible, zonal highlights for brown hair — the perfect escape.

During the procedure, the master divides the hair parted in the middle and stain only the top layer. The negative impact is minimal, the appearance is changing for the better, and their health does not suffer.

Only one flaw: the inside of the hair dyed. So if you want to demonstrate a new painting, will have to wear flowing hair parted in the middle. But at any moment it is possible to treat the strands and to resort to another technique.


Another technique is necessary to simulate a sun-bleached curls. It is perfect for blonde hair. The technology is named after the Californian beauties that spend most of their time in the sun.

Their brown hair fade naturally, and the inhabitants of the middle band you have to hire the services of colorists. The result is maximum natural.

As French, Californian highlights does not allow for strong contrast and visible color transitions. Strands of hair lightens up to 3 tones, and then, if desired, additionally painted. Particularly welcome is soft and warm shades of honey, wheat, caramel.

Video: learn More about Californian highlights


This technique was at its peak in 2015-16. Now it is used less frequently, but it is perfect for any shade of blonde hair. The main difference between Ombre and other means that the difference between natural and dyed strands of specially made visible. This creates the effect of regrown hair.

The roots in this painting is not affected, only the ends are lightened. They can be tinted in natural colors and more vivid and extreme: blue, pink, red and other.

For damaged hair it is advisable to choose more natural options, because it doesn’t need much to lighten them.


Looks great on dark blonde tresses. Balaj committed to ensuring that light blonde hair is more expressive, but the end result is not as noticeable as on the dark strands.

During the staining used a few as close to natural hair color shades. This allows you to achieve smooth, natural transitions that are not evident, but make the curls more alive.

The master evenly distributes the tone, with a brush simulate sunlight. The foil in this painting is not generally used.


The technique is very similar to Balaj. It also involves the use of several shades and their proper distribution throughout the mass of hair.

If bulaga typical horizontal application, Shatush means a vertical color gradation. For both techniques the application is not affected by root and not using foil.


This highlights for brown hair involves the use of several shades of paint. They can be as close to natural as when balage and Satoshi or chosen specifically to create a more striking contrast.

The result will satisfy lovers of all natural and rebels, and the damage to the hair guaranteed minimum. The only drawback of coloring that the coloring starts from the roots, so you should regularly update it.


Ideal for those who want to stand out from the gray crowd. For avant-garde dyeing uses bright and vivid colors, any combination of colors.

For those who malinowa simple techniques not enough, it was invented stencil coloring, which will help you recreate any image on the hair.


Interesting technique involving the staining of individual strands is not bright, but in a darker shade. This technique is called reverse highlighting. It helps to create smooth transitions of color and make the image deeper and more intense.

Sometimes ramilisonina used to hide a bad coloring. The gradual toning of the strands helps to quickly get back to the natural color.

The pros and cons

Before enrolling in the coloring in the hair salon, girls are asking a lot of questions. Will it need shade? Is it damaging to hair? How often should I update the staining? To answer these questions and choose the most appropriate technique, you need to determine the advantages and disadvantages of highlighting on brown hair.


Millions of women choose a highlighting for the following reasons:

  • helps to make thin hair more voluminous;
  • does not require constant correction;
  • growing the roots invisible, most of the technologies implies the preservation of their natural brown color;
  • done correctly the weave helps hide flaws and emphasize dignity.
  • there is an opportunity to choose the perfect paint color can emphasize the natural color of hair;
  • perfectly camouflages gray hair without a dramatic coloring;
  • the hair gets a very little paint, so the damage is minimal.

Highlights is ideal for those who are worried about the state of each of the strands, but wants to add novelty to the image.


Despite the seeming ideality of highlighting, it does have its drawbacks:

  • such techniques as Balaj, Shatush or Californian highlights, are of high value;
  • the dyeing process takes several hours;
  • it is impossible to do on hair that was recently dyed with henna or Basma;
  • most technician can not perform yourself at home.

For many of these cons seem minor, so try a weave is definitely worth every girl.

How to choose the color

Single blonde shade does not exist, they differ in the light or dark side. Some women have mild ryjenko, others tone hair colder. Related to this is the need for careful selection of shades to coloring looked natural and efficiently.

For dark brown hair are ideal paint with a brown or Golden shade of wheat, honey, cognac amber, honey or chestnut.

Girls with cold Rus should stay on the similar shades that are a couple shades lighter than the natural color. With very light blonde in perfect harmony all the shades of blonde: ivory, platinum, cream or milk.

If you want to emphasize particular strands and create a dash, you can stay on the caramel or the color of coffee with milk.

How to choose paint

In most cases, you can use regular color formulations. But it is recommended not to save and buy a professional paint specialist store. Despite the small area of impact, poor coloring composition can considerably impair the condition of the hair.

Note: Some cosmetic companies produce entire sets that include everything you need for highlighting, starting from the coloring compositions and ending with a special hat and tassels.

Colorists-professionals recommend that girls who don’t want to waste time and large sums of money to beauty salons, to buy paints from famous brands: L’oreal, Estel, Garnier, Palette. The best option is gentle on paint without ammonia, your choice is to stop her.

Highlighting techniques self –

Plus Malinowski simple techniques that you can do yourself at home. But the result, as intended, it is necessary to observe following conditions:

  • do not apply paint if not long before, the hair was dyed with henna;
  • do not paint immediately after perming;
  • if the scalp has abrasions or rash, they need to pre-heal;
  • it is advisable not to wash my hair a couple of days before painting.

Be sure to test for allergies. For this small amount of paint is applied to the bend of the elbow. If the rash does not appear, you can begin staining.

Technique # 1: cap

This is the most simple technology of dyeing at home. It is easy to do yourself without assistance. The main thing — to follow step by step instructions:

  • Thoroughly mix the paint for lightening and toning.
  • Wear a hat and using a special hook located on the back side of the brush, to pull out strands of desired size.
  • To each lock to apply the coloring composition.
  • After conditioning wash off the paint. In this case the cap should not be removed.
  • Remove the cap on all the hair apply.
  • The result is a classic frequent highlights on brown hair.

    Technique No. 2: with foil

    This method is more complicated, for uniform wrapping of the strands will need an assistant. Gradually, the coloring is like this:

  • Separates the broad, flat strand, located at a straight parting. With a comb, it divides into smaller strands.
  • The strands to be painted, separated from the main body of the hair using foil. They are coated with the coloring composition.
  • Then sequentially processed by the area of the temples and neck.
  • The foil is folded in the manner of an envelope, be sure to bend the strip at the bottom so that the paint will not escape.
  • After the exposure time, the paint washed off. The hair is a nourishing balm.
  • The result is a more natural coloring than using caps.

    Technique No. 3: with comb

    It is advisable to purchase a special comb for dyeing. If this is not possible, you can take a normal comb with a few teeth. The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that the crest of the applied paint, and then hair comb. The coloring composition is distributed along the length of the hair, thereby naturally lightening small strands of hair. Hair result look like slightly burned in the sun.

    If you yourself do the staining does not work, you should contact the experts. They will advise which technique to choose will help you to choose colors and make the perfect highlights. Professionals take into account all desires of the client and help to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

    Highlights — a great way to make your hairstyle more volume, revitalize natural color, hide the gray and make the face expressive. The variety of techniques allows you to choose the perfect option for every girl, and thanks to gentle dye compounds the damage will be minimal. To hair remain healthy and beautiful, do not forget about care.

    Video: Clarification of individual strands independently