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How to choose Adygei cheese for nutrition

The contents

  • The secrets of choosing Circassian cheese for a healthy diet
  • Use Adyghe cheese in the diet
  • How to use the product for diets, nutrition

Adygei cheese is a product familiar to everyone, “cheese” gourmet. Similar consistency to cheese, it has a taste of sour milk. For proper nutrition this sort of soft cheese in the best way possible, since Adyghe is a very low caloric value and high content of nutrients.

The secrets of choosing Circassian cheese for a healthy diet

To enhance proper nutrition, it is necessary with special attention to the quality of the cheese when purchased. If you try Adyghe taste, you will notice a moderate salinity expressed milk notes. But it should not be too sour, it is rather sweet milky flavor. The outward signs of a quality product easy to remember:

  • The color should be white, allowed milk or cream tint.
  • Aroma β€” pleasant milk, without foreign inclusions.
  • The consistency is quite elastic, homogeneous, with a feeling of softness on the inside. Traditionally, the product has a cheesy structure, the raw material can crumble, but it should not be too dry.
  • The surface should be free of crust, good cheese she is always wet, without any holes.

Fat Circassian cheese is usually 40%. This figure depends on the fat content of milk used. What a composition should have a product? In healthy eating is to introduce products made according to GOST. According to standard Adyghe is made from a mixture of cow and sheep milk using whey. Sometimes the composition is administered goat milk, pasteurized raw material is processed at high temperature.

When choosing Circassian cheese, note that this component of the healthy diet refers to “brine” cheeses. A natural product can be stored vacuum-Packed in just 30 days. So the first thing you need to check the expiration date.

Soft cheese is fresh, if it is sold in vacuum. In this package it preserves the flavor and all the beneficial properties, so it can be safe to include in food for the whole family. But in sale you can find, and lump of cheese in this class, the date of manufacture is also important to clarify. Sold in stores and smoked a kind of Adygei, it is stored longer.

This files most often on the shelves are psychogeny cheese production. But home product can be, and rennet. Country and region of origin is not important, so pay attention to this indicator is not necessary.

Use Adyghe cheese in the diet

The homeland of the Adyghe cheese β€” the Caucasus. Is milk a miracle can fit in the diet, suggesting the possibility of eating dairy products. Of course, dietary product is really indispensable in a healthy diet, it satisfies hunger, provides energy. Caloric value of cheese is about 240 kcal per 100 g. But in addition to these benefits cheese with a pleasant sour milk taste and gives other benefits to the body:

  • Adygei cheese is rich in calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, so that the product strengthens bones and teeth, prevents osteoporosis.
  • Soft cheese has a positive impact on the state of intestinal flora, with regular use helps to normalize digestion due to the content of enzymes. Helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances.
  • The product contains proteins, digestible amino acids, necessary for brain health, muscles. Cheese so be sure to include proper nutrition of athletes and people engaged in physical work.
  • The present composition of b vitamins In reducing the risk of occurrence and development of cancer. These and other vitamins contained in the product, improves mood.

Known the fact that dairy cheese has a positive effect on the nervous system. Regularly including it in the diet of adults and children, you can forget about insomnia, nervous disorders. But because of the low content of salt and fat to recommend product and people suffering from hypertension.

Use soft cheese for nutrition you need with caution in the presence of Allergy to dairy products. Possible reaction to ingredients if you are hypersensitive.

How to use the product for diets, nutrition

Cheese “Adyghe” has virtually no contraindications. So add it to the food you can to people of all ages. Especially in children’s diet as contained in the composition of the substances have a beneficial effect on the developing organism, growth. Considering that the product possesses the original taste, it can serve as a separate dish.

Per day for an adult man enough to eat 80-100 g of cheese, to replenish the vitamins and other medicinal substances. And dietitians advise is the Adygei in the morning or in the afternoon, at this time, the human body best absorbs food. When consuming a greater portion of possible digestive disorders.

To diversify the menu by using the product easy. In cooking, Circassian cheese added to salads, or replace them with other varieties. It goes well with peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, various herbs. Also in healthy eating cheese is recommended to enter into combination with nuts, olives, fruit.

If you want you can cook the vegetables with cheese to make a filling for khachapuri, to cook cheesecakes. Word, to experiment with taste, do not forget about moderation. The most interesting recipes using the food product will be found in the national cuisines of the peoples of the Caucasus. For example, cheese with a delicate flavor used for the preparation of Acme, Ossetian pies.

Don’t forget to store the products in sealed packages in the fridge no longer than two weeks. But it is best to consume it as soon as possible to bring maximum benefit to health. When storage is not allowed freeze! In the refrigerator the contents should be placed under the glass cover, put it away from food with a strong aroma.