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After the holiday season, as soon as autumn begins, every girl pursues a desire to Shine – in the truest sense of the word. Role models are often movie stars and show business, wears makeup in warm (or even hot) colors made by using bronzer cosmetics.

Especially the love make-up and often cause Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Blake lively and other celebrities. And no wonder, because bronze makeup remains the trend of the fall season for several years.

In autumn collections of all brands are cosmetic products with bronzing effect. However, sometimes experimenting with “solar” cosmetics end in tears.

Girls who missed with a touch of bronzers, become like the victims of a Solarium, and a lover of excessive use shimmer on the Christmas tree toy.


How to tame whimsical bronze?

1. Bronze makeup is in the details: focus on eyes and lips

2. How to avoid major mistakes when executing the bronze makeup

3. The most interesting ideas bronze makeup from catwalk make-up artists

Bronze makeup is in the details: focus on eyes and lips


Skin with warm undertone like the natural brown hair or red – the perfect canvas for the rich bronze colors, especially in eye makeup.


If nature has not endowed You with a warm skin tone, do not worry. Just search for a light bronze shade of powder a La light tan on the skin. However, do not overdo it to the face didn’t look like a yellow wax mask!
Bronze makeup eye allows the shade with a satin finish, but in the evening it is possible more extravagant solutions.


To quickly transform the image, just take fingertips little bronzers and apply the pigment to the center of the eyelids. The inner corners of the eyes, highlight with a highlighter or eye shadow shade champagne. Long dramatic eyelashes are just necessary for such a bright image.


As for the lips makeup, the day is better to restrict gold translucent glitter or nodovoy lipstick with a bronze tint. These options affect fair-skinned girls.


Dark-skinned girls can use it on chocolate, terracotta or orange lipstick and top apply gold glitter or liquid gold highlighter. But such a bold decision autumn makeup is better to use for an evening out.

In these experiments in the daytime can look out of place, especially in an office setting.

How to avoid major mistakes when executing the bronze makeup

Many women who dared to apply bronze makeup, allow common errors.


Basic error:

  • to use too dark a powder;
  • to make the face shining disco ball;
  • apply bronzer all over the face like a bronzer.


To simulate a healthy tan, enough to pick up dust only 1-2 shades darker than your skin.
Also need to consider the undertone of the bronzer. So, fair-skinned “snow white,” will be pink and soft peach sheen and the owners of olive skin should pay attention to the rich peach or soft chocolate undertone.

If the facial skin is quite dark, it can not be afraid of experiments with bronzant orange or brick shades.


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It is not necessary to sprinkle the face with sequined and coat with a layer of shimmer to the face played. It is enough for a light bronzing powder with light-reflecting particles. It will look natural.


Shimmering face powder-bronzer should be applied all over the face, but only on certain areas. Do it better with a soft brush medium size with round edge.

It is worth to highlight cheekbones (blend toward the temples), it is easy to walk along the hairline, and a smooth transition will provide a little bit of bronze on the bridge of the nose, tip of chin and neck.


By the way, autumn is not forget about waterproof makeup productsif You don’t want your perfect skin “slid” as a mask.

The most interesting ideas bronze makeup from catwalk make-up artists

In early autumn it is permissible to use bronzant instead of blush. Main thing is to choose natural, not too brown colour, suitable to Your skin tone and a good shade border.


If You are well tanned in the summer, the Versace makeup artists suggest to try to do without a bronzer because Your skin is already Golden. And to create a radiant face will help highlighter with light reflecting particles deposited on the back of the nose, the indentation above the upper lip and inner eye corners.

Also the second autumn in a row in fashion make-up technique with the intriguing title “Stripping”, which came to us from runway shows.


Its essence lies in the allocation of brandenton those areas of the face that tan first. Usually the cheeks and nose. Enough to arm a flat brush for powder Foundation and a broad stripe from one cheek to the other, carefully rastushevok border.


And if You use a complex multi-layered makeup, don’t forget to wash it thoroughly and correctly clean the face is the most important rule of all models.


As you can see, fashionable bronze makeover – not so scary and untamed “beast”. A little patience and training before a mirror and You will easily conquer favorite make-up Hollywood stars!


We also need to consider the color of Your skin, when choosing cosmetic products. As the girls with white skin can’t use the same bronzersas girls with dark skin.

Do not forget about our tips and avoid common mistakes applying bronze make-up that makes the face look unnatural. estet-portal.com.

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