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In 90% of cases the cramping is caused by excessive load on the back. This can be a one-time excess – for example, lifting of excessive weights, and periodic stress on the back.

I’m sure many people felt awkward similar problem: suddenly struck a nerve in the back. Moreover, pain can occur and disappear spontaneously, so that people by nature do not attach any importance to this. And in vain: the neglected situation can cause unpleasant complications in the future. Therefore, we consider the causes and the symptoms of this disease and discuss what to do if pinched nerve in the back.

Pinched nerve: symptoms, first aid and treatment

  • The main reasons
  • Symptoms and signs
  • Possible consequences
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Treatment for pinched nerve

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The main reasons

In fact, reason enough. In 90% of cases the cramping is caused by excessive load on the back. This can be a one-time excess – for example, lifting of excessive weights, and periodic stress on the back.

The main reasons are:

  • physical overload (illiterate-planned sports training, weight lifting);
  • wrong position of a back on work, and constantly being in one position;
  • the load during pregnancy;
  • climatic factors: hypothermia, drafts, etc.;
  • complications due to diseases such as colds;
  • wrong position during sleep.

Excessive weight also is a factor of a pinched nerve in the spine.


In the spine

Most often the drugs prescribed for pinched nerve in the spine or intercostal space. So, in places of joining of ribs to our vertebrae nerves experience a greater load with rotational movements and stretching.

Sometimes the cause of the pinching can be a sharp intake of breath, combined with the rotation, and the pain will be of a sharp, burning character.

Distinguish between constant pain and periodic. Most likely, the pain will increase if you make a sudden movement, for example, to sneeze.


In the back left and right

Often lower back pain blamed on a wrong position during the working day. At night, apply ointment and hope that by morning it will pass. However, pain can wear a wavy character and be expressed in the form of a cross.

How to identify the disease:

  • the nature of pain shooting and biting, what can not wear muscle pain;
  • the pain is localized outbreak;
  • a pinched nerve in the lower back in pregnancy and after childbirth is quite a common complication;
  • muscles react to pain in the form of spazmirovannah end position in which the person was caught in a pain attack.

In contrast to the overload of the lower back, the pain does not change focus and appears only on the right or left, may be intensified and last up to several days. If it hurts on the left, may be a phantom sensation in the region of the spleen or heart. On the right you may not feel pain in the liver.


In the upper back

Less is a pinched nerve in the upper part, the majority of cases occur in the cervical and as a result of incorrect head position during sleep or exposure to drafts.

However, if the pinched nerve in the back in the upper part, the mobility and the health of the body can be practically paralyzed.

So, it may affect the area of the shoulder girdle, and if time does not diagnose, it will lead to inflammation of nerve tissues including tumors and neurological disorders. The most common cause of disease in the thoracic spine acts as a sudden physical strain or overexertion.

It is also possible incorrect position of the arm and scapula during sleep, especially if before the man had consumed alcohol and fell asleep in an uncontrollable posture.


In the lower back

The most vulnerable is considered the sciatic nerve in the lower back. By its nature, this is the longest process of neurons in our body, which comes right up to the feet. But if inflamed upper part, there is a risk of paralysis of the limbs.

Among the causes of nerve injury in the lower back – lumbar and sacral spine:

  • displacement of the intervertebral discs, which in nervous tissue, damaged during the shift, will be exposed to different kinds of infections. If in this case to prescribe pills and to improve the situation medically possible, in the case of pathologies required surgery.
  • piriformis syndrome;
  • suspected benign or malignancy;
  • disorders in the organs or muscle groups of the pelvis.

How to determine if a pinched nerve in the back in the lower part? It may be numbness in the pelvic area or lower back, until the disorders in the genitourinary system, as well as the feeling of “cotton legs” and weakness, accompanied by sharp pains.

Sometimes the pain manifests itself only in a one-sided view, when a person rises or, conversely, when he sits down.


Under the blade

The symptoms differ little from those described above in the section of the upper part, but becomes localized focus.

  • There is a feeling of postrelease, and the pain goes into the nerve tissue of the arms.
  • Sometimes patients confuse the cramping under the left shoulder blade with a heart pain and refer to a cardiologist.
  • Pain when pinched can be confused with pleurisy and bronchitis, cancer.


During pregnancy

A pinched nerve in the lower back in pregnancy and after childbirth, otherwise known as sciatica, can be caused by different reasons:

  • long dekompressii vertebrae and their displacement;
  • increased stress due to excessive body weight and cut loss in the future;
  • birth trauma associated with the incorrect position of the child upon exiting the womb.

Plus, the woman adopts a new form of exercise after giving birth, constantly carrying the child in her arms. If we do not take the medication and not make manual intervention, it comes to herniated discs. To avoid this, after birth, doctors strongly recommend to wear a brace and undergo rehabilitation exercises.


Between the shoulder blades

The pain shooting character, which falls on the chest, often indicates a herniated. If the cramping caused by overexertion at work, sitting position and poor posture, it is advisable to undergo treatment for pinched nerve in the back and the back of the house.


In the thoracic

This part of the back most susceptible to the stresses cramping will get worse in case of the slightest coughing.

Symptoms of abnormalities of nervous character in the thoracic spine are:

  • the redness of the lesion localization;
  • Spokane muscle tissue;
  • fever and excessive sweating;
  • sudden and unexplained attacks of pain.

Thus, for each back there are distinctive causes of pinched nerve that will require immediate diagnosis and the correct treatment build.

Symptoms and signs

Classifying the main symptoms are:

  • Burning pain in the inflammation, which may be stabbing, shooting character;
  • Acute recoil in the thigh, legs, buttocks. It tells about the pinching in the lumbar region, at which an ordinary ointment may not help;
  • Pain radiates to arm, neck, goes into headaches in the occipital lobe – pinched nerve in upper back;
  • Breathing heavily, clenching sensation in the lung area is pinched under the shoulder blades or in the region of junction of the ribs to the spine;
  • The darkening of the eyes, poor circulation. Can rise the temperature and pressure increased sweating;
  • Muscle spasms – the most typical companion of the pinched nerve.

Possible consequences

Among the most common – complications in the form of herniated discs, spazmirovannah of muscles and partial or total disruption of motor functions.

A pinched nerve also has a detrimental effect on the immune system, allowing viruses and cancer to attack the tumor tissue.

Finally, General lack of energy and changes in pressure will cause failures in the other internal organs. If you don’t provide attention to the problem, there may be complete or unilateral paralysis.

Diagnostic methods

To take pills at random, then deliberately to aggravate the situation. Diagnosis – the first thing to ensure when identifying the above characteristics.

Perhaps the doctor would require to undergo a full medical examination to detect other neurological abnormalities, including:

  • full blood;
  • magnetic resonance or computer tomography;
  • manual examination.

First, however, the patient will be referred for radiographic examination. On the x-ray shows broken (biased, distorted) vertebral processes, disks, are there other diseases of the skeleton and muscles. In combination with x-rays is magnetic resonance imaging or computerized equivalent (KT).

Best of all, if you have completed all the listed tests in order to exclude the possibility of occurrence of cancer, damage to blood vessels and nerves, etc. Finally, the diagnostics include a test of the electrical conductivity of the nervous tissue, which in the case of presence of deviations will give us direction for treatment.

Treatment for pinched nerve

First aid

So, if your relative or friend struck a nerve on the back, you have to help him while waiting for the doctor.

To do this you must be aware of the actions that will help to alleviate the patient’s condition:

  • Upon the occurrence of a firing attack should lay the victim on a hard flat surface. And you don’t have to constrain his movements, as the patient will determine the position in which the pain subside.
  • In the first aid kit should be pain medicine. “Ketanov”, “Analgin” and its analogues, which will mitigate the attack.
  • If the pain does not stop, you can add a sedative pain killer.
  • If person has difficulty breathing, you should release the rib cage and provide fresh air.
  • Measure the blood pressure and, if necessary, give antipyretic.
  • Obviously, it is urgent to call an ambulance and not to take any attempts to “fix” the vertebrae and similar nonsense.


To what doctor to address?

It is recommended to first consult a doctor like a neurologist, who will give direction on MRI and x-rays. According to the test results will be prescribed treatment at home or at the hospital. You may need the assistance of a surgeon or chiropractor.

Another medical specialty acts vertebrologydirectly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities in the activities of the spine.

Doctor spine with the pinching of the spinal nerve to better understand the disease and also identify other complications:

  • herniation between the discs;
  • stenosis and neuroses of the spinal canal;
  • appearance of tumors as nerve fibers and spinal cord;
  • damage and displacement and other anomalies.



Ointment and medications that will prescribe the doctor may be based on warming and painkillers. Rarely it comes to injections, often treated quite well-known medicines. Them adds special packs based on honey and mustard.

Additionally, it is recommended to take medications that strengthen blood vessels and the activity of the heart muscle, if necessary, antispasmodic.

With regard to additional funds, in 95% of cases it is recommended that the wearing of a supporting corset.

You should also drink vitamin b to strengthen the muscle and nerve tissues, hormones and the means for General stimulation of the immune system.



If detected disc herniation or drugs and exercise when pinched nerve in the back and lower back do not have the desired effect, surgery.

Method called microdiscectomy, which removes the herniated and damaged tissues, recovery after surgery takes from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Necessarily after surgery stay in the hospital and follow-up with a neurologist.

If the violation of the integrity of the nerve, it is proposed neurosurgical operationin which a damaged and “torn” nervous filaments restored. This is an extreme case, which is used if within 2 months of treatment does not bear fruit.

When compression of the nerve by the scar running to the release with neurolysis, followed by a course of rehabilitation procedures.



Some tips and exercises that will help in the recovery, along with the pills and massage:

  • The pool and swimming the crawl on the back that activates all muscle groups of the back and including trains weakened after surgery.
  • The supine position and exercises in “pumping” of the muscles of the back, lifting your chest off the floor as possible.
  • Pose “cat”: consistently bending and deflection of the back, with the rest in a neutral position (biased press, the lower back relaxed).
  • Twisting lying on side, pelvis to the opposite side torso. Caution should consult with your doctor on the subject of use in a particular case.
  • Riding on her back, hugging her knees. Also recommended in this situation to produce stretching: hands clasp his knees and to press to the armpits. One leg down and to the side, the opposite arm extends up and to the side. Repeat on each side 10 times.
  • Stretching of the spine and “rolls” down with relaxed arms. Roll is a twisting down into a flat back position, you can hug the wall and curl from it.
  • You should stick to the principle of comprehensiveness and daily interval exercise, but exercise with a pinched nerve in the back and the lower back should not cause pain and fatigue.

Another important point — during physical exertion breathe correctly: only in this case the desired effect is achievable.


Video: exercises to relieve acute back pain


Back massage

To help your family member or loved one are invited to learn the simple rules of massage.

  • So, the patient should lie on the belly, with relaxed and slightly bent at the elbows with hands placed along the body.
  • If it is necessary for the waist, under belly is enclosed by the roller.
  • Start with stroking massage follows and muscles of the back. An upward and to the center of disease.
  • You can then go to the comb to rubbing and circular movements, but gently, without pressing down on different areas of the muscle.
  • Stretch your back should be two hands and finish each session with soothing stroking.
  • It is recommended to use oil or ointment prescribed in small quantities.
  • But this technique as effleurage and vibration is not recommended in severe injuries of the nervous tissue.


Treatment at home

It would be appropriate to call in sick and spend a couple weeks at home in bed-power saving mode. Back require rehabilitation and ongoing support. At home it is recommended to perform reflex therapy, complex physical therapy, acupressure.

The presence of helmasaur and massager-cushion recommended to devote 15-20 minutes a day of passive massage.

Do not forget about the applications and compresses, and warm baths. The duration of the bath is not more than 15 minutes, allowed to add salt and essential oils.


Folk remedies

Traditional medicine is appropriate only in case of combination with other prescribed medication: pills, physical therapy.

Among the most effective methods are the recipes:

  • Needles of larch: brew at the rate of 1st.l. the Cup and drink on an empty stomach before meals 2 times a day. Needles helps to relieve swelling, has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Compresses of honey and horseradish (you can substitute radish juice).
  • Warm baths with the addition of dried pine needles of the larch.

Thus, we examined the clinical picture, symptoms, first aid and treatment of diseases such as a pinched nerve. Be healthy and follow back condition, regularly nabludal the doctor.published econet.ru.

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