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It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t like fruits. Everyone has “their” especially favorite product, and often such love can be clearly traced from a very young age. In most cases, we like the fruits and berries that we used to eat from an early age and which grow in the region of our residence, although very “tender feelings” can sometimes arise for overseas products. One of such outlandish products can be avocado – a fruit with a very specific taste and a lot of vitamins inside.

Outlandish fruits: what we know about avocados

Avocado – a fruit known for its beneficial properties for a long time. Even in antiquity, people ate avocados for preventive and health purposes. Modern hostesses know how to use it for the preparation of a wide variety of dishes, while avocados can be the main ingredient and highlight of the whole dish. But the followers of healthy lifestyle are trying to include this fruit in the diet every day as an independent snack.

Biologically, an avocado is a fruit, although very often it is mistakenly assigned to the family of vegetables because of the unusual taste and nutritional value of the fruit, which are more characteristic of “ground fruits”. The avocado has a pear-shaped shape, its skin is green, covered with tubercles, it very much resembles the skin of a crocodile, therefore it is often called the “alligator pear”. The weight of one fruit can reach two kilograms, but not the largest fruits often fall on the shelves of our stores. Absolutely all parts of this plant except the pulp are poisonous.

The calorie content of this fruit is 160 kcal for every 100 grams of pulp. There are only 2 g of protein in it, about 1.6 g of carbohydrates, and 15 g of fat! Avocado lacks cholesterol, while it boasts a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, the use of the fruits of this exotic fruit has a positive effect on blood glucose and total cholesterol.

Avocado fruits are also used in the preparation of home care products. On the basis of the pulp of the fruit, masks are prepared for facial skin care, which effectively relieve inflammation and moisturize the skin. In addition, masks with avocados have excellent healing and antimicrobial properties. They help smooth out fine wrinkles. Such masks are also applied to the hair, which eliminates their dryness and brittleness.

The benefits of avocados: vitamins, fiber, trace elements

The benefits of avocados: vitamins, fiber, trace elements

Only the flesh of the fetus can be used in food, which contains the maximum of useful substances, such as vitamins and minerals. Healthy nutrition experts recommend adding avocados to your diet regularly, because it boasts such benefits:

"Ambiguous" calorie content. The number of kcal is a significant quality of the product, which people who watch their figure will surely appreciate it. But with the caloric content of avocados, not everything is so simple, this fruit is able to surprise. Oddly enough, with its high calorie content and high enough fat content, avocados contribute to weight loss. The secret of this effect lies in fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness and helps to eliminate all unnecessary from the body;
Vitamin Composition – Avocado is on the first positions of the list of the most effective helpers in the struggle for beauty and youth. Avocados contain vitamins A and E, which help maintain skin tone and smooth fine wrinkles. But for young girls, an avocado will become an assistant in the fight against acne and acne;
protection against oncology – avocado fruits are also rich in lutein and oleic acid, which help the body resist disease. Using only half an avocado per day will help the female body more effectively resist such an oncological disease as breast cancer;
normalization of digestion – the use of avocados in their pure form or in salads or sandwiches will help to forget about constipation and indigestion, as well as increased fatigue.

In addition, avocados contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, improve visual acuity and memory.

Avocados in the diet: recipes

Avocados in the diet: recipes

Not sure how to use avocados? Besides the fact that it can be used as an independent nutritious snack, this fruit can be a great addition to morning oatmeal, complement salads and snacks. Avocados are also suitable for making delicious and nutritious sandwiches. Recipes are not difficult to cook, but the taste of the dishes is very high and will surely appeal to all family members. By combining avocados with other products in different variations, you can discover completely new flavoring nuances of this exotic fruit. It’s easy to get the flesh of an avocado – to do this, cut it in half, remove the bone and use a spoon to get it. The most important thing is to get ripe fruit, otherwise the taste of an unripe avocado will permanently discourage you from enjoying such exotic things.

A delicious and nutritious salad is obtained from fish and avocado, which will be a great great lunch. It is also suitable for dietary nutrition, as one of the main dishes of the menu. The recipes are very diverse, one of them is as follows:

divide the avocado fruit into two halves, remove the stone, release the pulp. It should be crushed – cut into cubes or cubes. Wash the cucumber, cut into the same cubes;
add the contents of one jar of canned tuna (shrimp, red fish, etc.);
season with lemon juice and vegetable oil;
add herbs, pepper, salt, onions to taste.

It is advisable to eat salad soon after cooking, as the fish will drain over time.

Also, based on avocados, you can prepare a very tasty sauce, which will be an excellent and more useful alternative to mayonnaise. This sauce goes well with whole grain breads, you can dunk slices of vegetables in it, season salads with it, combine with seeds and nuts. The recipe for this sauce is as follows:

peel the avocado, remove the stone, and grind the flesh together with dill in a blender to a puree state;
add 1 teaspoon of olive oil, a clove of garlic, Art. a spoonful of lemon juice and 2 tbsp. tablespoons of water;
add pumpkin or sunflower seeds to the already whipped sauce and add salt.

It is better to cook it in small portions, store in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

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