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Today it is difficult to understand which product is harmful and which is useful. It is even more difficult to catch the gradation of “harmfulness” of products – what can be eaten, what can be eaten with caution, and what to refuse at all? Advertising shouts about products without “GMO” and preservatives, doctors assure in harm of palm oil, and in every possible experiments clean up a rust of a coca-colla. We find out whether the product is as scary as it is painted.

Genetically modified products.

Choosing yoghurt without GMOs and preservatives, you want to choose the most useful and nutritious product. Perhaps it will be a surprise to you – but GMOs are not dangerous to the body. This is a genetic modification of the product, which allows it to spoil less, grow faster or be better absorbed by the body. Absolutely all products in stores are genetically modified.

  • When we take cheese and milk, we have to understand that the cows giving these dairy products are bred specifically for milk, cheese and cottage cheese.
  • Yogurt without GMOs would have gone bad a few hours after cooking.
  • The same situation would have happened with vegetables and fruits.

No, GMOs are not the poison we are poisoned by evil corporations. Modifications are found in all products, even in baby food, and they are completely safe for the body, and, moreover – useful. For example, once an ordinary papaya caused numerous allergic reactions with complications – and then scientists intervened. They have slightly altered papaya’s DNA, so we now have a healthy fruit. A similar situation occurred with corn, which initially had very small grains and was completely nutrient-free, and now, thanks to geneticists, corn cobs – one of the most useful products.

Are there products without GMOs? Even the seeds you plant in your own garden have already been genetically modified. Otherwise, instead of tomatoes and cucumbers you will get the fruits, the size of a little more strawberries – these varieties are found only in the wild and unsuitable for food. The nutritional value of many foods is a huge work of geneticists.

And if you see that on the packaging of the product is the inscription “Without GMO” – realize that this is just a marketing move.

Palm oil.

There are legends that in the stomach it turns into plasticine, causes gastritis, ulcers and even cancer. Of course, this is true if you drink it every day in huge quantities – like any other oil. Palm oil is added to products in small doses and even has its own positive aspects.

For example, palm oil contains a lot of carotenoids that strengthen hair, teeth and nail plates. Therefore, it is often used not only in food, but also in cosmetics – palm oil is absolutely harmless there.

Of course, palm oil should be treated with caution. You can not abuse this product and eat on a regular basis, but cosmetics with palm oil should not be avoided.

By the way, butter with a high fat content is much more harmful than palm oil. It gives a huge load on the heart and irritates the stomach mucosa, so the frequent use of such oil (which, in fact, margarine) can lead to cardiovascular disease and gastritis.


Let’s make a mistake: it does not eat the stomach and does not cause intellectual weakening. However, it has a number of negative effects that should be reckoned with:

  • Caloric value. It is not more caloric than tea with three spoons of sugar, and certainly not more caloric than a pack of chips and white bread. But because of its high sugar content, it has a lot of calories. The only exception is a sugar-free coca-cola.
  • Load on the heart. Coca-Cola is an energy shock to the circulatory system. If you choose between expensive energy and coca cola – you can safely take a famous drink, because there is enough caffeine.
  • The high acidity of the drink can really harm the stomach mucosa if you drink soda regularly.

And now let’s turn to the main and main advantage of Coca-Cola, which is also a minus – is its energy value. The fact is that even 0.5 Coca-Cola is an energy bomb. If you are going to sleepless night or active physical activity – Coca-Cola will help you with this.

Also in a cold, when the body needs a lot of energy to recover, you can drink a little Coke – a weakened body quickly involves a large flow of energy in the right direction.

These are the facts about these harmful or not very harmful products. Were you aware of their positive properties?