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A discount of 27% want to tell you about oil magnesium Now Foods, why everyone needs it and how to arrange a SPA resort at home =)

Oil of magnesium I’ve seen in many pharmacies Baden-Baden. This is a luxurious resort with mineral springs, thermal pools and SPA. Here they treat water, pure mountain air and leisurely walks along the Lichtentaler alley. Very peaceful place, away from the hustle and bustle for a few days =)

I bought in Baden-Baden the book’s treatment of minerals, and here is what Others. Irmgard Thielemann:

“Minerals accumulate in the stratum corneum of the skin so that the skin and below it the strata exhibit the osmotic effect. Thus through the skin is slight elimination of toxins. The concentration of minerals in the skin causes increased sensitivity to UV radiation, inactive vitamin D is much faster goes into an active form.”

Used for the treatment of swimming and hot wraps, body wrap towels: so treat joint pain, arthrosis, gout. You can repeat this procedure at home: massage into the skin magnesium oil and wrap a warm wet towel. They significantly enhance the therapeutic effect on the skin!

Magnesium oil is a salt solution of magnesium in water. The solution is so concentrated that oily to the touch and instantly makes the skin smooth, silky! Oil of magnesium is used to relieve tension, to ease muscle and joint pain, Supplement the deficiency of magnesium through the skin.

Hidden magnesium deficiency have up to 60% of people, especially teenagers, adult women and men. Not surprising when you consider what we drink filtered water, sugar, and stress destroys the magnesium, and the supplements may be poorly absorbed due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Plus, our skin loses magnesium with age, you lose the ability to synthetisiert active vitamin D in the sun.

Magnesium oil comes directly to our body, bypassing the gut. Many experts recommend to recover magnesium deficiency on two fronts: to take in supplements and TRANS-dermal through the skin.

In one study, patients were using transdermal therapy with magnesium for 12 weeks. On average, the increase in the level of cellular magnesium in the body was 25.2% and it is a beautiful, working result. Magnesium Now Foods gives the body 66 mg of elemental magnesium in 4 zilch.

Magnesium oil: how to use

  • Use 1-2 times a day
  • Apply oil of magnesium to clean skin, after showering or bathing.
  • Apply a few zilch spray on any area of the skin, allow to dry and wait at least 30 minutes. Then you can wash off, if desired. The skin will absorb as much magnesium as it needs!
  • If the skin is sensitive, apply oil of magnesium to the areas of fat. Magnesium may give a slight tingling sensation on delicate skin, this reaction is normal and is not at all.
  • Do not apply magnesium oil to the skin immediately after shaving, after a dry brush massage: is also possible tingling

For muscle and joint pain: use of magnesium oil for massage, body wraps, hot towels. Instantly relieve muscle spasm by rubbing with oil of magnesium. Prolonged use of oil of magnesium muscle spasms disappear.

To relieve tension, stress when massage feet and legs with oil of magnesium.

You can RUB magnesium oil into the scalp, to strengthen and saturate the hair bulblets oxygen – oil increases blood circulation. You can mix magnesium with coconut oil, essential oils used in hair masks.

Where to buy: Now Foods, Magnesium Topical Spray

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