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How to regain youthful look, lift drooping eyelids and sagging eyebrows? This simple exercise from Senta Maria Runge has immediate lifting effect.

Every woman dreams of her youth lasted forever, but unfortunately, it’s impossible with age, eyebrows tend to drop and hang forever. But this problem can be very effectively controlled with the help of special exercises. You should definitely try this exercise from Maria Runge. The exercise is broken into its component parts, to make it easier to understand the sequence of execution. Be young and beautiful!

Exercise Mary Runge, which will tighten the upper eyelids

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1. Left hand place your fingers directly under the right eyebrow (to capture) her, and raise up slightly beyond the eyebrows.

2. Lock in this position for a few seconds and then slowly look up and try to “see” itself on the outer tip of the eyebrow. Locked in this position until the count 10.

3. Start slow blinking of the upper eyelid, eyebrow holding in the upper position. Blink upper eyelid up to the count 10.


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4. Slowly, continuing to blink, begin to close your eyes (main stress falls on the upper eyelid). Look down.

5. When the eye is closed completely, tightly squeeze the eyelids and to stay up to the count 10.

6. Slowly open your eyes and relax.

The result is visible immediately after the exercise. Be beautiful and young! published econet.ru.

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