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Can you lose weight in your sleep?


In a world full of temptations, it is becoming harder and harder to get to the figure of a dream, so people are increasingly looking for easy ways to achieve their goals. Monodiets, products with zero caloric value… All of this has its share of truth, but it is extremely small. As has been said before, only a balanced diet, regular training and full harmony with the inner world can solve the problem of excess weight. And also a healthy sleep. Yes, yes, you have not misheard. Adding to all of the above healthy sleep, you will increase your chances of slimming at least twice as fast. Why not? Answers should be sought in the old-fashioned biochemical processes.

Several hormones, such as leptin and grelin, are responsible for hunger in the body. The first – reduces appetite, the second, on the contrary, causes a sense of hunger. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the production of these hormones. Men’s lack of sleep causes an increase in the production of the ghrelin hormone, which stimulates a sense of hunger, while women’s leptin levels decrease, making the feeling of saturation very late. Thus, lack of sleep provokes overeating, which constantly leads to problems with excess weight.

The next problem with sleep deprivation is also the hormonal imbalance. Sleep deprivation is a stressful condition for the body, which leads to the production of cortisol (stress hormone). The defensive reaction does not keep you waiting long. This is followed by the stimulation of fat reserves in the depot, protein degradation and increased blood glucose levels.

From the above, the obvious conclusion is that the normalization of sleep leads to the solution of two problems at once: reduction of the impact of stress on the body and the likelihood of overeating. Simply put, going to bed at least at 11-12 pm, we not only provide ourselves with vigour and productivity for the next day, but also make a huge contribution to their health.

It should also be noted that a healthy sleep activates the frontal cortex, responsible for decision-making and self-control. That is, if you decide to take up the transition to a healthy lifestyle, an elementary seven-hour sleep rapidly increases your chances of success. After all, it is much easier for a sleeping organism with a normal hormonal background not to look in the direction of an extra portion of sweets.

Famous scientists, unfortunately, have not yet invented a cure that would effectively and quickly help to lose weight, but they have long proven the important role of sleep in life. A healthy sleep, of course, will not help you to lose the cherished “5 kilograms in one week”, but it can significantly accelerate the metabolism, prevent over-eating and unnecessary stress, increase your motivation. Try to start today, and after a week of waste to bed at 11-12 pm and seven hours of sleep, you will notice that you have become more active and productive.

Slags and toxins: how are they trying to profit from us again


How often do you hear the words detox, toxins, slags? At the present stage, many sources are trying to assure us that our bodies are full of “garbage” to be disposed of, and as soon as possible. And especially if you plan to lose weight in the future. The choice varies, presenting the buyer with a huge selection of products, ranging from detox-food programs consisting of all kinds of smoothies, and ending with mixtures and complexes of dubious composition. However in practice all these systems can be called one concept – biologically active additives. With a big, big stretch. In fact, this is just another trick of near-medical marketing. We explain why.

Let’s start with the fact that there are no exact scientific studies that would accurately confirm the presence of toxins and toxins in the body. If we think about it, we can come to the conclusion that the concept of “toxin” is quite real, because in fact it is those substances that have a poisonous effect on the body. Toxins of various origins come to us regularly, this is indeed true. However, for their processing does not require any additional funds, because twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week diligently cleans our body liver. And if suddenly it stops performing its functions, believe me, the magic detox mixtures and green smoothies are unlikely to help you.

As for the concept of “slag”, there is no such concept in medicine in fact. If you enter this word in the Google search query, Wikipedia will tell you first of all that slag is a by-product or a waste in metal production. But many people persistently believe that slag is exactly what they have in their bodies. And in the fact that they urgently need to be removed. Someone resorts to the same magic mixtures and mixtures, someone thinks that castor oil will do, and the most courageous resort even to enemas…. But the problem is that, having an absolutely healthy intestinal flora, you can quickly lose it during such “cleansing”. So think again before you brew the powder from the bag to “remove toxins”.

Thus, if you look at the current trend towards “internal cleansing” from the outside, you can only see the evil marketing move and another way to clean up more money from naive people. Therefore, in order not to become another victim of advertisers, we advise you to drink more water and lead a healthy lifestyle. Then you definitely will not be visited by thoughts about “something extra” in your body and its removal.

5 reasons to start the day with a cup of green tea


Traditionally, dieticians recommend starting the day with a glass of fasting water. We undoubtedly support this opinion. However, the water will be followed by a light charge and morning toilet, and after them there will certainly be time for breakfast. About 60% of people (if not more) complement their breakfast with a cup of coffee. The usefulness of this drink will be discussed in the following articles, but in the meantime let me give you five arguments in favor of having a cup of aromatic green tea at breakfast.

1) Green tea contains an analogue of caffeine – theine, which has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, urging the body to wake up as soon as possible. It is worth noting that high-quality green tea can give the body more energy than a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

2) The polyphenols contained in tea increase the rate of heat exchange in the body, which speeds up the burning of fats. Thus, regular consumption of green tea several times a day accelerates metabolism, provoking weight loss.

3) Green tea is a good diuretic, which gently removes excess water from the body, and with it – toxins and slags. Extremely useful property for those who suffer from swelling and dark circles under the eyes every morning.

4) An interesting fact – if you drink a cup of green tea half an hour before lunch, you will eat less food. The fact that the substances contained in this drink, reduce the level of sugar in the blood, which literally “reduces the appetite” of the cells.

5) Also it is necessary to note that the given drink is also a storehouse of useful substances such as vitamins of group B, K, PP, ascorbic acid, fluorine which is useful for teeth, and also copper and zinc which are irreplaceable for health of nails and hair.

How to drink green tea correctly? Preferably in half an hour or during meals, 3-4 times a day and if possible without sugar. But the main thing is to remember that green tea is not a cure-all, but just a good addition to a rational diet and regular training.

Should I fight the fats?


Nowadays, most people are struggling with overweight. And often the decisions they make are not the most rational. Attempts to reduce the time spent on the way to the result often lead to health problems. And one of the main reasons for this is the dramatic reduction in the amount of fat in the diet. Thinners carefully study the labels on the goods and calculate the caloric value of cooked food, so as not to accidentally miss an extra gram of fat. Is it worth it? Why are we all so afraid of them, these very fats?

It is worth starting with the basics. Fats are one of the main components of nutrition, along with proteins and carbohydrates. In a living organism, fats perform a number of extremely important functions:

  • Firstly, accumulating in fat cells, they create a kind of depot, from where the body can then get energy.
  • Second, fats are a component of the synthesis of steroid hormones, which are involved in building muscles.
  • Third, fats are, in principle, the main structural elements of all cell membranes in the body. That is, when you suddenly cut the amount of incoming fats below the necessary norm, you deprive your cells of the most important building material.

Exclusion of fats from the diet threatens to increase the brittleness of hair, nails, rashes on the skin, the appearance of dandruff, depression, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, most people do not stop the presence of this fact, because everyone is afraid of the great and terrible Cholesterol. Almost everyone knows that its accumulation leads to such consequences as obesity and atherosclerosis. This is really true. However, not everyone knows that only low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), which are called “harmful cholesterol”, are atherogenic (the tendency to develop atherosclerosis). While high-density lipoproteins (HDLs, “useful cholesterol”), on the contrary, help to dispose of cholesterol in the body. So how do you increase your HDL level in the body? The easiest way is to switch to a balanced diet in which unsaturated vegetable and animal fats are preferred.

Slimming is always directly related to health issues, so it should be approached as consciously as possible, always remembering that any severe deficiency of nutrients in the body leads to a shift in its usual functioning. Blind struggle against hated fats in the diet leads not to a slim and healthy body, but to exhaustion and mental disorders. Therefore, when changing the diet it is necessary to focus not only on the quantitative composition of nutrients, but also on their quality.

Three myths about zero calorie


Every self-respecting person who closely follows the figure knows exactly about those products that have zero calorie content. Celery, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, pineapple… The list of these magical gifts of nature can be continued indefinitely. So what is the secret of their unusual properties? The matter is in the composition, and specifically a large amount of fiber. For this reason, the body seems to spend more energy on digesting such food than it receives from it in return. For example, eating one average carrot, we get about 12 calories, but we spend 15 for its digestion. Thus, it turns out that the caloric value of carrots is -2 calories – this is called “zero caloric value”. As you can see, the difference is so small that it is unlikely to play a big role in the weight loss process. However, many people consider these products to be almost a panacea, from which every day more and more myths are born.

Myth #1. Products with “negative caloric value” help to break down fats.

The “negative calorie” rule applies only to foods containing dietary fibres. They are better saturated, rich in vitamins and minerals, and improve gastrointestinal function. However, unfortunately, they have nothing to do with fat decomposition. And all the more so, they will not help magically teleport a cake eaten overnight from the body.

Myth #2. Vegetable diet is a useful and quick result.

Monodieta (a diet consisting of monotonous food) – it is no longer useful for health, as there is no balance of nutrients. With a constant intake of only vegetables, the mechanism of “zero calorie” will soon fail and they will simply stop digesting due to excess carbohydrates in the body.

Even if you suddenly manage to stay on such a diet and lose weight, it is unlikely that the result will remain for a long time, because after returning to a normal diet, the body will immediately require compensation.

Myth #3. The proteins have no “zero caloric value”, and then they will be put aside in fat.

Yes, proteins really don’t have a magic “negative caloric value”, and if they are consumed in amounts exceeding the daily norm, there is a risk of gaining mass. However, the body spends about 30% of its energy value on processing protein products, which is much higher than the cost of processing carbohydrates (10-15%).

In conclusion, I would like to say that green vegetables are undoubtedly worthy to take an honorable place in the diet of each person, but it is not worth attributing to them the properties of “zero calorie” and “cure-all”.

“Forbidden fruit” on a diet and how to replace it


Everyone knows from childhood that “the forbidden fruit is sweet. This is human nature, we always want to double what we can’t afford. This problem is especially familiar to the thinners, because by reducing the daily calorie intake, it leads to a reduction in the amount of fat entering the body. Therefore, it is on a diet is always twice as much attracted to cakes, liver, pizza, hamburgers and other sources of harmful, but such delicious fats … For this reason, we present you a list of products rich in useful fats, which will give your body the necessary saturation and die craving for harmful products.


Only the lazy one in the 21st century has not heard anything about the avocado, because the beneficial properties of this fruit are said in almost every second investigram-profile and exactly in almost every article about healthy eating. And it, certainly, absolutely for a reason, after all in this green handsome person the full set of useful vegetable fats, but also vitamins E, C, K and B gets along not only! It should also be noted that eating at least half of the avocado a day, you get a load of fiber necessary for the body. And unusual taste properties allow to use it in preparation of absolutely various dishes, beginning with salads and finishing every possible smoothies and sauces.


Despite the fact that physicians have been trying to challenge the useful properties of eggs for many years, they still managed to maintain their position. Probably not a single product from our list can be compared with eggs in the perfect balance of availability, versatility and biochemical composition. One average chicken egg contains about 6 grams of protein and 8 essential amino acids, as well as vitamins C, E, K, B and folic acid. And how many of your favourite dishes can you prepare with them?! Glazes, omelette, pashto, “tasted”, “softened”, Benedict…

Fat fish

Not everyone will agree to swallow a spoonful of fish oil, but not everyone will refuse a grilled salmon or salmon steak, which, by the way, can be a very good alternative to fast food.

Sea fish is a real treasure trove of omega-3 fatty acids. This group of fatty acids is responsible for reducing inflammation in the body, as well as the risk of cancer and cardiac diseases.

Olive oil

If you are still guessing why the Olympic Games were born in Greece, and all the figures of people on the Greek canvases and statues have almost perfect shapes, then the answers should be sought in olive oil. Replacing mayonnaise and other fat sauces with one or two spoons of good olive oil, you will not only save your figure, but also add a few years of life. And don’t forget to keep it in dark glass!


Almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazilian… This list can be continued for a long time, and even longer – to describe the useful properties of each of them. All nuts contain a number of unsaturated fats, vitamins, and antioxidants that reduce the level of free radicals, thereby preventing damage to cell membranes. It is worth noting that nuts are one of the most convenient and useful snacks. A small bag of nuts won’t take up much space in the purse, but will replace a full snack by energy value, postponing hunger for a sufficient time.

Autumn: do not spoil the figure and do not get sick


Autumn is characterized not only by a beautiful fading of nature, but also by a corresponding change in climate. Increased humidity, lower temperatures, reduced daylight hours – all this cannot but affect the overall condition and health.

Dieticians note that in the autumn, our body requires a certain amount of nutrition, which can often run counter to the nutrition that we believe is correct. For example, in autumn, people eat sweet and greasy more often – this allows us to get a lot of energy for a short period of time, to get warm faster and “do the best” in short-term business.

Therefore, carbohydrates, not proteins and fats, are the priority components of nutrition in the autumn-winter period. And of course, it is difficult to choose – they are absorbed for a long time, give a lot of energy and create a feeling of satiety. Also, do not forget about the fiber, which will gradually eliminate harmful substances from the body.


Especially germinated cereals and legumes. Ordinary peas, beans and various grains are important nutrients. They are easily assimilated at breakfast and give a long feeling of satiety.

Germination in the grain increases the content of vitamins and reduces carbohydrates. Sprouted legumes are allowed to eat in any quantity without fear of losing their shape. You can buy these grains, and germinate on your own, providing them with enough moisture and light.


This element of the diet takes care of your gastrointestinal tract. In times of reduced immunity, it is important to strengthen your stomach in every way possible to avoid disorders. Brans also help prevent influenza and acute respiratory infections.

Greenery and vegetables

Parsley, dill, radish, onions and other plants that can be grown in large quantities in the garden – these are the real defenders of immunity in the autumn and winter. If you’ve been making preparations since summer, it’s time to use them by adding salads and soups to your salads. It is best to eat at least a handful of natural herbs every day, so that without the disease and cold to move the transition period from summer to autumn.

Herbal infusions

You can buy them in a pharmacy, but it is better to take care of them in summer and collect chamomile, rosehip and other herbs. They can be mixed with the usual tea or stewed separately – these are delicious and healthy drinks, which will stand on the guard of immunity.

Here are such simple tips to help you strengthen your immunity in the autumn-winter period. If you eat at least one component of this list every day, then you will not face a cold, flu and other diseases.

Vitamins: How important are they in the diet?


If you are on a diet – understand that this is stress for the body. And when your body feels uncomfortable, it’s important to support it in every way possible to keep the immune system from getting weakened, getting chronic ill and hurting your health. Excluding a certain category of food that has always been present in your diet will also exclude vitamins that have entered your body through these products.

Which vitamins contribute to weight loss?

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It does not allow fat to accumulate, it converts carbohydrates into energy faster.

Vitamin D. It dulls hunger, accelerates fat processing, and strengthens bones – this is important, especially if you are on a diet that involves washing out harmful substances from the body: they often wash away calcium.

Vitamin B1. With its help, carbohydrates are faster converted into energy, even in a relatively passive way of life.

Vitamin B2. It stimulates the thyroid gland and therefore accelerates the metabolism.

Vitamin B3 also dulls hunger and controls the amount of sugar in the blood, so it makes you want to eat less sweet things.

Vitamin B12 is important because it feels a loss of strength during the diet. It increases brain activity and provides energy for exercise.

Fatty acids and omega-3 vitamins also reduce appetite and also allow the nervous system to relax, which is important during a tense diet.

Calcium not only strengthens the bones. Thanks to it, the fatty tissue adjacent to the muscles breaks down more quickly under the influence of physical activity.

How do you know if your body lacks vitamins?

If you are on a diet, you will feel a number of physiological and mental changes at first. There are a number of symptoms that make it clear that you are missing some vitamins:

  • You’ve become slower to think you don’t want to be physically active.
  • You are often nervous, nervous or afraid.
  • Your chronic illnesses have made themselves known.
  • Hair, nails and teeth have become weaker.
  • The general condition of your skin has worsened.

If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor or nutritionist. It’s best to give up on this diet for a while, and to supplement yourself with the necessary vitamins.

All the vitamins can be found in foods that are part of your diet, as well as in pharmacies. It is better to choose comprehensive products that will provide your body with access to a number of important vitamins that will help make the weight loss process easy and fast.

How to have dinner if you go to bed soon?


Everybody knows what to eat at night is to fill the body with extra calories, which will not be spent during sleep, but will only burden the stomach with work. But after a working day like never before you want to eat and go to bed, so dinners are inevitable. We figure out how to eat dinner without getting extra calories and without burdening the body with night work.

Fish for steam.

This is a nourishing option, which is easy and fast to prepare. White fish is best suited, such as pollock. Steam cooking will not take long. Fresh pollock on steam turns out juicy and fragrant.

You can add 300 grams of cabbage or 100 grams of beans as a side dish. This option of dinner will be easy and very nourishing, and you will get a lot of useful trace elements that will give you energy and strength the next day.

Boiled chicken breast.

It is better to take a volume of no more than 300 grams. Chicken is a very nourishing product that can be boiled or steamed. Fill the cooked chicken with a small amount of low-fat sour cream or skimmed yoghurt. Also, no more than 100 grams of broccoli or Brussels sprouts are suitable as a side dish.

If you want to add some “energy” to this dinner, drink a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice. This is enough to stay awake for about two or three hours before bedtime.

Cheese and tomatoes.

An option for those who are ready to go to bed, but are afraid to eat. Mozzarella cheese, which can be cut into cubes of no more than 100 grams, is the best choice for taste and quality.

You can take more tomatoes. Do not season with oil – tomatoes will give the juice themselves, just a little salt. This is a very easy dinner, which is easily perceived by the body.

Honey and cottage cheese.

This is an option for those who have not eaten for a long time and risk eating a lot of food overnight. Even a teaspoon of honey can give a person energy and strength for a couple of hours, and the honey is easily digested. If you are not afraid of honey and did not exclude it from the diet, the spoon of this sweet product in combination with 200 grams of cottage cheese – something that can save an empty stomach in the evening.

Boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs are suitable for dinner for people who severely limit their diet in calories. If you haven’t eaten for too long and feel unwell, choose a more satisfying dinner. Two boiled eggs for dinner can quench hunger and will not be digested for long.

But keep in mind that in the morning you should have a hearty and healthy breakfast!

Boiled beef.

If you play sports and sit on the right food, but boiled low-fat beef will not hurt if you eat it three to four hours before sleep. Plus, it’s a good option for people who have knocked down their diet and don’t get their carbohydrates back during the day.

But beef can be hard on the stomach, even if it is soft and lean. So have a glass of kefir or lean yogurt with it.

Such simple quick dinners will allow you to stay in tone, but not to sacrifice your figure.

Myths: three deadly products


Today it is difficult to understand which product is harmful and which is useful. It is even more difficult to catch the gradation of “harmfulness” of products – what can be eaten, what can be eaten with caution, and what to refuse at all? Advertising shouts about products without “GMO” and preservatives, doctors assure in harm of palm oil, and in every possible experiments clean up a rust of a coca-colla. We find out whether the product is as scary as it is painted.

Genetically modified products.

Choosing yoghurt without GMOs and preservatives, you want to choose the most useful and nutritious product. Perhaps it will be a surprise to you – but GMOs are not dangerous to the body. This is a genetic modification of the product, which allows it to spoil less, grow faster or be better absorbed by the body. Absolutely all products in stores are genetically modified.

  • When we take cheese and milk, we have to understand that the cows giving these dairy products are bred specifically for milk, cheese and cottage cheese.
  • Yogurt without GMOs would have gone bad a few hours after cooking.
  • The same situation would have happened with vegetables and fruits.

No, GMOs are not the poison we are poisoned by evil corporations. Modifications are found in all products, even in baby food, and they are completely safe for the body, and, moreover – useful. For example, once an ordinary papaya caused numerous allergic reactions with complications – and then scientists intervened. They have slightly altered papaya’s DNA, so we now have a healthy fruit. A similar situation occurred with corn, which initially had very small grains and was completely nutrient-free, and now, thanks to geneticists, corn cobs – one of the most useful products.

Are there products without GMOs? Even the seeds you plant in your own garden have already been genetically modified. Otherwise, instead of tomatoes and cucumbers you will get the fruits, the size of a little more strawberries – these varieties are found only in the wild and unsuitable for food. The nutritional value of many foods is a huge work of geneticists.

And if you see that on the packaging of the product is the inscription “Without GMO” – realize that this is just a marketing move.

Palm oil.

There are legends that in the stomach it turns into plasticine, causes gastritis, ulcers and even cancer. Of course, this is true if you drink it every day in huge quantities – like any other oil. Palm oil is added to products in small doses and even has its own positive aspects.

For example, palm oil contains a lot of carotenoids that strengthen hair, teeth and nail plates. Therefore, it is often used not only in food, but also in cosmetics – palm oil is absolutely harmless there.

Of course, palm oil should be treated with caution. You can not abuse this product and eat on a regular basis, but cosmetics with palm oil should not be avoided.

By the way, butter with a high fat content is much more harmful than palm oil. It gives a huge load on the heart and irritates the stomach mucosa, so the frequent use of such oil (which, in fact, margarine) can lead to cardiovascular disease and gastritis.


Let’s make a mistake: it does not eat the stomach and does not cause intellectual weakening. However, it has a number of negative effects that should be reckoned with:

  • Caloric value. It is not more caloric than tea with three spoons of sugar, and certainly not more caloric than a pack of chips and white bread. But because of its high sugar content, it has a lot of calories. The only exception is a sugar-free coca-cola.
  • Load on the heart. Coca-Cola is an energy shock to the circulatory system. If you choose between expensive energy and coca cola – you can safely take a famous drink, because there is enough caffeine.
  • The high acidity of the drink can really harm the stomach mucosa if you drink soda regularly.

And now let’s turn to the main and main advantage of Coca-Cola, which is also a minus – is its energy value. The fact is that even 0.5 Coca-Cola is an energy bomb. If you are going to sleepless night or active physical activity – Coca-Cola will help you with this.

Also in a cold, when the body needs a lot of energy to recover, you can drink a little Coke – a weakened body quickly involves a large flow of energy in the right direction.

These are the facts about these harmful or not very harmful products. Were you aware of their positive properties?