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Harmful eating habits come from childhood


Do you sit on the right food or even a diet, drink a lot of water, exercise moderately, but do not lose weight? In this case, you should think about two things:

  • Your genetic predispositions to fullness, possible diseases that prevent you from losing weight.
  • Or about bad eating habits that are unobtrusively left in your life.

Sometimes these are habits that are even difficult to pay attention to – you just live with them from childhood or youth, and so lived your parents. Reconsidering your lifestyle is easy if you know where the problem lies.

You all eat with bread.

This is especially true for people brought up in the Russian mentality. Bread from childhood accompanies any nourishing dish on the table: borscht, pilaf, buckwheat, cutlets. Sometimes we don’t think about it, taking a slice of white bread in our hands and eating their favorite dish.

But white bread is a fast carbohydrate – the enemy of a slender figure.

Try to notice the usual white bread on the bread from flour of the second grade, or even better – give up the bread completely. Lack of cereals in the body can be completely covered with slices or dried bread.

Sweet tea and coffee.

Sometimes we don’t think about a spoonful of sugar or a sugar cube, which is in our drink in the morning, at lunch or in the evening. Even if you don’t eat cakes, pastries, cookies and all the other sweet products, you still consume sweets.

A spoonful of sugar is a small cupcake. If you can’t imagine your life without sweets, but want to lose weight, give preference to sugar substitutes or fructose. Even a teaspoon of sugar that you put in your drink every day can seriously affect your figure.

Evening meals.

Coming after work, you’ll sweep away half the contents of your fridge because you’re tired, you’ve eaten badly at work and you’ve been under a lot of stress. Of course, in such circumstances the body will require food – as much as possible!

The solution is to eat evenly throughout the day. Then you won’t have evening overeatings that negatively affect your figure. If you don’t have time to eat during the day and you want to stop starving in the evening, give preference to unsweetened vegetables, especially fibre. For example, slice a tomato with herbs and sprinkle salt.

The first, second and dessert.

The habit of eating large amounts of food in one sitting, based on a classic English lunch – a bad habit, leading to excess weight. Try to listen to your body: it clearly signals that you are full and that a portion of mashed potatoes after nourishing soup will be superfluous, and a cake with tea – the more so.

Review your eating habits. When you find one of the above, try to gradually eradicate it from your life. So you will be faithfully standing on the way to the figure of a dream.

Reasons for overeating and how to stop yourself


No.1 Food diary

In order to balance your diet, you should always keep in mind the conditional “scales”, where one cup is your activity and how many calories you spend a day, and the other – how many calories you consume. In order to keep fit or lose weight, you should always follow the DEFICITY CALORIES (more activity, less food). To do this, make a diary of your diet, everything you eat during the day. Just be honest with yourself by describing even a piece of cake, bite off a piece of sausage, eat candy, drink tea with 4 spoons of sugar, etc. Count the calories of your meals first, getting rid of harmful foods and reducing portions. Get rid of the habit of “biting”.

2 Learn to recognize hunger

Often in a stressful situation you want to eat your favorite pizza, so as to drown out the experience. After such products, a hormone of pleasure is produced and our body gets used to such a reaction – “I have stress, so you have to eat”. This is not the way out. Learn to recognize real hunger or just a desire to “eat” in stressful situations. And very often hunger is confused with appetite (the desire to eat something delicious) and even thirst (drink enough simple water a day, perhaps your body just wants to drink, and you push yourself into another sandwich).

3 Conscious purchase of food

As you stand in the shop, ask yourself, “Do I really want this pack of mayonnaise with a new cheese flavour?”, “Do I need this snicker near the cash register?” when my hand automatically throws it into my basket. No. It’s just that it’s become a habit, you always do that, your brain is so used to it that you don’t even notice it. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, reconsider and change your diet. If you don’t change anything, you will never change yourself.

No. 4 There is no such thing as a bad day

“I’m gonna start a new life on Monday, sports, proper nutrition, etc.” Or watching a bunch of motivational videos and cardboard in the evening, you think “in the morning I’ll definitely pull myself together”. But… In the morning, something is always going on: problems at work, children are capricious, they had an argument with their other half. Stressful and guilty again. Everything! A day to be fooled! But tomorrow I will definitely start!

Do not deceive yourself and adjust your diet on any day of the week.

No. 5 Vacuum cleaner complex

First of all, forget about eating after the children, after the other half and the rest in the fridge. “There are only two meatballs left there. What will they be lying there for? Should I throw them away? Yes, I don’t want them. But I’ll finish them, I’ll choke on them, because it’s a pity to throw them away.

No. 6 Complex of “full plate”

I guess a lot of people have taken over this complex since they were kids. A plate of soup should be up to the edges, the porridge in the plate should be with a slide, more vegetables and meat on the edges, so that everything was “rich”, the first or second dessert and compote. In fact, you don’t need that much food. You’d eat a third of that too.

Reasons for overeating.


Why are we eating more? How do you constantly want to eat something in your head? So how do we fight it? Let’s consider the top 6 reasons for such a bad habit and how to get rid of them.

Why are we overeating?

If you look at this problem on a larger scale and go back at least a few decades, then there was no such question. In pre-war and post-war times, there wasn’t an oversupply of food, such a variety of available products, advertising (which attracts you to buy an extra chocolate bar at the supermarket ticket office, even though it wasn’t on your list of products).

Technological progress has also affected the problem of overeating and overweight. Everyday hard physical work (in the fields, factories, even at home) did not contribute to the set of extra pounds. People worked more with their hands, spent more calories, when now all our basic work is done by special equipment, sitting at the computer in the office or at home also do not contribute to the burning of calories.

Today, children don’t run around with a ball in the yard or jump into “classics”, but instead ride whitefish. Most of them have got their own cars, which has also reduced their daily activity. Someone is even lazy to walk up the stairs, preferring the elevator. So exactly what reasons do you need to fight against in order not to overeat?

Psychological and physiological dependence

When we eat (especially tasty and often the most harmful food), the body produces a hormone of pleasure, perhaps the most important thing in our lives. This makes our brains perceive every meal as food=pleasure, which makes us want to look in the fridge again and again at the delicious delicacies. Often the greatest satisfaction from food brings the most harmful products for our body – sweet, fat, fried, smoked. And in many of our favorite products simply add special substances that cause the desire to constantly use the same product, cause addiction (emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, sweeteners).


Harmful products cause a greater desire to overeat, from which our stomach increases in volume and there is already a physiological overeating (increase in portions to fill the already increased stomach).

Which dishes are more useful


Independent life, family or student, begins with the purchase of dishes and kitchen utensils. If there is a need to buy durable dishes, it would be good to know what is durable and not dangerous to health. To live happily ever after, eat deliciously and cook comfortably, prepare yourself for a small excursion called a healthy and harmful cookware and dishes. Metal dishes:


Metal is a metal discord. Forget the “eternal” grandmother’s aluminum pots, or better yet, dispose of them for the needs of the industry. Yes, they do not wear out, it is probably their only advantage. And the disadvantages of aluminum dishes are a list. All soups and sauces containing organic acids react chemically with the aluminium surface. As a result – the formation of unnecessary salts that get into the body with food. This also applies to aluminium spoons. It’s good that these dishes have gradually disappeared from our tables.

Cast iron

He’s from Grandma’s kitchen, too. Thick-walled cauldrons and pans heat up perfectly and give off heat for a long time, contributing to uniform heat treatment. During the interaction with oil and grease, cast iron forms a thin protective film, a kind of “non-stick coating” of the surface. Therefore, cast iron is not recommended to be zealously cleaned and rubbed – then it will not rust at all, and frying will not stick to the pan. It is a pity that such a voluntary refusal to put the frying pans on the frying pans is not to everyone’s taste.

Enameled pan

Metalware also includes enameled dishes. The classics which have proved to be well proved throughout decades, too, alas, is not ideal. Why? Because the enameled pot burns milk and milk porridge, potatoes, thick soup and everything but very liquid food very well. There are, undoubtedly, its advantages – resistance to aggressive environment, attractive appearance and cheapness. If you treat the enamel carefully, not letting it burn and not dropping on the floor, there will be no chips and damage and enameled dishes will last decades.

Stainless steel

Practically the same properties have fake stainless steel dishes as well. It burns everything. It shines, it is eternal, even enamel is not necessary. There are some serious “but”. Fake low-quality stainless steel is so thin that in the first weeks of operation deforms like a foil. In addition, the thin bottom is more likely to burn than prevent. Cooking occurs almost directly on the surface of the stove – it is difficult to adjust the cooking temperature, and useless – everything is too strong boiling, splashing and burning down, after all. Besides, “high-quality” grades of steel do not rust, it is a fact, but when heated emit a lot of impurities: nickel, chrome and even copper.

All this, of course, applies only to low-quality fakes made of stainless steel.


Teflon spores flare up and down. One thing is clear – the Teflon surface is neutral to a certain extent. For example, it is necessary to protect it from scratches and mechanical damage. Also, you can not heat Teflon dishes above 350 degrees. And our Chinese friends tried to undermine the trust in Teflon with their thin, dangerous for health frying pans, with Teflon, which sticks to the eggs when frying.

Attention – plastic

All records for hazards belong to plastic dishes with melamine. It can be distinguished by its similarity to porcelain plates. Even moderately hot soup is enough to provoke a real chemical bomb! Carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, including lead, cadmium, manganese, and the most dangerous – formaldehyde – lurk not only in the plastic itself, but also in the pattern decorating the surface. Such dishes are still not prohibited, as it is believed that the “melamine” mark on the bottom warns of their non-food purpose.

Alas, the warning does not always work, because such dishes look aesthetically pleasing, solid and reliable.

Wooden dishes

Should we talk about it seriously? The porous structure of wood literally draws in liquids, so woodwork is difficult to wash. It is impossible to cook in wooden dishes. Folklore kitchen utensils coated with lacquer are mostly suitable only for cold dishes and interior decoration.

Faience, porcelain and glass

These dishes have passed the test of time. Faience is more porous and not as strong as porcelain. Therefore it is glazed additionally, and on a round bottom there is always a rough rim without glaze. Porcelain dishes, such as the famous brand – dishes luminarc is also made of clay of special quality, as well as earthenware, only thin porcelain, and a light blow produces a pleasant, high tone.

Today, created such types of earthenware and porcelain, which are not afraid of high temperatures and are suitable for goth

The rules for a good meal


A snack is an important element of everyday nutrition. By snacking, you give the body some energy to function normally until the next meal is dense. There are usually three problems with snacks:

  • People eat wrong. They choose the wrong food or do it at the wrong time.
  • They refuse to eat, citing a quick lunch or dinner.
  • Snacks happen all the time and even replace normal meals.

We figure out how to eat correctly and what products are suitable for a snack.

Rules for a good snack

By adhering to a series of rules, you will make your snack optimal.

  • Prepare your snacks in advance. Candy or buns, sometimes bought from the cafeteria, are often at your fingertips in the office or at school. Cook at home and take your food to work so you don’t get caught in the middle of such “gifts” for your body.
  • Do not keep food close at hand. The closer you get to the food, the more likely you are to eat. Keeping your snack on your desk means having a snack at an unnecessary time when your body doesn’t really want to eat. Let the snack be in a bag or other place that is not conspicuous.
  • Snack a certain number of times. It is right to eat when you really want to. But not all people know how to understand the urges of their bodies, and sometimes even our brains can deceive us, citing a false sense of hunger. Therefore, a snack every three hours is the best option.
  • A snack is not enough food. A small portion, which will quickly saturate you for a short time. One apple or banana, oatmeal or something like that. In addition, these portions do not take up much space in your bag.
  • Keep water on hand. Here’s what really makes a good digestion possible. Not only does water normalize your stomach function, but it also prevents you from getting hungry quickly because it creates an effect of a full stomach.

Snacking options

Now let’s consider what products are suitable for snacks and how convenient and tasty they are.

Quickly, nutritionally, at hand

  • Dates. You can safely eat up to ten of them, because they give you a feeling of satiety and you don’t have to cook them. Generally speaking, any dried fruits are also suitable for snacking, but dates are particularly nutritious.
  • A handful of nuts. Cashews, walnuts, pine nuts – a handful of nuts – a handful of vitamins that can be obtained within ten minutes or an hour. Nuts are full and have a beneficial effect on the body’s function. Pay special attention to superfood – walnuts.
  • Whole fruit. Apples and oranges do not give a long feeling of satiety, but they do not need to be cooked and can be eaten quickly. A banana is best suited for a snack, because it is a kind of “energy bomb” due to its fructose content.
  • Lean yogurt. Choose those that do not contain pieces of fruit and even cereals – these yogurts can not be considered natural. If you don’t like unsweetened yogurt at all, you can add honey in advance.
  • Black chocolate. Yes, it is suitable for a snack, but it will be followed by lunch in less than an hour. Chocolate is a fast and strong energy that is consumed very quickly. So approach this snack wisely.

Tip: Divide even whole small products into small handfuls, pieces. For example, cut an apple into cubes, cut a banana into circles, divide the dates into certain handfuls. This will allow you not to eat more than you need for satiety and leave the food for the next snack.

Snacks to prepare

  • Whole-grain bread with chicken or turkey meat. It can be smeared with low-fat sour cream or hummus, and tomatoes, cucumbers or a leaf of salad can be put on it. Such a sandwich can easily be brought in a container.
  • Classic salad. Cut tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers are a great option for a snack. In addition, this dish is rich in fiber, so a snack will be very useful.
  • Cheese and tomatoes. Just cut the tomatoes into small slices and sprinkle it with cheese grated on a large grater. It turns out to be very tasty and nourishing.
  • Dried wholemeal bread with cold chicken and cucumbers. This is a pleasant and quick dish that will make you satiated for at least two hours.
  • Fruit salad. Cut half an apple and half a banana, add flaxseed, and fill with skimmed yoghurt. Snack ready!
  • Toast with fish or seafood. A small slice of oily fish, contrary to popular belief, is perfect for snacking. All-grain bread is also lubricated with hummus or sour cream, you can add some vegetables or a leaf of salad.
  • Sweet toast. Honey and fruit can be added to wholemeal bread. If you like natural nut or urban pasta, they are also suitable for such a snack.

Five products that make the stomach grow


The abdomen, which appears in women, can occur after thirty years, as well as in adolescence. It is difficult to get rid of it, because there are no such exercises and complexes of nutrition that will affect the body locally – you will certainly start to lose weight in different parts of the body. Therefore, it is most convenient to predict the growth of the abdomen. Help in this list of products that contribute to the increase in fat in this area.

We know that many products from the list are very tasty, and sometimes even useful. Therefore, we offer you no less delicious alternatives that will delight you in the weekly menu.


Yes, this delicious product does not contribute to a flat belly, especially if you eat it once a day. But pork remains a useful meat, despite its excessive fat content. It can be eaten no more than once a week and not in the evenings: the body resting at this time, the digestion process slows down and everything you eat will be deposited in fat. But remember that neither chicken, nor beef, nor any other meat affects the growth of fat in the abdomen as much as pork.

What can I do to replace it with? Poultry meat chops are the best product for a flat belly.


The product contains a lot of calories and is very popular among people. Potatoes can be both good and bad for the body. For example, you should never eat fried potatoes with a lot of oil. In such a dish is often added stew or fats of fat – it is delicious, but fat! And all this food will be deposited in the sides and stomach. In addition, such dishes have a bad effect on the health of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. There are dishes made of potatoes, which are cooked much faster, but do not harm either the figure or the stomach.

Than to replace: boiled potatoes, potatoes in an oven – not less tasty, but much more useful dishes. Add chicken or turkey fillets and it tastes even better.


We’re talking about first-class wheat pasta. The noble name means not only a tasty and nourishing product, but also fast carbohydrates, which give a short tide of energy and no less short saturation. After such pasta you will quickly get hungry and go eat more. Such pasta is stored in the fat on the stomach.

Than to replace: pasta of their second-grade wheat is no less tasty than first-grade wheat. There are also many kinds of noodles, such as buckwheat and rice noodles. They won’t hurt your body and they will diversify your daily menu.

Alcoholic drinks

Beer is considered to be the most caloric beverage of alcohol, but it is not about it now, but about alcohol in general. The fact that it slows down the liver, which is not good for both overall health and metabolic processes. Stomach fat appears not only in men from beer, but also in women because of the frequent use of any alcohol. In addition, frequent consumption, as we all know, is harmful to health.

What can I do to replace it with? You don’t need to replace it, you just need to know the measure. Alcohol on holidays will not hurt your body and stomach in particular, but a stable use on weekends will develop a habit of deposition of fat in the body.

Any sugar products

Everyday consumption of sugar harms the thin waist. Fat is most often deposited in women’s hips when consuming sweets, but daily drinking tea with three spoons of sugar and eating candy will affect the fat deposits in the abdomen. Sweet is harmful not only to the figure, but also to the teeth and stomach. It is possible to please oneself at breakfast with candy or cake, but eating them at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening is already an obvious alarm bell. After all, sugar contains the largest amount of fast carbohydrates, which do not contribute to weight loss.

How to replace: sweet fruit (not in the evenings) and dried fruit. If you can’t live without sweets at all, try sugar substitutes and choose the least nutritious products.

So, these five products are the worst enemies of the thin waist. If you already have a flat stomach, don’t relax and keep it in shape! But if you see flaws in yourself and want to correct them, then go to the right food and balance your diet.

Three products with superpowers


The concept of superfood has appeared recently and is now actively used by bloggers, trainers and nutritionists. Not everyone understands: what is superfood and why it is so good. So let’s try to understand what a superfood is, what they are and what their use is.

What is it?

Superfood or “food with superpowers” are products that are of great benefit to the human body. They contain record levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that have a positive effect on a wide range of body functions. They are also characterized by the fact that they have almost no contraindications, except for individual intolerance or rare diseases.


This simple vegetable, familiar to many people since childhood, is extremely useful for our body. Vinaigrette, borscht, grated with cheese or garlic beetroot – these dishes are actually much more useful than you might think. So, the usefulness of beetroot:

  1. Beetroot purifies the body: it removes radionuclides, metals and salts.
  2. Prevents the appearance of cancer cells.
  3. betaine, which is contained in beetroot, normalizes liver function and stabilizes the cleansing functions of the body.
  4. Beetroot is a product that improves the brain’s memory function (sclerotics are sometimes recommended to eat it more often).
  5. Prevents heart disease, has a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system.
  6. Replenishes iodine deficiency in the body.
  7. In case of high blood pressure, beet is also useful, as it lowers it.
  8. For women, beet has a special benefit: it stabilizes the menstrual cycle in case of disorders and has a positive effect on the sexual system, strengthening it and providing prevention of possible diseases.
  9. The beetroot contains a lot of ion calcium (especially in the top), which has a good prevention of brittle bones.


Also a common and widely available product. You should eat at least one nut a day to ensure that it systematically has a positive impact on the body.

  1. It strengthens the immune system. Especially it is worth eating in autumn and winter, when the body is most susceptible to colds and viral diseases.
  2. There is a lot of zinc, cobalt and iron in walnuts, which helps fight anemia. The level of hemoglobin in the blood increases, improves the overall health of the person.
  3. Vitamins A and E, which are contained in walnuts, strengthen the strength of the walls of blood vessels and internal organs. This has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This is especially important if you have formed cholesterol plaques – walnut promotes their resorption.
  4. Walnut protein has a vegetable origin, so it is perfectly assimilated by the body. It serves as a prevention of constipation and possible diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Walnut is a good remedy for dysbacteriosis.
  6. The first thing children are recommended to eat walnuts for is to improve brain function and memory functions.
  7. The walnut partitions tincture serves as a good sedative.
  8. Walnut, in coordination with proper nutrition, can accelerate metabolic processes.
  9. Walnut lowers blood sugar levels; this is especially true for the partitioning infusions and shells.


Flaxseeds can be easily found on shop shelves or on specialized websites. They are not expensive, but are extremely useful to the body.

Len is an organ and gastrointestinal defender, as he gradually envelops them with a protective mucous membrane.

  1. If you have an ulcer, gastritis or other inflammatory diseases of the stomach or duodenum, flax has a calming effect.
  2. Linseed is a good laxative.
  3. Reduces the cholesterol content in the blood.
  4. Improves memory function.
  5. Len is recommended to eat if you want to lose weight, because it removes harmful substances from the body and carries a low calorie content.
  6. Len is contained in drugs that improve vision.
  7. Linseed has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  8. Increases libido.
  9. Strengthens immunity.
  10. Reduces high blood pressure.
  11. Promotes stable operation of the liver, functioning of the body’s purification systems.
  12. Flax is used for burns, frostbite and other external damage to the skin, as it has a regenerating effect.
  13. One of the few natural components that doctors recommend for cancer.

Tip: Flax can be a very tasteless product, so we recommend adding a small amount of it to oatmeal or fruit salads. If you are interested in unusual recipes with flaxseed, write about it to a com

Top 17 myths about fitness that keep you from losing weight


The most widely known misconceptions about fitness, training and nutrition that every newcomer to the healthy lifestyle world believes in. But they actually prevent us from achieving our cherished goal of having a healthy and slim body.

Not eating after 18:00

The most popular myth of weight loss. With an active lifestyle, it is simply necessary to have a healthy snack after 18:00, as there is a long period of time before going to bed when we are starving. And then at about 23:00 we are drawn directly to the fridge. It is better to give preference to protein food (meat, fish, eggs) with a light salad. Such a dinner will only be useful.

Not to drink food

“If you drink food, the stomach juice becomes less concentrated and does not digest the food well.” This is not true. The only recommendation is not to drink enough fatty dishes with cold drinks, for example, to drink a cold cola with ice and a fat burger.

You can’t eat after training

Often you can hear from the coaches in the gym, because it’s supposed to “ruin all the results”. It is necessary to have a healthy and full meal or snack after training.

Fats are bad

Fats must be present in the diet when slimming. It is not about the amount of fat, but their quality and usefulness. The most useful can be obtained from fish, avocado, olive oil, nuts. These fats are a source of women’s health and beauty.

Without sports nutrition there will be no result

Proteins are just a supplement to your diet. Basically, the result will depend on the right diet and regular training, and proteins simply make it easier to achieve your goal of not spending half a day at the stove and preparing the same thing.

You can’t drink during training

That’s what the coach at the gym often says, so you can see the result on the scale after an intensive workout. But it is necessary to replenish the water balance in the body, because during the workout you lose exactly the fluid from the body. Not much to drink, and a little bit – 1-2 sips (so that there was no feeling of discomfort in the stomach during sports).

Gym only for men

“Dumbbells, bars and simulators can pump muscles and turn into a dork.” That’s not true. Only by working with extra weight can girls enlarge their buttocks, make their hips round and make their backs wider, so that there are proportions.

Focus on weight

The numbers aren’t weights, they don’t give an accurate picture. You can only see the exact result in the mirror when the hated sides and “ears” on the hips are gone, but the gluteal muscles will increase. For example, if you take two girls with the same weight, visually they will be completely different and with different figures. Muscle tissue grows and weighs more fat with regular exercise. It is better to focus on centimeters and your parameters, reflection in the mirror.

Training every day

Loading himself with training, sooner or later the body will give up and simply will not have the strength to continue to study. Be sure to take a break of 1-2 days between classes, so that the muscles have time to rest.

How to remove fat in a certain part of the body

Regularly practicing sports and focusing on a certain group of muscles, the entire fat layer will be evenly burned throughout the body. Even if you do footwork, your stomach and hands will also lose weight.

The longer you train, the better.

“More time, more approaches and happiness.” No, no and no. The training should be properly planned. For girls it will be better to have a circular training for all muscle groups (up to 1 hour).

The more I pump the press, the sooner I will see the cubes

Press cubes will be visible only when the fat layer in the whole body is gone. The press is done in the kitchen. It is very important to keep an eye on the right diet and to keep up with caloric deficiencies in your diet.

More cardio – lose weight faster

Numerous studies have shown that prolonged cardio training is more harmful than weight loss. They should be moderate in number, as they put pressure on your joints. For example, cardio on simulators is no more than 15 minutes.

Sweat is fat?

It is not true that fat is burned and then released. Only liquid is lost and it must be replenished with water. The result on the scale after a training session “minus 300 grams” is not fat, but water. Often this is used by the coach, so it is forbidden to drink during classes.

I do not sweat – it means I do not lose weight.

The process of sweating is very individual for each person. Someone after 5 minutes of running is poured afterwards, and someone – and did not drop drops.

Shake slanting muscles to make the waist

When performing exercises on oblique abdominal muscles, they cannot thicken in any way, but on the contrary, they will increase and grow (especially if you use extra weight).

Superfood avocado: what’s the use and what is it?


Superfoods are products that are rich in nutrients, contribute to the fight against various diseases and can be eaten by all people without exception. Avocado is the brightest representative of superfoods. Not so long ago he broke into the market of useful products and quickly took a leading position there. But not everyone has tried this fruit so far, and not everyone liked it. What is avocado so useful and how to eat it to make it tasty?

Properties of an avocado

A hundred grams of fruit pulp has to do with it:

  • 160 kilocalories. That’s very little – just 8 percent, with a record-breaking fat content of the product.
  • Carbohydrates are jus cogs – just over 8 g. – 3 percent.
  • Proteins – 2 g. – 4 percent.
  • Fats – about 15 g. – 23%. It combines both monosaturated and saturated and polysaturated proteins.

The rest of the interest is occupied by dietary fibers. It contains vitamins A, B, C, E, K and many minerals (more than twenty). As you can see, avocado is an incredibly nutritious and dietary product. This results in its undoubted usefulness.

Benefits for weight loss

L-carnitine removes harmful substances from the body, which accumulate due to harmful food or unbalanced diet. This element is often found in slimming products, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Avocado amino acids normalize metabolism by activating the synthesis of fatty fibers. This leads to the fact that the circulation of blood improves, a person feels an increase in strength, there is energy for physical activity. This is especially important for people who cannot force themselves to play sports.

Carnitine accelerates the conductivity of fatty acids, which means burning fat quickly. That is, if you play sports, the result will be more obvious and faster if you eat avocado regularly.

Fats in avocado also benefit the body: they eliminate the effects of cholesterol on the internal organs.

Insulin is important for stable metabolism and its production is also stimulated by carnitine. Therefore, carnitine is often found in sports nutrition. Stable metabolism is important for those who want to lose weight.

Fiber, which is contained in large quantities in the fruit, promotes good digestion. It cleans the gastrointestinal tract of harmful components that have accumulated due to fatty foods. Therefore, an avocado is worth eating if you want to cleanse the body before a course of weight loss.

How to eat avocado thinner?

In raw form – not the most delicious option, especially if the fruit itself you catastrophically do not like.


This is a delicious sauce that can be added to fish or chicken – just what you need to lose weight. Cooked as follows:

We need it:

  • Olive oil (4 tablespoons).
  • Chili pepper (1 pc.).
  • Avocado (3 pieces).
  • Shawl onions
  • Lime.
  • Kinza or parsley.


  • All ingredients are thoroughly washed and dried.
  • The bone is removed from the avocado and the pulp is scraped out. This is easily done with a spoon if the avocado is ripe.
  • Cut the peppers by removing the bones. Mix with avocado flesh. In the same place add chopped onions and herbs.
  • We squeeze out the lime juice. Mix the ingredients in a blender. The sauce is ready! It can be eaten daily, dressing second courses or salads, because it does not harm the figure and benefits the body.

Avocado soup

This dish is nourishing and light, so it is ideal for weight loss.

We will need it:

  • Large avocado.
  • Garlic – 2 teeth.
  • Coriander – 1 teaspoon.
  • One bulb.
  • Chicken fillet – half.
  • Fresh tomatoes, large tomatoes – 2 pcs.
  • Lime juice – tablespoon.
  • Cheese – 50 g.
  • Ground cumin – teaspoon.
  • Pepper, salt to taste.


  • On oil in a pan stewed garlic and onions, sprinkle with coriander for 10 minutes.
  • In a blender grind tomatoes. Place on a frying pan and add caraway. Cook for 5 minutes on medium heat to the density.
  • Boil the chicken to softness. Add the fried mixture to the broth.
  • Add diced avocado, cheese grated on a large grater, spices, lime juice. It takes 20 minutes to prepare a mass on low heat under the lid.

Soup can be eaten both hot and cold – it does not lose its taste characteristics.

In addition, avocado can be added to diet salads with vegetables and cheese. It will be a great addition to the classic “Caesar” – most importantly, do not dress it with mayonnaise. This not only damages the figure, but also knocks down the taste of the fruit.

There is an avocado is desirable at least a little bit every day. Share your favorite dishes with this fruit.

In food slavery: food addiction


People’s psyche is organized in such a way that it easily becomes dependent on phenomena or objects that quickly meet certain needs. Drug, alcohol and drug addiction – these addictions are widely known and do not close their eyes. But there is also food addiction, which is very common in people of very different ages – from teenagers to the elderly. We understand what it is and why food addiction is so dangerous.

Food addiction is an insurmountable desire of a person to absorb food. It is a desire that arises no matter when one eats or what one eats – the brain needs more food all the time.

Reasons for eating addiction

Actually, there could be a lot of them. The human psyche is an amazing mechanism that can suddenly react to stress and various stimuli. Here are some of them.

You were on a hungry diet

When the body does not receive any nutrients for a long time, it remembers this state, in which all functions were in an “emergency state”. These include drinking diets, diets with chocolate (one slice a week and no more food), diets dominated by only one product. Therefore, when you move away from a strict diet, your brain signals all the functions of the body that you need to eat until the time of hunger again. And from that moment on, some people can’t stop: it becomes either anorexic or food addictive. Therefore, strict diets are so dangerous for humans.

Harmful eating habits

This is where we say hello to all the grandmothers and mothers who make children eat soups and porridge. You can’t do that because it’s how you form a food addiction. The child’s brain signals that the stomach is full, the body is full of essential substances, and the child continues to eat under the watchful eye of parents. If you remember such cases in your life, when your mother or grandmother threatened to pour soup out of your mouth, if you do not finish (and sometimes poured out), or recognized yourself as such parents, remember: if a person is fed up, then forcibly in no case can you push the food in yourself.

Remember: it is not okay to come out of a table with a full stomach, it interferes with the proper functioning of the body!

A similar unhealthy eating habit is to be rewarded for success in the form of fast carbohydrates. It is no secret that children love sweets, and parents sometimes use it. Having received an “A” in school or reached some heights, the child waits for a chocolate bar or a delicious bun – this is how food addiction develops. Your brain will get used to reflexes: the slightest success = delicious food. In adulthood, you will not be able to control yourself, you will be rewarded for each successful step with delicious food, which will be more and more.

Psychological disorders

This category includes many factors: stress, depression, all kinds of problems. People react differently to them: someone refuses to eat, and someone jammed with psycho-emotional difficulties. This is also the reason for the eating disorder, which is the most difficult to deal with.

Types of eating disorders:

  • Bulimia. Vomiting after each meal.
  • Compulsive overeating. Uncontrolled eating.
  • Anorexia. Panic fear of food.
  • Orthorexia. Maniacal desire to strictly choose products, strict calorie counting, refusal of many types of food.

How do you know you have a food addiction?

  • You often want to eat, eat a lot and eat without measure.
  • You stop eating when you feel nauseous or full of stomach aches.
  • You can wake up at night starving and go eating.
  • Your attempts to reduce your diet by yourself have not been successful.
  • You regularly add kilograms to your diet.
  • No eating habits. Eat at any time.
  • On the way home from work, you can wrap up in a cafe and have a snack, then eat at home.
  • You have frequent headaches.
  • Sometimes you are ashamed of how much you’ve eaten (mental reaction).

Do not panic if you find any of the reasons listed above. It’s okay to want to eat deliciously and eat sparsely. Abnormal – a manic desire to eat with a clear physiological expression.

What to do?

We remind you that food addiction is the same addiction as drug or alcohol addiction, so you need to work with specialists. Another question is that so far it is not taken seriously by doctors and is difficult to diagnose (only in the most severe forms – bulimia or anorexia). Therefore, the plan of action is as follows:

  • We exclude physiological factors of overeating – the cycle factor in women, diseases of any organs. If you are stressed, we work on calming in the first place, and the desire to eat will go away with it.
  • We find like-minded people. Not those people who convince you of their own impeccability