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“Tamers” hunger: effective weight loss
The contents

  • Hunger is the enemy of weight loss
  • Treatment of obesity: pills to reduce appetite
  • Food for fast saturation
  • How to tame your appetite: tips psychologists

Three years ago, the world health organization announced disappointing figures medical statistics, according to which 1.9 billion adults on our planet have excess weight of the body. A third of them slimming is not a dream of a beautiful figure, but an urgent necessity, in the name of better health. Proper nutrition is not a fad, but a basic condition for guaranteeing the right to life. All because their body mass index exceeded the figure 29, which means they suffer from symptoms of obesity, life-threatening condition, associated with premature death in working age.

Hunger is the enemy of weight loss

If you ask any of those owners of extra pounds and inches, who already are diagnosed with obesity, what is it that makes the weight loss in a pipe, blue dream, including “sworn enemies” will certainly be named appetite.

Some would say good, others redundant, and others — Intrusive…. But everyone will agree that the feeling of hunger prevents to follow dietary recommendations, triggers of food violations, makes you forget about proper nutrition and eat too many calories, unhealthy, but very tasty and so especially welcome:

  • meals fast food;

  • products of deep industrial processing;

  • fried, etc.

Appetite can just be ignored. Growing, hunger is becoming only more dangerous.

Leaving too large intervals between meals, every person grows from a harmless desire to eat, a real monster. And when finally manages to get to the food, “the beast” openly demonstrates who the real “boss” of the body, forcing him to throw into the stomach indiscriminately. Yes, more, more!

Meanwhile, there are effective means to suppress appetite.

Treatment of obesity: pills to reduce appetite

Medications and numerous biologically active additives (BAA) to food, which are used in the treatment of obesity to suppress appetite appeared not so long ago. A lot of them. There are different types:

  • from pharmaceutical products developed in laboratories that have passed large-scale and long-term clinical tests are sold strictly on prescription,

  • to highly controversial on the effectiveness of OTC preparations available to the public at large, are actively marketing the media, with questionable beneficial properties and not always safe.

Popular “fat burners” that exist on the market have the effect of appetite suppressant, which helps reduce the portion size of food and, as a consequence, to reduce daily calorie intake. But they have many drawbacks.

  • Probably the most harmless of them is cost. It is quite high.

  • All drugs have contraindications to (early or advanced age, pregnancy, chronic diseases, etc.), and therefore should be used only on prescription and strictly in accordance with medical recommendations.

  • There is a probability that the drug or food additive, which yesterday was positioned as effective for the prevention and treatment of obesity, tomorrow is going to be a threat to health. The fact that the result of research based on empirical experience, constantly there is a natural “screening” of dietary Supplements and drugs from among those that promise to reduce the appetite and provide guaranteed weight loss. They are removed from production, they leave the Windows of pharmacies because of the many undesirable for the human body side effects. The most common are digestive problems.

In addition, some pharmaceuticals that suppress hunger and which promises a weight loss, able to form a relationship.

The best nutritionists and experts in the field of preventive nutrition recommend that all who have diagnosed obesity or has excess body weight, manage hunger with the help of psychological techniques and also by the most affordable and safe improvised food.

Food for fast saturation

There is a natural means of appetite suppressant, which to help patients with any degree of obesity to fool your own body. They are frequent guests in the kitchen many of us. However, not everyone knows about their miraculous properties.

This is a functional food that promotes rapid saturation. They allow you to rapidly reach satiation, the result is the brain gets the signal that people received enough food and hunger is in retreat.

The best natural products to suppress appetite are:

  • whole grains;

  • vegetables;

  • leafy greens;

  • edible seaweed;

  • fruits;

  • spices.

Some of them exist in the form of dietary SUPPLEMENTS. But the best nutritionists recommend to integrate them in your daily diet intact.

Depending on the properties and composition of natural products have different mechanisms of action and effects, valuable for those seeking to lose weight. For example:

  • natural sources of fiber to help eliminate and regulate blood sugar levels and stabilize the feeling of hunger;

  • water and other drinks (without added sugar) accelerate the saturation;

  • foods rich in pectins and other substances generousity, tame appetite.

How to tame your appetite: tips psychologists

The inclusion of foods that suppress appetite in your daily diet is just one of the tools for “taming” of hunger. To learn to control their own, sometimes seemingly insurmountable cravings for food, you must learn to listen carefully to your body.

If a person feels hunger when he’s nervous, annoyed, or depressed, then a snack an Apple not satisfied with it and will most likely cause the opposite effect, causing nutritional disturbances.

In these cases, it is important to know how to determine what causes the appetite and to counter hunger, switching attention from the search for food on something else.

For example:

  • to read an interesting article;

  • check mail;

  • to call a PAL.

The main thing — to do something that will help to distract from the desire to eat something starchy, fatty or sweet.

To reduce appetite and effective weight loss those who are accustomed to lavish feasts, it is necessary to reduce portions of food.

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