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For many interesting question, which is better – a conventional steam room or infrared sauna. Any technical device is perceived by people with distrust. Some imagine that such a thermal Cabinet is similar to a microwave oven. They are wrong, because the IR sauna a very special device that make it safe to operate. Using such a stall, the person is in milder conditions than in the steam bath and has fun and gets rid of many health problems. However, there are individual contraindications to sessions.


  • What is an infrared sauna
    • The principle of operation
    • Variety of infrared saunas
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The use of infrared saunas, indications for use
  • Harm infrared sauna, the rules of procedures
    • General rules
    • Contraindications
    • Is it possible to carry out such therapies for children
    • Warming up during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • How often can I visit an infrared sauna

What is an infrared sauna

It is a wooden cabin, in which there are emitters that emit IR waves. An infrared (called a thermal) radiation is electromagnetic in nature, and the wavelength it occupies an intermediate position between visible light and radio wave radiation. All this spectral region is safe for humans.

Cabins with infrared emitters have nothing to do with x-ray equipment, which uses the radiation produced by the decay of radioactive substances. Booths are available different sizes for 1, 2 and 6 people. The length of the wall 1-seater cabin is 80 cm Normal bath they bear little resemblance, as neither water nor steam they do not use.

Infrared emitters are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing these booths use high temperature-resistant wood.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of infrared saunas and other warming devices (Russian steam room, Finnish and Turkish saunas) is completely different.

In conventional saunas the heat distribution takes place by convection. Your body is warmed up by increasing the total air temperature, and contact with a warm vapor. The temperature in the steam room should rise to 80°-100°C.

In an infrared sauna is such a strong heating of air is not required. Temperature is approximately 50° and warming the human body up to 37.5°-38° is due to the penetration of infrared waves. This temperature is enough to being in a comfortable environment, people felt the beneficial effects of deep penetration heat.

In the first 7-10 minutes in the human body accumulate internal energy, and then begins an intense sweating, as the body instinctively tries to lower the body temperature to normal. With the sweat toxins. During the stay at the cabin is the pores and increases blood circulation. The total duration of stay in an infrared sauna is about 30-40 minutes.

IR emitters are placed in the booth so that the heat distribution is uniform. The number of instruments should be certain that the air is not heated more than necessary (5 pieces in 1-and 6 – in 2-person sauna).

Emitters are installed in the front corners on the floor in a vertical position (there is a warming of the legs and feet), as well as under the bench (for impact on the calf muscles) and back is used for heating up other parts of your body (side turn).

Video: How does an infrared cabin, working principle

Variety of infrared saunas

They differ not only in size and shape of the booths, but also the type of infra-waves. Transportation uses of electric infrared radiators 3 types:

  • Ceramic. The heating spiral is made of heat – resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy of Nickel, chromium and iron (Incoloy) is within a ceramic tube. Such emitters are preferred, since 95% of the emitted heat energy enters the human body in the form of waves, and only 5% dissipated slightly warming the air (as experts say, these devices high “emissions factor”).
  • Metal. The spiral is placed in a metal tube and insulated from it by dielectric material to prevent a short circuit. Such devices are less efficient, because the emission index is 55-60%. To obtain the effect they have to heat stronger than ceramic (up to 670°), with a portion of the radiation enters the visible area and is consumed for the illumination device.
  • Quartz. Is a tube made of quartz glass, in which is placed a carbon (fiber) thread. The disadvantage of such devices is that when heated arises not only infrared, but also radiation in the visible and ultraviolet part of the spectrum. There is a bright white glow, the same harmful to the eyes, as by welding. Ultraviolet rays emitted by a quartz lamp, falling on the skin, cause redness, drying (like severe sunburn). Prolonged exposure is undesirable.
  • The emitters are placed in aluminum reflectors and sealed with a protective grille.

    Addition: There are also various types of so-called film (panel) saunas. However, the principle of heating the body in them is different. Film saunas are manufactured from a material badly leaking heat (you can use synthetic materials). Is heating of the cabin walls up to 60° with the integrated in subtle panels (foil). Man begins to perspire by releasing the body’s own heat.

    For device saunas use long-wave, mediumwave and shortwave infrared heaters. The smaller the wavelength, the more the warm-up. The choice depends on the size of the cabin, material of interior decoration, schemes of implementation of the hood.

    In the cabins there is a power management system radiation, designed to control the depth of heating achieved and body temperature.

    Video: the Harm of infrared saunas. To whom it is useful

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Compared with steam rooms in them the desired effect is achieved in a short time. Creates more comfortable conditions for staying in her man. And preparation for the procedure does not take as much time as in a steam bath (it requires about an hour just to warm up the oven).

    To hold a session of warming up in the infrared sauna at any time of the day, not afraid of cold and relaxation to the body. During the procedure, do not burn the oxygen inside the cabin, the tree releases helpful volatile.

    An infrared cabin is small, it can be installed in the house, if you wish to easily move to any place. The power consumption is relatively small. Design of stall is quite simple. It can be assembled without the help of specialists.

    The disadvantages are the existence of restrictions on its use for people with contraindications to exposure to infrared radiation and the necessity of accurate observance of rules of carrying out any procedure to achieve the effect.

    The use of infrared saunas, indications for use

    The use of infrared thermal procedures is that they allow you to get rid of a cold, improve the body’s resistance to adverse external environment, strengthen the nervous system.

    After conducting sessions with the use of infrared light reduces pain of joints, eliminates cramping in tired muscles. Faster wounds heal by improving blood circulation, fade the effects of trauma.

    The body is easily discharged from the harmful substance. Clears the skin from acne and dead skin particles, it becomes more elastic, cellulite disappears.

    Stimulates work of digestive system, improves metabolism. Prevents obesity and the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Indications for the infrared sauna are:

    • the need to relax the body after heavy physical (including sports) loads;
    • the desire to lose weight and normalize your weight;
    • the presence of colds, inflammation of joints and muscles;
    • the desire to improve the condition of the skin;
    • need to boost mood and overall health, improve sleep.

    Note: To achieve the goal, it is necessary to combine these procedures with a proper diet and sports loads.

    Harm infrared sauna, the rules of procedures

    Harm infrared saunas (overheating, dehydration, irritation of the skin or eyes) can be felt only when the irregularity of her visits, as in itself, the IR radiation does not harm the person.

    General rules

    In order that the heating was uniform and covered the whole body, the procedure should be performed in the sitting position.

    Visit this sauna is not in the presence of any contraindications for health reasons. It is unacceptable to be in it longer than is necessary for the user.

    During the stay in the sauna, cosmetics cannot be used, as it can manifest its allergenic effects. In some cosmetics (shadows, for example) contain microscopic particles of metal, so when exposed to IR radiation could occur skin burns due to heating them.

    During a session in the sauna, it is often necessary to wipe off the sweat, otherwise it will prevent the passage of infrared waves.

    Requires adequate fluid intake. Before procedure it is necessary to drink 1 glass of water or juice, during the session, another 2-4 cups.

    The session will be harmed if after a meal in less than 1.5 hours. It is impossible to carry out the procedure after drinking alcohol.


    Contraindications for infrared heat treatments is available:

    • infectious diseases (total and dermal);
    • tumors (both benign and malignant);
    • tuberculosis, diabetes, endocrine pathologies;
    • purulent inflammation of various organs;
    • hypertension, heart disease, blood and lymphatic vessels;
    • severe damage or chronic tumors of the joints;
    • mental illness.

    Sessions with infrared therapy, women should not be done during menstruation, and in the presence of serious diseases of the urinary organs. May cause bleeding when visiting the infrared sauna in the postoperative period.

    Not recommended infrared sauna people having in body of metallic implants (perhaps the heat) or silicone accessories (silicone is under the influence of heat, increase in volume).

    Before visiting the infrared sauna you should consult with your doctor, especially if treatment with antibiotics, antidepressants or hormonal drugs.

    Is it possible to carry out such therapies for children

    Child 4 years and older can take to the sauna, the procedure for it is as useful as and adult. However, the session duration should not be more than 15 min. it is Necessary to reduce the radiation power. You should protect your baby’s head with a hat or scarf, during the procedure to give him a drink.

    Warming up during pregnancy and the postpartum period

    To carry out the procedure in an infrared sauna for pregnant women is permitted only with the permission of the doctor. After birth, any heat treatments are prohibited for 6 weeks.

    A nursing woman needs to take into account the fact that an increase in body temperature to 38° can affect the quality of breast milk or decrease its production.

    How often can I visit an infrared sauna

    It depends on the purpose of such procedures, and on the age and individual stamina of the man. Adult 2 treatments per week is sufficient for General strengthening of the body. The undoubted benefits of conducting an infrared thermal procedures every 2 days to lose weight.

    People engaged in heavy physical labor or sports, can carry out such heat treatments up to 4 times a week. Children’s sauna is recommended not more often 1 time in 10 days.

    At the appearance of discomfort (burning eyes, nose and throat, dizziness or headache), you must stop the session immediately, and further to consult with a doctor about sauna.

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