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Practice of treatment of patients with hypertension natural methods in our country and abroad clarifies all inexplicable in the origin and course of this disease and allows you to fully cure it without medication.

The disease is currently most common on the planet pathological condition. If earlier it was considered a disease of the older, now more and more young people have so-called malignant forms of hypertension, resulting in a 5-10 years to kidney failure — renal sclerotherapy, “the primary contracted kidney.”


There are many risk factors predisposing to hypertension: heredity, Smoking, overeating, obesity, prolonged physical and nervous overload.


Any of us has the opportunity to be treated when he fell ill


Distinguish between symptomatic and essential hypertension, the cause of which is impossible to install.


Hypertensive heart disease in medicine was considered not as a disease but as a “way of life” with mandatory and permanent medication that relieves vascular spasms — antispasmodics.



Of course, over the last 10 years, the world has synthesized at least fifty new antispasmodic, among which the standard is somehow conventional. The consequences of these way of treatment of the disease, know better than anyone the patients themselves: the emergence of incurable diseases.


Practice of treatment of patients with hypertension natural methods in our country and abroad clarifies all inexplicable in the origin and course of this disease and allows you to fully cure it without medication.


It turns out, first, that there is no hypertension that arose out of nowhere, the primary “essential” (in the terminology of academician lang’s), and any hypertension is a symptom of a very serious danger for the organism, namely: diseases of the kidney, arise already in childhood and is often asymptomatic current.


It is the kidney disease transferred in childhood, can give 18-20 years of “malignant” hypertension, it is very difficult drug treatment, which is completely understandable, because the cure for hypertension is aimed at the elimination of vascular spasm and adolescence blood vessels elastic.


Here we need a completely different tactic, not injected into the body, polluting the internal environment of drugs, but liberation from purulent toxinscausing childhood kidney disease now causing spasm of the entire vascular bed.


Purified tissue cells freed from toxic inclusions, begin to realize their own pharmacological activity and lead to the optimum all the physiological processes in the body, and it needs only one thing: not to interfere with the sick body to be cleansed (first do no harm), to introduce medication, to help him create conditions for the implementation of the process of autolysis — self-dissolution and the allocation of huge quantities of toxic products accumulated in the tissues mainly in the form of mucus and pus.


The presence of any purulent focus in the body supports a painful condition of the kidneys and high blood pressure, although kidney disease may not be detected by modern diagnostic methods.


When you start to damage kidneys? In early childhood, at the first angina or pneumonia — the first time that purulent process in the body.


Purulent toxins enter the bloodstream, reach the kidneys and cause the first small vascular spasm. Throughout life this process is repeated many times, sometimes unbeknownst to the person (not always the disease makes itself known, more than half of the diseases are abortive, and it is detected when iridodiagnostika).


But over time the secret becomes clear, and impaired health manifested or sudden deterioration of health of the patient or detected during preventive examination, high blood pressure.


And the reason for the occurrence of hypertension is very often a variety of nervous overload, long distresse. Compensated condition of the body becomes unbalanced, often blood pressure rises to high numbers, threatening health and life.


There comes a hypertensive crisis not only those who were not treated or did not know about their disease, but also those who were treated, and was even at the dispensary. Such States already require immediate and active drug treatment.


But any of us has the opportunity to be treated, before I got sick, not to bring themselves to an extreme, life-threatening conditions, and to regularly cleanse the body of scoplamine in this poisons, waste, toxins, so they one day will overtake him, did not cause stroke, diabetes, heart attack, myocarditis, acute rheumatism, asthma, and similar troubles.


“Nature is simple and does not luxuriate causes” — wrote M. Lomonosov.


So, we learned that the contaminated kidney damage and lead to increased blood pressure. In this sense, should alert all migrated in childhood (at any age) kidney disease and, in addition, purulent processes found in the patient, whether it be a sore throat, purulent bronchitis, furunculosis, appendicitis.


What to do the patient is hypertensive or is it still healthy to not get sick?

To cleanse the body!


How? The washings of cavities, periodic abstinence from food (but make herbal infusions, citrus juices, fruit and vegetable diets).


What gives flushing, and abstinence from food within 3 to 7 days? They give a great cleansing of the tissues in the result of self-dissolution (autolysis) and the allocation of accumulating them in the waste exchange. Cleansing is in all possible ways: through the bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs. Start cough and expectoration, nasal discharge.


Intestinal lavage help excrete the bulk of the toxins, drink herbal infusions and facilitates cleaning of the biliary and urinary tracts, and lungs and bronchi. The role of citrus fruit juices.


This whole cleansing process is the body part, and hold it in a favourable situation, i.e. the need to ensure patient rest, fresh air, abundance of fruits and vegetables.


This is best done outside the city, in the villages, the resort, where in some extent, saved ecology environment which helps restore the ecology of the organism. Can such treatment is carried out in conditions of district hospitals, which need to adapt to the treatment of natural methods.


There is another crucial social importance: how to avoid high blood pressure in pregnant women? After all, in the future, it is very often hypertension, makes it impossible to have children young woman.


The answer is: you need to clean the organism of a pregnant woman and full of benign plant foods (raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices) within 3-6 weeks in the first half of pregnancy. This will allow her to avoid many troubles during the birth and after, ensures the health of the mother and child.


Such purification should be carried out under the supervision of a physician and, very preferably, in a clean inpatient care setting. The cost of such activities will be compensated by the birth of a healthy child and preserve the health of women in reproductive age.


Below, we present approximate prophylactic and therapeutic regime for hypertension:


  • exclude from food products meat (poultry, fish),
  • severely limit dairy products, especially cheese, leaving cream, sour cream, butter.


Daily menu for the season: in the morning — fresh fruit or dried fruit soaked. In the summer season fruit food may be taken 2 times at 9 and 12 hours.


After an hour of the day and vegetable products, be sure the salad of fresh herbs and vegetables in various combinations, including carrot, parsley, celery, sorrel, nettle, cabbage, fennel (seeds), wild garlic, purslane, lettuce, parsnips, radish, green onion, etc. with the addition of nuts, sunflower oil, sour cream, and then a vegetable stew cooked with small amount of water (for a couple), with the addition of oil when it is ready, instead of white salt — sea salt or dry seaweed (kelp).


Stew you can use any roasted vegetables or cereals, cooked in water with butter after cooked.


Dairy products cause digestive problems and unacceptable with this diet.


From cereals you can apply everything except the semolina and rice.


It is necessary to abandon the pasta and pastry made with white flour and bread, baked on the Baker’s yeast, i.e. that we can buy in the store, whether black or white bread. Valid only diabetic scones “Health” of bran.


Against this background, the power to bring real benefits to herbs and honey, applied on an empty stomach.


Infusions of herbs (Polygonum, bearberry, peppermint, Melissa, marjoram, plantain, wild rose, Bay leaf 1 tablespoon per 2.5 liters of boiling water), drink 6-8 glasses a day with honey (1-2 teaspoons to 1 Cup) and citrus juice (1-2 lemons per day) in the complete abstinence from food for 7-14 days able to normalize the BP in 95% of patients.


Simultaneous binding intestinal lavage with a solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon in 2 liters of warm water) and one or two drink a laxative, preferably magnesium sulphate if there is no ulcerative processes of the gastrointestinal tract.published econet.ru.

Marv Ohanian, V. Ohanian