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For many people, the visible presence of “cubes” on the belly is the ultimate goal of fitness. Located along the torso, the abdominal muscles are typically only visible in the substantial absence of fat and decent muscle tone. Even people with relatively weak muscles can achieve six pack abs, just losing weight. As is well known to most bodybuilders, one of the secrets to a flat stomach is a very carefully controlled diet. Follow these tips to maximize lead in order to tone the abdominal muscles.

Add more protein to your diet

Protein is a type of nutrients made up of amino acids. The body needs these building blocks for muscle growth. Protein is also important, because low-calorie diet necessary for visible abs has a tendency to Deplete your muscle mass. Consumption of sufficient amounts of protein helps to ensure that the “cubes” on the belly does not deflate when losing fat.

Perfect source of protein for those who dream about “cubes”, will be “lean” protein, which helps build muscle, but it does not contain excess calories. Depending on how much muscle mass a person is trying to build, the recommended level is somewhere between 0.36 g and 1.5 g per pound of body weight (1 pound = 0.45 kg). For those who are trying to reduce fat percentage and to gain muscle mass, it is recommended that about 1.2 grams per pound of body weight.

There are many easy ways to add protein to the diet. If you have problems with the time, grab a protein bar or cook protein pancakes or a protein shake!

Rich in protein cocktail that is recommended before training


  • 1 scoop of whey protein powder
  • 1 Cup milk — almond, soy or cow’s
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/8 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 Cup ice
  • 1/2 Cup organic plain yogurt


  • Put all the ingredients in a blender.
  • Turn on the blender in the mode of pulsation at high speed a few times to chop the ingredients.
  • Mix on medium speed until smooth.
  • Depending on the size of a banana, a small additional amount of milk can help to give the cocktail more drinkable texture.
  • Eat foods high in carbohydrates after a workout

    Increasing muscle, many people focus on low-carb diets, but the truth is, carbohydrates can be very useful. They are an important part of the metabolic process of the body, so getting a sufficient amount of carbohydrates maintains a high metabolism person. This provides sufficient energy for sports, and facilitates getting rid of excess pounds.

    Eating large amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day can lead to emissions of glucose and excessive water retention, so getting a flat stomach you need to eat carbohydrates at the right time. The most correct approach is to maintain low overall levels of carbohydrates by eating no more than 100 grams of carbs a day. Avoid eating carbohydrates in the evenings, since sleeping bodies do not need energy. Instead, it is best to eat them immediately after an intense workout. The body needs at least 25 grams of carbohydrates to build and repair muscle after a workout.

    There are many options for good carbs after a workout. After training formulas often contain a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, and amino acids that help build muscle. Carbohydrates can also be obtained by eating oats, cereals, or pasta. In General, any type of complex carbohydrates in moderate amounts is great for a meal after a workout.

    Include in your diet healthy fats

    When you lose weight, the temptation to exclude from a diet fat, because a gram of fat contains more calories than a gram of protein or carbs. However, in fact fats play an important role in building muscle and reducing body fat. Fats for many hours creates a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, so that even one spoon of peanut butter added to oatmeal, will help to curb the craving for gluttony. Those who are trying to lose weight should try to get fats from plant sources such as Chia seeds, lentils or peanut butter, instead get them from animal sources such as cheese and bacon.

    Apart from reducing food cravings and reduce the calories of some types of fats have a extra help in the formation of the press with “cubes”. Essential fatty acids omega-3 present in these supplements fish oils reduce inflammation, so they can be useful to prevent tearing of the muscles. Monounsaturated fats like those contained in olive oil or fresh avocado, have also been associated with a reduction in body fat around the waist.

    Balance your diet.

    “Press formed” is a frequent statement among bodybuilders, because the main condition for the formation of “cubes” is a lower percentage of body fat. It requires most people to pay attention to the total diet and to carefully balance it. To reduce the amount of body fat, you need to calculate your total daily energy expenditure, and then every day to consume fewer calories than an indicator of your personal calories (TDEE). Fortunately, apps for tracking calories very make it easy.

    When a person burns more calories than it consumes, then gradually gets fat in the middle part of the body, exposing the abdominal muscles. For the formation of a visible “cubes” level of body fat should be around 20 percent for men and 25 percent for women. To achieve this body composition, you need to reduce the level of fat, increasing the level of muscles. A balanced diet including fats, carbohydrates and proteins will help build muscle while reducing fat levels.

    Download press with the mind and not force

    When a person loses fat, becomes apparent any number of stomach muscles that he has. Those who are not too concerned about my abs, “cubes” can be two vertical strips of muscle. People trying to pump up the press, often make the mistake of spending many hours weekly on exercises for abdominal muscles (“twisting”). The person may feel that “twisting” aimed at abdominal muscles however the reality is that this is a fairly inefficient exercise. The body gets used to swing a press, so muscle memory initiates the movement which require less effort to perform the “twisting”.

    For the formation of a real “cubes” will require more diverse training with progressively more complex exercises. Among the useful exercises include leg lifts in a vise, when a person lifts his feet, hanging on the bar, “bar”, during which the person holds the body in an erect position, balancing on toes and hands, as well as the UPS of the hands and feet when the person lies on his back, turning arms and legs from a straightened position to a position parallel to the ground. These exercises can be modified taking into account the weight of the feet and hands that over time really build muscle, not just to stand still. Keep in mind that even basic exercises such as squats, contribute to the formation of a muscular corset, so to create “cubes” it is not necessary to swing a press.

    This article was written by staff writer iHerb.