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Treadmill fitness for weight loss: types and characteristics
The contents

  • Jogging exercises and weight loss
  • Program fitness training
  • Timing for Jogging
  • Contraindications to the fitness loads
  • Frequently asked questions

The essence of cross-country exercises is to exercise the muscles, burning excess fat, improving overall stamina and improving the physical condition and just a guaranteed good mood. Any kind of fitness partly solves these problems, but running is universal and allows to achieve simultaneously a lot. But not immediately. As with other types of fitness workouts, it requires a thoughtful approach and regular effort. The result will not keep itself waiting — after a few weeks you will feel better in all senses.

Jogging exercises and weight loss

Despite the benefits of running, many people prefer the passive method is a diet. And this is understandable because fitness requires effort, while the diet can be observed lying on the sofa. But diets give only temporary results, and then again there is the weight gain. Running exercises not only burn calories, they are rebuilding the entire metabolism, so gaining weight or not happening at all or it is insignificant.

Optimum conducting fitness workouts and Jogging exercises in the morning. For such studies requires a minimum — desire, sneakers and good weather. Morning run in the fresh air can give good results if the following conditions are met:

  • In the morning can not eat anything. You can drink only sugar liquid (water, tea/coffee without sugar, mineral water, preferably without gas). Thus, the body nowhere to draw energy in the course of the run, except from fat.
  • Jogging should only be done when the weather is light rain.
  • In the winter, run only if you have some experience.

Limited opportunities for running in the cold season and inclement weather are the disadvantages of this form of fitness training. But these moments do not matter when doing a room using the special treadmills.

Treadmills in the fitness clubs possess broad functionality — with their help, you can set the speed, accurately measure the distance, estimate additional parameters, such as average length and the number of steps and other. Settings allow you to establish smooth transitions of speed limits on one of a series of Jogging exercise to control heartbeat and much more.

Program fitness training

Classes Jogging exercises for optimally and accurately made program — the key to training efficiency and effectiveness. You first need to understand that getting results takes time.

Any fitness starts with “heat”, which goes away usually in a couple of weeks. This is because all fresh forces are spent for the first fitness training, but for the appearance of a visible effect takes time. This is a typical picture for newcomers to cross-country training. 2nd and 3rd week of classes are often sluggish, sometimes it is sadness, there is skepticism. It was during this period a drop classes.

Usually by the end of the 3rd week starts to make itself felt, increasing endurance, and on the 4th week there is a rush of forces and there is a steady optimism. Then the process is only up and improve the results manifested the effects of the exercises.

To facilitate training, it is recommended to make a table of results and a precise schedule of classes. Conducting fitness training, you must follow certain rules:

  • To do a warm-up, pre-stretch and stretch your muscles. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • Start with 10 minutes of walking or light Jogging. This will help to prepare the body systems to loads, tune in to the training and concentrate.
  • We have to run on an empty stomach.
  • The optimal frequency of the fitness training 3-5 times a week.
  • Before the training be sure to spend some time on the selection of most comfortable shoes.
  • Be sure to follow all requirements according to the technique of running, and especially for breathing.
  • Monitor pulse, he should not be above 150 beats per minute.
  • Start with half-hour workouts, gradually increasing the time to 90 minutes.

Compliance with these rules will make running exercises as efficient as possible and at the same time comfortable, joyful and encouraging.

Timing for Jogging

The best time for fitness is the morning (before work) or evening (right after work). This fully applies to the run. In both cases, you can conveniently provide prolonged lack of food intake and sugar-containing beverages, which increases the training effect.

The option of running in the morning is optimal in the case of outdoor air. For trainings in a hall it is better to choose the evening.

Contraindications to the fitness loads

Despite the huge benefits of fitness, not everyone can afford it. Before the start of training, must pass a medical examination and get permission from the doctors. This is important because the activities in the presence of contraindications to anything good will not.

In the case of Jogging, the following contraindications:

  • Eye disease associated with elevated intraocular pressure (e.g. glaucoma).
  • Any heart defects, and a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diseases of the joints, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • High blood pressure (hypertension).
  • Of chronic kidney disease.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Nearsightedness (myopia) in the progressive period.

In the presence of at least one of the above diseases Jogging fitness workout it is better to replace walking.

Frequently asked questions

  • How helps you lose weight Jogging in the morning?

Like any other, Jogging definitely helps in fat burning. It is especially useful in the case of localization of body fat in the hips and buttocks.

  • When is the best time to run is in the morning or after work?

This question is best to decide based on your personal schedule and place for training. Street conditions — the morning, the gym fitness it is better in the evening.

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