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The word carving is usually associated with cutting out beautiful shapes from fresh vegetables and fruits. But the term also applies to hairdressing. If the stylist has offered to do the procedure, do not be afraid. It is not related to cutting hair, the so-called long-term blow, which formed soft waves or tight curls. The procedure is gentle, but there are some nuances you should be aware of before you agree to the experiments.


  • What is carving and to whom it will fit
  • Contraindications
  • Unlike other waves
  • The pros and cons
  • Varieties of treatments
  • Used hair curlers
  • Stages of hair

What is carving and to whom it will fit

Carving — a word of English origin. Its basic meaning is a carving on any surface, but with time appeared a translation — styling for extended wear. In fact, it’s the same chemicals, only soft and not so harmful for the hair. The main task of the master to lift strands at the roots and give the hair a beautiful volume. Waves and curls are rather “side effects” than the original purpose of the procedure.

Despite the softness of the means employed harmful to hair structure is still there. Compositions for carving are capable of making dry hair even drier, you need either hard to care for hair, or not to get a Perm. Owners normal or oily hair are lucky, they procedure is perfect.

Not less important aspect is the density. Girls with heavy and thick hair should choose a permanent wave, carving simply will not withstand the weight and the curls will quickly straighten out. For owners of thin hair treatment will be a real salvation, it helps to quickly return the volume and make the strands visually dense.


To enroll in the carving is not only women with severely damaged and dry hair. Curling is contraindicated during pregnancy. Not all components of the mixtures for safe Curling locks, it is necessary to abandon such experiments when carrying a child or breast-feeding.

Oddly enough, during menstruation, a visit to the hairdresser should also be postponed. During menstruation worse hair subject to chemical procedures, perms will not last long. The same situation is observed during prolonged stress.

Important! The curl lasts longer on painted hair, but do two treatments one after another is not worth it. After staining should take time to hair structure was restored. If the paint is badly burned strands, they need to cure it, and then do the carving for the hair.

Unlike other waves

At first glance it is difficult to distinguish the carving and biozavivka or standard chemistry. But there are differences:

  • When a regular chemical Perm composition penetrates into hairs, adversely affecting its structure. This helps to achieve lasting curls, but strands become dry and brittle. Used for carving compositions, enveloping hair and do not penetrate beyond the cuticle.
  • The difference biozavivki that the second procedure belongs to the category of skin. In the means for biozavivki includes a special protein that is perceived by the body as “native”, hair does not spoil, but rather are groomed and shiny. Compositions for carving this effect can not boast.
  • Resistant chemistry lasts about six months or more. The carving of such resistance there is usually curly hair develops in 2-3 months, but the hair remains healthy and well groomed.
  • Carving is a great option for those who want to try something new, but good biowave can not afford, and a standard chemistry will ruin the already weak strands.

    The pros and cons

    Before you succumb to the newfangled trends and call the hairdresser, it is necessary to weigh all “for” and “against”. In favor of carving indicated by the following facts:

  • Use gentle formulations that do not dry.
  • When a regular chemical Perm get tight curls that look natural. Carving the hair allows you to obtain the feminine as natural waves or large curls.
  • The result is usually stored up to three months, and on the painted hair, the effect last longer, up to six months.
  • You can use curlers and Perm rods of different sizes, getting smaller natural curls or large curls.
  • Curly hair easier and longer keep other installation, for example, made with the help of a flat iron and mousse for styling.
  • But there are unpleasant nuances. So, mix for carving are not very pleasant smell. The smell after a Perm will remain for several days, becoming more intense after shampooing. But over time, an unpleasant odor will wear off.

    You may receive an individual response, which will increase the hair loss. Fortunately, this effect appears to have a minimum percentage of women. But still it is difficult to predict the state of the hair in a few months. Some curls just straighten themselves over time, others begin to grow back in the same condition that significantly affects the appearance of the hairstyle.

    Despite all the advantages, carving hair is not suitable to every girl. If the strands are weak and brittle, it is better to choose biozavivka. And if you want tight African curls, ideal — standard chemistry.

    Varieties of treatments

    Depending on the desired result the master can offer the following types of carving:

  • Small. Those curls, which they say “hover with small devil.” Usually this effect is achieved using standard chemistry, but when carving result more natural. Hair turns out very fluffy and playful.
  • Average. The best option. The textured curls are obtained and pronounced, but the hair is not pouchitsa and retains its shape.
  • Big. Perfect for those who like soft and feminine curls. Use curlers large size allows you to achieve smooth waves that are easy to stack.
  • Texture. The most natural option. It is so named due to the different size of curls that are the result of the Perm. For this purpose, the rods and curlers several diameters. An experienced master will position the curls so that they look as if created by nature, not by the hands of the Barber.
  • Vertical. Another fun way to get tight curls. In contrast to the fine carving of the hair, for vertical use of the spiral rod. Ready curls too reminiscent of the spirals.
  • Root. This option is chosen by girls with thin, lacking volume hair. Master using special hair lifts the strands at the roots and locks with the help of the whole. The remaining length may remain. For this reason, root carving ideal for owners of unruly hair.
  • Local. This wave is used on certain areas. To form waves and curls in the middle of the length or at the tips.
  • Before you begin, a good master will definitely ask about the desired results. For clarity, you should look for suitable pictures and show the hairdresser.

    Used hair curlers

    The final effect depends not only on the quality of the solution or experience of the wizard, but used the rollers and the paper shoes. This is the main tool for the formation of curls. Usually use:

  • A foam roller. They are called boomerangs because of the possibility to be folded in half. Rollers made of foam, they wrap a strand and secured with Bobby pins. Boomerangs are usually used for small curls.
  • Bobbin. This is the thin curlers are required for small African curls.
  • Spiral. Made with the help of such hair curlers spiral ringlets reminiscent. They hold for a long time and keep their shape well.
  • Volume curler. Used to form feminine waves and provide extra volume at the roots.
  • Large rollers better suited for thin hair and small — for thick.

    Stages of hair

    Usually recommend to do in salons, but the girls who often use curlers, you can try to make perms on your own. It is desirable to find an assistant, it will help to divide the head into zones.

    Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to do an Allergy test. For this a drop of solution is applied to the area with thin and delicate skin: bend of the elbow, behind the ears, wrist. If half an hour did not appear itching, redness and peeling, you can safely do the carving for the hair.

    For the procedure you will need:

    • mixture for carving;
    • non-metallic bowls;
    • foam sponge;
    • curlers and curlers;
    • plastic comb;
    • cap made of polyethylene;
    • gloves.

    The carving is done in the following way:

  • The hair is washed and slightly dried. They should not drip water.
  • With the help of the comb head is divided in zones: the temporal, occipital, parietal and frontal. This separation is suitable for women who wear hair. If the parting is not, you need to divide the head into several narrow horizontal zones that separate the strands and arrange them in a checkerboard pattern. The thickness of the strands depends directly on the result. If you need a tight extensions, strands should be thin, soft waves — wide.
  • Wind the curlers.
  • The hairline cause fat cream. It will protect from the negative effects of chemical components. On the shoulders should throw on an old Bathrobe or towel.
  • Divorced in a bowl the mixture is applied to the strands, wound on the curlers. The damage should be sufficient to impregnate the hair. But watered curler mixture is also not recommended.
  • On her head wearing a cap, the composition is kept for the required time.
  • Hair washed under running water, remove the curlers and you don’t need.
  • After washing, applied a fixative composition, it is also necessary to maintain.
  • The rod is removed, the tresses rinsed with water without shampoo and dry naturally.
  • If done correctly, the curls will turn out quite stiff and correct form. It is not recommended to overdo the lineup, it will dry up hair and make them weak.

    Carving is a Perm that will save thin hair, giving them volume and shape. The procedure is gentle, so do not spoil the hair, but do it wisely. To see a good specialist — an option that can save you time and effort, the result will be guaranteed.

    Video: the Process of carving clearly