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What to wish for in the New year: manifest health and happiness
The contents

  • Manifest health: conscious goals and true motives
  • Adjustment HLC: work schedule and personal circumstances
  • Planning ahead: calendar for the new year
  • Weight loss: the real problem
  • Friendly support: find like-minded people

Who to become healthy, beautiful and happy, at least once gave myself a vow to start a “new” life since January 1? Supported useful aspirations. And to improve your health, I advise those who have not yet done so, to join the healthy lifestyle (HLS). To improve health, lose weight or maintain optimal weight, improving physical parameters of the body, avoiding harmful habits and achieve other positive modifications, we recommend you to create your own long-term plan of recovery.

Manifest health: conscious goals and true motives

Typically, the root cause of the collapse of good intentions to improve health, promises to do fitness, to diet, etc. is the lack of a clear and permanent link between meaning and action.

Even those who at the time of new year vows there is a fairly strong motivation, for example, the desire to please your loved one, you can go out of the way of a healthy lifestyle, if in the process of implementation of the plan will occur, the rupture of relations with the object of adoration, and suddenly you find that try for anyone.

Therefore, before starting a “new life”, I advise you to make a personal manifest health, which should clearly specify not only goals, but also to articulate the right reasons, not dependent on momentary moods, someone’s whims, etc., they Need to recognize and clearly define exactly what you should strive for, and to explain to himself why.

The more convincing will be the objectives, means and motivation, the more likely it is that all plans in the New year’s eve will come true.

Here’s a practical example of realistic goals, the right tools for their implementation and true motivation:

  • Goal: to improve health.

  • Media: daily morning exercises, yoga for 30 minutes after lunch five times a week.

  • Motivation: to strengthen the back and to get rid of periodic lower back pain, increase stamina, increase calorie consumption, to reduce the waist become more attractive to others, overcome their own psychological complexes, to set a positive example for children.

Adjustment HLC: work schedule and personal circumstances

Making future plans, trying to improve the health, seeking to improve his own body, etc., should take into account the objective realities. For the implementation of good intentions and successful implementation of the principles of healthy lifestyle is necessary to bring desires into line with capabilities.

For example, in an effort to enhance the health of the tuning in a significant weight loss in the New year and in this regard, giving yourself an oath to do fitness training, it is important to specify:

  • place (in the office gym, in the Park on the next street);
  • the frequency (three times a week, every weekday);
  • time (before work, during your lunch break).

Only in this way will be able to make a real plan for the improvement of health and reduction of weight which really will be realized during the year.

Planning ahead: calendar for the new year

To make the dream a reality, we recommend you to make your own healthy lifestyle calendar for the next year of life. You must visualize good intentions on paper, leaving room for diary entries.

During the coming year suggest to carefully record in the diary any changes in health status, to fix diet installation and their implementation, characteristics and duration of fitness training, etc.

To show how well-planned program runs, it is possible to note a small victory over them with special icons in the calendar. For example, to draw an asterisk in the pages of the diary in the days when it was possible to carry out all planned: precisely adhere to the food regime, exercise, break bad habits, etc.

At the end of the week it’s time to take stock. If days marked with asterisks in the diary will be more you can reward yourself for consistency, dedication and hard work, but at the same time to further increase the motivation to continue a Wellness program, by manicure, massage, movie tickets, new books, a friendly party in the output, etc.

Weight loss: the real problem

Instead of trying to build far-reaching plans which, unfortunately, seldom carried out (for example, to give a vow to be reset to the start of the bathing season 20 pounds overweight), we recommend you to set small, but realistic objectives for the near future.

So, anyone who wants to get rid of superfluous fat reserves, suggest with the onset of the New year to exclude alcoholic beverages from the menu, and immediately after the winter break to abandon added sugar in the diet.

At the end of January it will be possible to bring the first results. If weight loss is not done, the arrow of scales persistently deviate to the right or “marking time” in place, will have to spend “a correction of mistakes”. And after analyzing the daily diet, to reduce consumption and gradually to shy away from fast food, products of industrial processing, bakery products etc.

Friendly support: find like-minded people

Starting a new life, abandoning old bad habits and acquiring additional, much more useful, we recommend you enlist the support of relatives, friends or associates on social networks. Having a common purpose, guided by the principles of a healthy lifestyle, moving in one direction, it will be easier to make dreams come true.

Associate, be it a spouse, a school friend, colleague or casual acquaintance from the gym, will be a kind of controlling authority, support in the days frustrations, help advice, share their own experience.

In addition to increasing responsibility for accurate execution of the plans, and added the element of competition. Discussing the big and small successes and failures on the path to recovery, personal sports records, change the volume of the body, psychological problems, and more, participants in a joint HLC projects can enhance motivation and accelerate the achievement of the plan.

In 2015, scientists from Dominican University (California, USA) as a result of research came to the conclusion that the daily joint reports of like-minded people to help move towards the goal. More than 70% of the volunteers who participated in the experiment, implemented the plans, regularly exchanging personal information about each day.

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