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Frozen procurement for the smoothie recipe quick cooking

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle you know that smoothies is crushed using a blender a cocktail of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. The most healthful green smoothies around forty percent of which is fresh herbs.

Fans of a balanced diet for weight loss often use this drink as a Breakfast or a light snack. A hindrance can only be a reluctance to spend time for inventing new recipes and cooking with fresh servings. Significantly reduce the time for mixing smoothies help frozen billet. All the ingredients are placed in a sealed bag and leave in the freezer where they can wait for their turn for weeks without losing the beneficial qualities.

What foods are most healthy?

For preparation of fruit smoothies you can use different berries (blueberry to raspberry), exotic fruits (mango, pineapple, avocado), all kinds of citrus, ripe pears and apples, watermelons, melons and more. Also in the blender it is recommended to send such vegetables as cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, fennel and celery. Since 40% of the beverage should be green, you can add a large amount of spinach, different kinds of cabbage and salad. If the result is too thick, pour in some coconut or other plant milk, juice, low-fat yogurt or plain purified water.

To diversify your diet you can use special additives. Flax seeds and Chia are known for their beneficial effects on human health, sprouted wheat provide the body with fiber and nutrients will provide nuts, cacao, spirulina and aromatic spices.

How to cook?

The process of making green smoothies is very simple. The first step is to acquire all the necessary ingredients. That cocktail is too expensive, it is recommended to choose seasonal vegetables and fruits. Along with the products you need to buy a reliable bags with sealed closure. Their design prevents the penetration inside excess moisture and odors. The size of the bag should be selected so that its enough for a single serving.

The selected products should be cut into small slices or chop into a puree. Whole Flaxseed is not desirable to freeze as it may stick to the walls of the package. Before closing the clasp to be removed from the bag of all air, this will help to avoid frost formation.

Set for smoothies can be stored in the freezer for a long time. To prepare a drink, you will need to get the necessary bag and to shift its contents to the blender. Frozen foods contain less moisture, so be prepared to add more liquid than when working with fresh fruit. In the preparation of a set don’t be afraid to change the proportions and composition.

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