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Healthy food: easy cooking at home

The contents

  • What is the danger of eating out?
  • Use the habit to cook at home
  • Common obstacles and ways to overcome them
  • How to ease your task and improve your health?

With the advent of various snack bars, food service establishments and fast food restaurants increasing number of people refuses to cook. Why, because you can order pizza or bring a takeaway, having lunch at a café. This saves energy, time and nerves, but does it really do cook their bonuses and dignity? To make your diet really healthy, the main thing — the desire, and the rest will follow.

What is the danger of eating out?

It would seem, what here use when you need to make time to find the strength and ability to stand up to the plate after a hard day’s work instead of play with children or simply read a book lying on the sofa. Much easier to run after a busy day, somewhere in a cafe, and for the kids to grab a couple of burgers or sandwiches. However, for such convenience and comfort have to pay with their physical and psychological health. Harmful than takeout? Primarily because it contains a large number of various additives, hormones, refined sugars and TRANS fats.

It is incredibly high in calories, so easily becomes the cause of weight gain and is a direct path to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. One American study showed that satisfy hunger outside the home consume on average 200 calories more than those who cook their own meals. Against the background of rising body weight is increasingly affirming itself hypovitaminosis, because such foods contain very few vitamins and this entails a drop in immunity, metabolic disorders and other health problems, in particular, oncological diseases — the scourge of modern man. So the habit to eat outside the home many shortcomings, sometimes very dangerous to health.

Use the habit to cook at home

Maybe someone will be surprised, but cooking at home has plenty of advantages and positive aspects. First, all the products the person chooses and buys for himself. Of course, he puts in the cart only the most ripe and fresh fruits and vegetables, tries to get the juicy and tender meat, and supplements only uses spices and herbs. That is, controls the entire process from beginning to end, whereas in cafe he have to choose from the options in the menu and rely on the honesty of the waiter, telling what is in a particular dish. This could be particularly useful for those who keep their weight under control, because to know the calorie content of restaurant food is not always available.

Second, the habit to cook at home can be useful for having any chronic disease of the digestive tract, heart and blood vessels. Often they are forced to follow certain rules, using only thermally, mechanically and chemically gentle food. Of course, this is only possible at home. Cooking at home is a great way to strengthen relationships with family, to get children used to healthy and proper nutrition. Nutritionists recommend to actively involve them in the process, to talk about the products, the presence of vitamins, all work together to find options that would satisfy the demands and the tastes of each and be able to contribute to their own health.

Common obstacles and ways to overcome them

Each of us that bothers to begin to cook at home here and now. Some find it difficult to readjust, because it taught the parents, someone complains about the eternal lack of time. Here are common reasons why we don’t cook at home, and ways to overcome them:

  • fast food is much cheaper than a home-cooked meal

Actually a takeaway not a priori be cheaper homemade food, because the hostess and mother of the family no one is paid a salary for her duties around the house and cafe workers will never work for “thank you.” You can just sit down and calculate how much cost dinner for the whole family in the restaurant and a traditional lunch at home, and compare the results. He will clearly be in favor of the latter;

  • no time for meals at home

Many people think that cooking at home takes a lot of time. Of course, much depends on the experience, eating habits and love to experiment, but there are many ways to speed up this mundane and routine process. You can start saving time when you purchase, using a grocery delivery service at home. Don’t trust online shopping? Then buy at the food markets once a week in advance. Connect to process home, let them help, because even small children can stir in a Cup or even wash vegetables;

  • fatigue at the end of the day

Some are so tired at the end of the day that left is to cook dumplings. However, there are ways to minimize labor costs. You can pre-cook meat or vegetable broth and freeze it and when you need to get and prepare soup or borsch. Have the habit to store in the freezer ready beef or goulash, chopped vegetables plenty of advantages. Later, you can quickly and easily make a pot of stew. Good assistants for busy people are home appliances — slow cooker, steamer etc. it is Sufficient to load the ingredients, close the lid, press the button and you can go to relax, waiting for the end of the cooking process;

  • the lack of skills and abilities

But this excuse does not hold water, because if there is a desire, everything can be learned. Fortunately with the advent of the Internet, such opportunities became greater, because the network is always easy and affordable recipes where signs detail every step, eliminating any bugs.

How to ease your task and improve your health?

Of course, I wish the food was not only delicious, but also useful, did not require a great amount of money and effort. Sometimes the cooking method largely determines the degree of its utility and the speed of cooking. So health “I will say” thank you for steamed, boiled or baked foods, but frying should be excluded, because in the process generate hazardous compounds — carcinogens that are the culprits of many diseases. A baked dish does taste roast is no different, and is preparing much simpler and faster: it is sufficient to slice, wrap in foil and pack for baking or spread on a baking sheet and go about your chores while the oven does everything for you.

Already mentioned the slow cooker, pressure cooker ideal for cooking portions that will be appreciated by single people. But you can slice and cook in the morning before work, and evening will only put all in a saucepan and turn on the gas. However, great importance is the psychological aspect. Many refuse to supply the house because you don’t want to eat alone. This problem is also solved, because you can invite a friend, neighbor or yourself to get into the Park for a picnic, sharing with those around you, and maybe making some new friends. In the end you can simply turn on some good music or an audio book, and enjoy the process. As you can see, cooking at home is not so difficult when there is an incentive to be healthy and have the desire to spend time with your loved ones at one table.

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