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Olive oil: how to choose and properly use the power

The contents

  • Olive oil – food and drug
  • Variety of product
  • Best oils for beauty and health
  • What is oil of olives
  • How to store olive oil
  • What oil is better: choosing fats for frying
  • How to make cooking oil nice and safe

Olive oil is known since ancient times. Now its good for the health and nutrition needs no evidence. It is known that it contains healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the entire body. So many people use it in food every day to stop the aging process and to achieve beauty of skin and hair. But product is not harmed, it is necessary to use them correctly. Explain whether it is possible to fry in olive oil, and what varieties to choose.

Olive oil – food and drug

Proper nutrition is based not only on sufficient quantity of proteins and carbohydrates. The daily diet must contain healthy fats that this oil large number. Additionally, it is a storehouse of other vital substances.

  • The composition of the oil in large quantities is composed of omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids. Thus, the oleic acid in olive oil contains 2.3 times more than in sunflower. Omega-9 to fight free radicals, reducing the risk of cancer and slows age-related changes.
  • Healthy fats reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol in blood, normalize blood pressure, prevent blood clots.
  • Omega-9 help to avoid diabetes and obesity.
  • Olive oil contains omega-6 fatty acid – linoleic. Due to this, the consumption of oil faster heal wounds, improves eyesight.
  • Vitamins a, D, and K help to strengthen the walls of the intestine and bone.
  • Vitamin E, which is also called the “youth vitamin”, is beneficial to the state of all internal systems. Of this vitamin depends on not only health but also beauty. Due to its influence the skin is smoothed, the hair is strong and shiny.
  • Variety of product

    To choose the right oil for hot dishes and for frying, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of all available varieties.
    The classification of this product is adopted the International Olive Council. To date, there are the following major groups of oil:

    • natural, obtained by cold pressing;
    • purified, or refined, processed by biochemical methods to decrease the characteristic taste and smell;
    • pomace is the product of re-extraction with hexane enriched waste oil production – oil cake.

    Best oils for beauty and health

    The best for power and beauty are natural oils. The quality factor is the acidity of the oil (the share of fatty acids). In the free acid form appear in olive oil as its decomposition. Therefore, the lower the acidity level, the more useful and palatable product.

    • Extra Virgin oil

    A method of manufacturing this oil belongs to the most ancient. The olives are pressed by mechanical means. Are not used in production of chemical and biological technology. The olives are only washed and allowed to settle.
    Extra Virgin oil has a high nutritional value and is considered the most useful. Its acidity is not more than 1%. The taste depends on the cultivation and varieties of olives.
    Despite the lack of added preservatives to keep the product up to 18 months. The cost of oil of this variety is quite high, what is its only drawback.

    • Virgin oil

    This oil is obtained in the same way that Extra Virgin. This class include the product, not an extra on organoleptic properties. Oil is not a rich color, taste and aroma, which, however, does not diminish its beneficial properties. This variety has higher acidity of 1-2%. But a more affordable price – it is an undeniable plus.

    • Pure olive oil or Olive oil

    It is a mixture of cleared and natural oils. This variety is most common in our country. It has a pronounced olive flavor. Its acidity is 1 to 1.5%.

    • Oliviaraffinata

    This refined oil, which is obtained by different methods: by means of filtration, thermal and chemical treatment, settling. His plus – low acidity: around 0.5%.

    What is oil of olives

    There are several popular types of product that are in demand on the world market.

    • Olive-Pomace

    It is a product from the cake, which may contain a small percentage of natural oil. It is available at a price. So it is often used in restaurants and other organizations in the former Soviet Union. The acidity of the product is 1.5%.

    • Lampante oil

    This is a technical grade oil, suitable for food. It is made from Palaia or substandard olives by cold pressing.

    How to store olive oil

    Healthy eating is unthinkable without fresh and healthy products. Since olive oil is obtained without the use of preservatives, need to store it properly. Otherwise, not only spoil the appearance and taste of the product, but also lost its valuable properties.

  • The oil should be in green or brown glass bottle or a tin with a tight lid. The beauty of the packaging is not as important as the ability to protect the oil from light of day.
  • Olive oil loses its useful properties at low temperatures. It is necessary to assign a shelf in a dark closet, and kept at 18-24°C.
  • In a closed bottle of oil kept for the period specified on the package. After the cover is opened, the product can be stored for a month.
  • What oil is better: choosing fats for frying

    The main criterion for the choice of oil for frying is the temperature of dymlenija. That is, one in which the oil starts to burn and release hazardous substances to human.
    In the oils of Extra Virgin and Virgin, the figure is quite low – 155-216°C. These varieties are suitable for salads and dishes without heat treatment. Marinated in a butter meat becomes soft, delicate taste and fragrant. But fry it.

    For cooking use clarified butter. It begins to burn only at a temperature of 240°C. pomace oil also can be fried, it does not burn up to 235-245°C. This grade is not as useful as others, but fry it vegetables or fish, you don’t hurt yourself. The main condition – not to overheat the pan.

    How to make cooking oil nice and safe

    When the owner does the cooking, she wants not only to speed up the process and minimize the cleaning after cooking. To fry in olive oil feel comfortable, listen to the advice of professionals.

  • That fat was not sprayed in all directions, follow the state of the pans and products: they must be dry. Never spray water on the dishes during cooking.
  • Advantage of olive oil is its increase in volume when heated. This allows you to cook in a small quantity, which is important for adherents of a healthy diet.
  • If frying you need to add more of the products, you should first pour the oil and wait until it warms up. This will help avoid a drop in temperature of cooking.
  • During frying, the oil should be sufficiently warm, but no smoke.
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