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We have already raised the issue of sweets, which do not harm the figure in one of the previous articles, but where to go if the soul is not lying neither to marshmallows nor to bitter chocolate, and to the nearest bakery two minutes on foot? To this question, as usual, we have one answer: if you want, you can, but within the reasonable limits, not going beyond the daily calorie. After all, we are losing weight due to the lack of calories, and not from cheese and poultry with buckwheat.

However, here the question is more about the temptation to always afford a little more fun. Therefore, in order not to bother yourself with hated (and suddenly) marshmallows and halvahs, but also not to succumb to the temptation, we have prepared for you a few tips on how to prepare useful sweets at home or “lighten” their favorite recipes.

  1. Reduce the amount of sugar. Don’t throw yourself to extremes and cook your favorite sugar-free cookies at all. Start small: try to reduce the amount of sugar first by 2-3 tablespoons. Later you will notice how your taste buds take on new sensations and cut back the amount of sugar. And do not try to switch to sugar substitutes, as most of them are unnecessary for the body and can not be a substrate for the brain in contrast to glucose. Replacing ordinary white sugar with cane sugar is also a kind of fiction. The taste of the dish may change a little due to the specifics of cane sugar production, but it will not affect the caloric value of the dish in any way.

2. Avoid “caloric bombs”. This combination of words means the combination of a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates in the finished product at the same time. This applies mainly to waffles with fatty layers, sand dough, cakes. Thus, if your recipe is next to butter and sugar, then this recipe should still be avoided. Well, or to be very strong when tasting.

3. Discover the world of cheese desserts. With its ideal structure for use in cooking cottage cheese has a record low caloric value, even if you choose a product with a mass fats content of more than 5-9%. A nice bonus is also the fact that together with a small calorie you get a good dose of protein. And the spectrum of variants for a wide range of culinary fantasies is immense: from baked goods and cheesecakes to pancakes made of wholemeal with filling of cottage cheese with raisins.

4. Speaking of flour. If you can’t imagine your life without fragrant rolls and crispy baguette, we offer you to pay a little money. And no, not on the next tribute to the bakery industry, and on a bag of whole grains or any other alternative flour. Rice or oatmeal is also suitable. The trick is that compared to wheat they have a lower glycemic index, which, roughly speaking, reduces your craving for sugar, due to the content of carbohydrates with a more complex structure.

5. Make friends with agar-agar and gelatin. These guys are an indispensable part of mousses, jelly, soufflé and other air desserts. And also in their structure practically one pure protein. Experiment!

6. Do not forget about the fruit! They are not only a useful companion of our diet in weight loss, but also a real masterpiece for quick snacks or even full meals. And it doesn’t matter where you stop: on an apple between couples at the university or a full fruit salad with a light yoghurt – you have already made the right choice for your body.

These simple rules will help you to discover the door to an alternative useful cookery. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments!

Dawn M. Karsten

Hello! If you went to this blog and you were wondering about the author, you got to the right address. My name is Dawn M. Karsten, I am the author and creator of this creation dedicated to IT technologies.

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