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Thank you for your recent Herstyler/Elite Extension purchase. Our styling tools and hair extensions come with a free 1 year Manufaturer's Warranty. We only keep your information on file for your warranty protection and do not share it with other entities.

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Over time, HerStyler has achieved a prominent position among Hair care brands around the globe. Because of our success, it has come to our attention that there exist unauthorized online sellers of HerStyler products. HerStyler cannot verify the authenticity of products sold by any unauthorized online sellers and as such, these sellers may be distributing counterfeit products claiming to be authentic HerStyler products. Products may also be diverted products that are damaged, expired, tampered-with, and/or unsafe. Diverted products may even be counterfeit, made with unknown ingredients that could adversely affect your health. HerStyler's first priority is the safety of our consumers and the use of an unauthorized product purchased from an unauthorized seller may be unsafe.

HerStyler warranty will not be valid for a product purchased from an unauthorized seller.

We highly recommend that any online buyer be sure that they are in fact purchasing from an authorized online seller. Tell your family members and friends about the dangers and disadvantages of buying diverted, counterfeit and unauthorized products.