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Sitting on a diet or eating the right food is quite easy with good motivation and the constant opportunity to prepare your own food at home. However, in the life of every thinner ever comes that very terrible moment: a trip to a restaurant or cafe. It can be a date, a business meeting or a friendly outing. The essence is the same: how to behave and what to order?

First of all, there is a moral pressure on everyone. Crawling out with colleagues for lunch or with friends at the pizza place, of course, involves a dense meal. And no one wants to feel the slippery looks and answer inappropriate questions, chewing cabbage and spinach salad, while everyone else is actively eating pizza. If this fact worries you most of all, remember one simple rule: your food is your business, you have every right not to share the tastes of your companions.

However, moral pressure from outside – it’s still half the trouble. The next station is an internal conflict. The development of the catering industry has perverted the tastes of the public, forcing institutions to play hard on our senses. And in the most aggressive way it is expressed in the detailed descriptions of the menu items, which are full of colorful pictures and adjectives that indicate the tints of taste of dishes. All this is aimed at activating the imagination of the potential buyer and is another attempt to make us buy more. So how can we not get caught in this fishing rod? Learn how to filter the information you send to your brain for processing, and focus only on nouns that indicate the composition of the dish, such as “meat”, “cabbage”, “potatoes”. And don’t stop at studying the image for more than five seconds.

Below we will give you an approximate list of menu items to look out for if you are on the right diet or diet:

1) And the number one in this list, as you can easily guess, is salads. However, not everything is so simple, here you have to be extremely careful and thoroughly study the composition of what the restaurant offers you. Particular attention should be paid to refueling. Remember: no mayonnaise and other heavy sauces! Only olive oil, lemon juice or light sauce based on sour cream and natural spices. Well, of course, the composition of the salad itself is important. Vegetables, greens, tuna, seafood or chicken breast will be an ideal combination for a light dinner. And fresh fruit salad dressed with low-fat yoghurt will perfectly replace dessert.

2) Soups. Another must have a menu item for the thinner ones. With the spread of veganism in all restaurants there are dishes marked with the appropriate icon. They are worth paying attention to, as often such soups will be cooked only from products of plant origin. Spinach or pumpkin puree soup is a good option for lunch with colleagues. You can also pay attention to gazpacho, okroshka or Lenten positions in the menu. Avoid cheese and cream soups, they may be too greasy.

3) The grill is the best alternative to steaks, batter fried and other not particularly useful variations of hot. It is also worth noting that the grill is not only used to cook meat or fish, but also vegetables, which will significantly reduce the calorie content of your garnish.

Stick to these simple rules and each of your trips to a restaurant or cafe will be an unforgettable event, not a nervous one.

Dawn M. Karsten

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