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Weight and other dangers of sedentary work

The contents

  • Why overweight occurs when sedentary lifestyle?
  • What threats carries with it lack of exercise?
  • Exercises for office workers

There are several reasons for which a person has excess weight. The first is heredity in combination with a diet dominated by simple carbohydrates. The second diseases, which affect metabolism. And third, the most common is a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, modern people often do not think about the need for physical activity because of laziness or lack of time. The most dangerous combination of all three factors in the emergence of excess weight, leading to obesity and many other problems and diseases.

Why overweight occurs when sedentary lifestyle?

Today the majority of people does not feel the need of walking and physical labor. Because most of the time a person spends at work, he is usually sitting at the computer, occasionally going out to talk with colleagues or lunch. He travels home on public transport or by private car. Some after work go to the gym, because they require physical exertion. But a lot of people still prefers to spend the evening on the couch watching TV, playing computer game or reading information on a smartphone.

Despite the fact that more and more workers choose a proper diet, many can still be used for a snack is not the most useful products — pastry, cakes, fast food. Most of the products prepared with the addition of TRANS fats and other supplements. Since the resulting energy is often not consumed, it begins to be deposited as fat. So there is the extra weight, leading to the development of many diseases.

Weight gain is not the only threat to the health of those who work in the office. With the sedentary lifestyle associated diseases of the back and spine, stomach, heart and legs. A small exercise during the day helps to eliminate muscle tension and improve health.

What threats carries with it lack of exercise?

The extra weight is not the only consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. Due to inactivity suffers from the gastrointestinal tract, as permanent being in the same position increases the load on the intestines that is the cause of serious diseases, including cancer. At risk is the pancreas is not reacting to injection of insulin at rest. As a result, the body is unable to cope with the increased production of insulin develop diabetes.

Even more suffer from a sedentary lifestyle back and neck. With a long stay in a static posture on the same place there are muscle clamps and pain in the back and joints. Since the neck is also in a fixed position, then it starts to hurt from sitting too long without movement. The situation is exacerbated by uncomfortable furniture that is not appropriate weight or growth of a person.

In a result of sedentary lifestyle can cause serious problems with the cardiovascular system. The constant immobility of the neck often leads to headaches, high blood pressure and diseases of the cervical spine. Long periods at the computer monitor creates an additional burden on the eyes, seriously impairing it.

To solve the problem of a sedentary lifestyle and get rid of excess weight by using physical activity. Some people choose fitness, swimming, or yoga exercises. You must also perform exercises for the eyes and pay attention to the organization of their own workplace — to comply with distance from eye to monitor.

Exercises for office workers

Physical activity is the best means of combating lack of exercise. Many people think that it is always associated with 2-3 hours spent in a gym. But it could be 10-15 minutes of morning gymnastics or physical exercises throughout the day. Gymnastics helps to improve blood flow, promotes flow of oxygen to the tissues and the elimination of muscle.

Correct posture helps to preserve the health of the spine and neck. When sitting the back should be straight, also should be located exactly and legs. Negative impact on the condition of the back muscles provides the support on one hand and the seat “foot to foot”. Below the neck was not stiff in a stationary state, it is advisable to do special exercises. It is recommended to do rotational movements of the neck and “write” her chin the numbers from 0 to 9.

To avoid back problems it is recommended to do exercises that help eliminate muscle and the formation of correct posture. For example, in the intervals, you must perform the following exercise: lean against the wall and take turns to push her shoulder blades and ribs. Also recommended squats and the rotation of the hips. To maintain vision in good condition, it is recommended to rotate the eyes left and right, taking his eyes from his monitor.

It may seem that a sedentary job is more comfortable than physical. Physical activity also leads to some problems, need the supervision of medical professionals. But the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle, should not be left without attention and prevention.

Moderate physical activity is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, children are inactivity to the same extent as adults. Many students by the end of schooling are faced with scoliosis and other diseases of the spine. Bad posture not only leads to diseases of the neck, back and lumbar, but also diseases of internal organs. Therefore, preschoolers and school children need physical activity in their free time. The same applies to adult time which is much smaller.

Regular exercises not by chance is part of the corporate culture in many organizations. It allows you to maintain physical and mental activity during the day, prevents the development of diseases of the spine, reduces the likelihood of developing diseases of the eye and weight gain. If the office has no regular exercise, then do a few yoga asanas or exercises for the eyes and the backs of employees alone. Physical activity should become a mandatory element of the lifestyle of people engaged in mental work.

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