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7 "low-calorie" foods with which you will not lose weight


"Bio," organic "," no fat "," no sugar "," dietary product "- all these notes on the product packaging attract the attention of buyers who switch to a healthy diet and want to lose weight. But often behind the proud slogans of manufacturers there is nothing but the desire to sell their products more expensively. Not all products that are positioned as low-calorie, really help to lose weight. Their use is desirable to reduce to a minimum or completely removed from the diet.

Rice Bread Diets

Rice breads, which look very much like polystyrene, are often included in a variety of diets. It is also a popular product for holding fasting days.

Bread rolls are invariably positioned as a product with almost zero calorie content. It is believed that they can be used in unlimited quantities without harming the figure. But this is not so. In the production of bread, rice is subjected to heat treatment under high pressure, which ensures the complete evaporation of nutrients and moisture. But much more important is the fact that in the product starch breaks down into simple carbohydrates, which, as you know, lead to weight gain. The same can be said of other “air” bread made from raw grain. Eating them is better in limited quantities.

Apple cider vinegar in the diet

There are many dubious recipes for weight loss, which includes apple cider vinegar. The most popular advice is to drink a glass of water daily from 1-2 tbsp. l essences. It is believed that the product without any diets reduces irrepressible appetite, burns fats and speeds up metabolism. A rather bold statement, which has not yet received any scientific evidence.

But doctors often talk about the negative effects of vinegar (even “weak” apple). Irrepressible use of it can lead to the development and exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is much safer to “accelerate” the metabolism with healthy products and workouts in the gym than with water and vinegar.

Granola Recipes

Granola Recipes

Granola is a crisp texture snack containing nuts, seeds and various cereals. She can be included in breakfast recipes and quick snacks, desserts. Any granola is positioned as a product for a healthy diet, which helps to eat tasty, without gaining extra pounds.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with eating nuts and cereals; it is a healthy product. But the fact is that the ingredients used, undergoing heat treatment in the production, lose a significant part of the benefits. In addition, sugar and syrups, flavorings and flavor enhancers are certainly introduced into the composition. From a healthy snack, granola turns into a refined product with a high calorie content, which will not help lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, do not eat a lot of purchased granola – neither as a snack, nor as a supplement to porridge or yogurt. Want to make your diet a little tastier? Then cook the granola yourself, using a minimum of sugar and butter. The recipes are extremely simple and will not take much time.

Skim milk products

Marking "low fat" on yogurt, milk and kefir attracts the eyes of those who are losing weight. It seems that you can use a healthy product in any quantity, without gaining weight.

Low-fat dairy products, indeed, do not contain animal fats in the composition. But manufacturers compensate for their "lack" of sugar. That is why milk with zero fat content can hardly be called low-calorie. In addition, due to degreasing, the products lose some of their beneficial properties. Diets with them can hardly be considered healthy and balanced. For example, calcium is not absorbed from fat-free cottage cheese by the body, since fats must certainly participate in the process.

Weight Loss Fitness Bars

Fitness bars are very fond of losing weight. No wonder – snacks can “brighten up” any diet, and manufacturers say that the product has a minimum of calories. Yes, in bars, there are nuts, seeds and dried fruits. But along with them, refined fats, syrups and sugar are certainly introduced into the recipe, which significantly increases the calorie content of the product and reduces its useful properties. You eat a bar, due to the high sugar content you feel full and a surge of energy. But soon this sensation passes, hunger rolls with even greater force.

In order not to gain excess weight, it is not recommended much and often there are fitness bars. This can be afforded only by professional athletes who spend unthinkable reserves of energy in training at the gym. Nutritionists advise eating no more than 20 g of a snack per day. If you want to increase the portion, then prepare the bars yourself – so you will be sure that the product has a minimum of sugar and refined fat.

Vegetable chips as a quick snack

Vegetable chips as a quick snack

Vegetable chips, which can be seen on store shelves, have little to do with wholesome fruits from the garden. Manufacturers insist that low-calorie snack dulls hunger, which is important when losing weight. But just look at the composition, all the illusions are dispelled. The list of ingredients for many snacks may contain an impressive amount of additional substances that enhance their taste and aroma – oil, salt, sugar. This negates the full benefits of dried vegetables.

Vegetables to actively reduce excess weight are better to eat fresh. Or cook the chips yourself, completely abandoning the purchased snacks.

Whole Grain Products

In many recipes for dietary dishes, ordinary bread (wheat or rye) is often replaced with whole grain. It is believed that it is more useful and has a low calorie content. And there is. But only if you have a quality bakery product.

Whole grains are a storehouse of substances useful to the body. They energize, quickly saturate. But careless producers are often cunning – they call whole grain bread, even if in fact only a third of its recipe consists of whole grains. There are no strict standards for the production of such products, so manufacturers can call them anything to attract customer demand.

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Vitamins for the winter: the main rules for harvesting berries and fruits


Vitamins directly from the garden are great. However, berries and fruits are seasonal products and, in addition to pears, apples and citrus fruits, are not suitable for long-term storage. Therefore, in order to ensure a supply of vitamins in the winter, housewives make blanks. How to process the gifts of summer in order to preserve their useful qualities, MedAboutMe will tell.

Vitamins in the winter: processing berries and fruits

The most common ways to process berries and fruits, as well as preserve vitamins in food, are jam or raw jam.

Jam is very tasty, but not as useful as is commonly believed. By caloric content, such a sweet treat is not inferior to a chocolate dessert, and as a result of heat treatment, the content of vitamins is also reduced in it. Therefore, in order to preserve as many useful substances as possible in the finished product, the following rules should be followed:

Heat treatment has a detrimental effect on vitamins, so in the finished jam they contain less than in fresh fruits and berries. Short boiling allows you to save more vitamins, so a five-minute jam will be more useful. In addition, it is recommended to use the method of multiple cooking, which is 4-5 boiling for 5 minutes. at intervals of 3-4 hours. In jam, prepared in this way, up to 50% of the beneficial substances contained in the raw product are stored.
The content of vitamins is also reduced when the product is ground, so it’s better to take whole berries to prepare goodies. For the same reason, jam from whole berries is healthier than jam and jam.
Cooking jam is best in dishes made of an inert material – for example, stainless steel. Copper and aluminum alone do not come into contact with the product, however, at present they are unlikely to make dishes from pure metals – there will be foreign impurities in it. Therefore, such dishes, if there is no non-stick coating on it, it is better not to use it.

Vitamins in winter can also be obtained from raw jam. For this, crushed raw berries are mixed with sugar in a ratio of one to one. To preserve more vitamins, it is better to mash berries with a wooden crush or grind in a blender with stainless knives. It is not recommended to use a meat grinder, since the cutting parts in it are in most cases made of ordinary metal.

Vitamins in winter are well preserved in raw jams if the jars are tightly closed and the surface of the jam is covered with sugar. And do not forget that vitamin C is destroyed in the light, so after cooking the jars should be removed in a dark cool place.

Quick freeze: an effective way to preserve vitamins in food

Quick freeze: an effective way to preserve vitamins in food

An effective way to preserve vitamins in food is quick (shock) freezing. This method allows you to save not only the taste and appearance of the product, but also all its useful properties.

In the process of freezing, delay is not welcome – this can disrupt the structure of plant fibers. As a result, the palatability of vegetables and fruits decreases, the appearance becomes unattractive, and vitamins in food are destroyed.

When room temperature products are placed in the freezer, the latter rises in it. Therefore, the more you load the freezer, the slower the freezing process will be. And although in modern refrigerators the temperature in the freezer reaches 18 degrees, the products placed in it do not immediately cool to this level. They are for some time in the stage of maximum crystallization at a temperature of about five degrees below zero. At this time, ice crystals form that damage the cellular structure of the fiber. The higher the temperature in the chamber, the slower the freezing process. And the more water there is in the product, the larger the size of the formed ice crystals, which means there is a greater likelihood of loss of taste and color of the product.

So, in order to preserve the vitamins in the product, you need to follow these rules:

the freezing process should be quick;
products must be put dry in the freezer;
in order to avoid the so-called superficial burns of products, packaging is necessary, it is better if it is vacuum – this will minimize the crystallization process.

Almost all modern freezers have a quick freeze mode, which provides for a temporary decrease in temperature to 24 degrees. This helps to quickly pass the stage of maximum crystallization and preserve the structure of the product and its beneficial qualities. The method of quick freezing is especially relevant for berries with a delicate structure, as well as sliced ​​fruits.

Vitamins and medicine: the healing properties of jam

Vitamins and medicine: the healing properties of jam

Treatment for any disease involves taking medication. But some types of jam can be used as an aid in this process, namely:

raspberry, which has an antipyretic and inflammatory effect;
lingonberry, which is recommended for patients with tuberculosis;
quince – for diseases of the cardiovascular system and thyroid gland;
dogwood, used in the treatment of indigestion and urolithiasis;
nut – helps in improving the functioning of the heart and normalizing blood circulation, it is recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland and for the prevention of atherosclerosis;
hawthorn – help in the treatment of poisoning and indigestion;
blackcurrant jam is a good remedy for vitamin deficiency, diseases of the cardiovascular system, bronchitis, laryngitis;
cranberry – due to the high content of tannin, it promotes the adsorption of pathogenic bacteria and their removal from the body;
Sea buckthorn jam is a natural biostimulant that helps to normalize digestion and lower cholesterol.

On the shelves of supermarkets you can find jam for every taste. However, when harvesting it on an industrial scale, preservatives and flavorings are usually used. Therefore, a sweet medicine prepared at home is much more healthy.

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12 insidious products that make you sleepy


Most of all I want to sleep before the alarm rings and after breakfast and lunch. But why so sleepy? It turns out that there are products that act on the body like a real sleep potion! MedAboutMe talks about them.

1. Bacon or Ham Sandwiches

Red meat can enrich the body with a high iron content, which helps maintain a stable energy level. But, unfortunately, most processed meat products are quite oily. “Since fats and proteins are heavy foods to digest, the body needs a lot of energy to break down. That's her expense and makes you feel exhausted and sleepy, ”says Dr. Pamela Piquet, author of books on healthy eating.

On a note!

On a note!

Animal experiments have shown that excess salt and fat contained in processed meat products can cause drowsiness after eating. This is definitely not what you would like at 9 o’clock in the morning – writes the publication eLife.

2. Pistachios

2. Pistachios

This kind of healthy snack perfectly brings a nap. And all because of the fact that it contains a good portion of protein (which gives a long-lasting feeling of fullness), vitamin B6 and magnesium. The last two elements act on the body soothingly, relax it. Therefore, I want to sleep more and more.

“But do not exceed one ounce of nuts (28 g). Pistachios are very high-calorie, and anything that contains a lot of calories can have the opposite effect, preventing you from falling asleep when you want it, ”warns Dr. Jacqueline London, a nutritionist.

3. Caffeine-based drinks

Think two cups of coffee are better than one? Practice will convince you otherwise! Especially if you like to put sugar and other sweet additives in coffee. Carbohydrates cause a rapid surge of energy, and its equally rapid decline. Therefore, a sense of vigor abruptly gives way to fatigue and apathy. But besides this, a high portion of caffeine – a well-known brain stimulant, causes an opposite reaction – drowsiness, so that the brain does not experience overloads.

On a note!

On a note!

“Need to cheer up quickly?” Make a balanced vitamin shake based on vegetables and fruits (combine your favorite fruit with a handful of spinach or green cabbage) and nutrients such as proteins and fats (add a tablespoon of chia seeds and almond milk), ”says nutritionist Katie Cavuto.

4. Prunes

4. Prunes

Vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium, which abound in dried plums, stimulate the body's production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Therefore, it is better to refuse prunes if you need to focus on a meeting or preparing reports. But if you need to go to bed straight to bed, cook and eat half an hour before going to bed whole grain toast with the addition of prunes. Tranquil dreams are provided for you.

5. Pasta

Fast carbohydrates, which include refined pasta, lead to an increase in blood glucose and, after some time, to a decrease in insulin levels. “These processes contribute to a feeling of fatigue and the appearance of weakness and drowsiness. The same applies to eating white bread, rolls and any other pastries. Their high sugar and flour content gives such an effect, ”says Dr. Pamela Piquet.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Almost everything that appears on your plate contains carbohydrates. So, in the celery branch there are about 2 grams, and in a glass of milk – already 10. Most products contain this nutrient.

6. Bananas

6. Bananas

Doctors love delicious and sweet fruits because they are rich in potassium, which supports the body’s nervous system and heart health. But bananas also have a lot of magnesium – an important substance for the body, which, among other things, helps to stabilize mood, relax muscles and cause drowsiness. MD Hyman calls magnesium the “relaxation mineral,” keep this in mind when planning your menu.

7. Cherry juice

Cherries and cherries are natural sources of tryptophan – an amino acid that the body synthesizes into sleep hormone – melatonin. The latter, as mentioned above, is responsible for regulating the sleep and wake cycles. Studies by scientists from the University of Rochester (USA) have shown that daily consumption of cherry juice in the morning and evening helps to improve sleep quality and speedy falling asleep. At the same time, experiments say that after drinking cherry juice, volunteers spent an average of 17 minutes less falling asleep.



The best cherry juice is natural, made from fresh products. The one that is sold in stores is almost always loaded with extra sugar.

8. Red caviar

A record amount of tryptophan can be found in red caviar. In 100 g of the product, as much as 960 mg! A sandwich with caviar is unlikely to cause severe drowsiness, but a jar of a delicious product is easy.

9. Green salad

9. Green salad

“Believe it or not, lettuce has a soothing effect,” says Dr. Pamela Piquet. “It contains a substance called lactacin, which, as shown by rodent studies published by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, has a noticeable calming and analgesic effect.”



Fresh herbs are one of the best sources of fiber, which helps the body improve digestion and stool.

10. Salmon

One of the most delicious and enjoyable ways to maintain heart health is to regularly lean on fish rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as salmon. In addition to being a storehouse of high-quality protein and minerals, it also contains vitamin B6, which stimulates the production of melatonin in the body. If you already feel tired, a serving of salmon will act as a sedative and cause drowsiness.

11. Chamomile tea

An excellent anti-inflammatory agent that is indispensable during the period of colds and flu, in addition to its bright taste and pleasant aroma, has the quality of inspiring dreams. “Chamomile tea, however, like ginger tea, relieves stress well, relaxes and acts like sleeping pills,” says Dr. Jacqueline London.

Did you know?

Did you know?

In nature, there are about 350 species of chamomile, and 30% of this number grows in Russia.

12. Almonds

Just a few pieces of almonds, and now, instead of concentration, a state of relaxation. “And all because these nuts are rich in magnesium and tryptophan – substances that help naturally reduce nervous excitability, stabilize the rhythm of your heart and relieve muscle tension,” summarizes nutritionist Cynthia Paskwell.

Expert Commentary

Emilia Viktorovna Tsybikova, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine in Moscow, the clinical base of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenova

Emilia Viktorovna Tsybikova, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine in Moscow, the clinical base of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenova

Tibetan doctors believe that severity, drowsiness, laziness are signs of an increase, an imbalance in the basis of Slime. Its reason is nutrition, which has two properties: cold and heaviness.

First of all, rotted root crops and greens, undercooked, overcooked foods, as well as products that have a strong cooling effect should be excluded.

Cool, heavy food that causes drowsiness

Cold, heavy foods slow down digestion and metabolism. This causes drowsiness and excess weight. The energy that comes with such products is hardly spent on useful activities, but it is easily stored in the form of fat.

This group includes dough products, including those that include potatoes or other vegetables and root vegetables, pork. For example, classic dumplings with mixed forcemeat, dumplings with potatoes, cottage cheese. Any flour products from soft wheat have a cooling effect and cause heaviness, drowsiness.

Cabbage, potatoes and most other vegetables, as well as legumes, are cooling products that produce heaviness.

In addition, it includes milk, sugar, white bread, confectionery, bakery products, pastries, butter, cereals (semolina, barley, pearl barley, corn, millet).

Especially harmful are dishes that combine several cold foods. Examples are mashed potatoes in milk, millet, semolina, or other cereals in milk, milk noodle soups.

Another example is borsch, which combines several cooling products – pork, potatoes, beets, cabbage. It is a heavy food that causes drowsiness.

A cooling, light food that does not give energy

If the food is dry, light, but at the same time cooling, it does not cause drowsiness, but does not charge with energy. Energetically this is “no” food. It is harmful in that it provokes a disorder of the base of the Wind, that is, the nervous system.

With prolonged abuse, such food can provoke nervous disorders – neurosis, insomnia, depression, neurasthenia, astheno-neurotic syndrome, etc.

This is coarse, bran bread and other products in which there is a lot of vegetable fiber, as well as raw vegetables, herbs, leafy salads. Of cereals, it is buckwheat.

Neutral products

There are products that do not have a pronounced effect on the energy of the body. They do not cause drowsiness, heaviness, but they do not apply to power engineers either. These are rice, beef, veal, rabbit, carrots.

Warm but heavy foods

Warming foods are not equally beneficial. Among them there are those that give “heavy” heat. They do not slow down the metabolism and do not create an imbalance of Slime. But they give heaviness and drowsiness, since they reduce the quality of the body’s energy. These include mutton fat (fat mutton), garlic, onions, mushrooms.

The best warming food that energizes

Warming food gives not just warmth, but useful energy, which is easily spent on physical, mental, emotional activity. It does not accumulate in the form of fat. After such a meal is not drawn to sleep, it does not give heaviness.

Such products include fish (any), low-fat chicken, meat of turkey or other poultry (without skin), low-fat mutton.

Optimum heat treatment – on the grill (without extra fat), steaming, baking.

Of vegetables, pumpkin and eggplant have a warming effect. If the flour is made from durum wheat, then pasta from it also gives a “quick”, easy energy.

It well charges ghee, honey, as well as eggs, liver, seeds (pumpkins, sunflowers), seafood (oysters, mussels, squids, octopuses, scallops, etc.), seaweed.

Tibetan medicine also recommends nuts as an energy food, but only the real ones – cedar, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, and not peanuts, which are mistakenly attributed to nuts. In fact, it is a bean product that cools the body and belongs to the first, most harmful group.

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Useful Weight Loss Product Combinations


The process of losing weight is quite long and not very simple. And in order to lose weight faster, we must remember that food should not be chosen any, but only healthy. And it is also very important to combine products correctly.

Effective weight loss: how to combine products?

To quickly assimilate food, you need to pay attention to how you combine products. This is especially important when losing weight. Love to eat cutlet and fried potatoes? Love hearty salads with meat, eggs and cheese? These are all examples of the wrong combination.

So, protein foods are fish, meat, seafood, eggs. They go well with vegetables (and only with green and non-starchy ones), as well as with some sour berries and fruits. But it is better not to combine protein products with bread and potatoes. For example, a great combination – fish cakes with greens; or baked chicken with stewed carrots and cauliflower. Here's an example of a bad mix: potatoes and pork chop.

Legumes, cereals and bread go well with various vegetables, any greens. Therefore, stewed cauliflower with carrots and boiled beans will be a great example; or soup with pumpkin, carrots and chickpeas; or a sandwich with tomato, pepper and herbs.

Fruits and berries are combined with some vegetables, cheese, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, yogurt. You can add them to meat or fish, but not all, but only sour and sweet and sour. The choice is very large. Here are the options for losing weight – smoothies with apples, spinach, oranges and seeds; or a dessert of berries, cottage cheese, yogurt and nuts; or baked meat with cranberry sauce.

Starchy and non-starchy vegetables are combined with meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese. You can also combine vegetables with some fruits and berries (for example, in smoothies or salads).

Weight loss will be effective if you choose such combinations: meat (fish) and vegetables; or cereals with vegetables; or fruit with cheese; or berries with cottage cheese. That is a lot of options.

Useful nutrition menu for a slim figure

Useful nutrition menu for a slim figure

How to build a menu with proper nutrition and weight loss? Proper nutrition is light, wholesome and wholesome food, delicious dishes. When building a menu, it is important to remember a few rules:

during one meal, you need to use proteins from only one group. For example, do not mix meat and eggs, or meat and fish, but eat only fish;
at one meal you can eat only one flour product. That is, you should not eat bread with pasta, and then seize the cake;
sour fruits and flour should also not be mixed. It is better to choose sweet and sour or sweet fruits;
watermelon and melon are suitable for a separate meal. You can not eat a slice of watermelon lunch or dinner. You have to wait 1.5 hours after eating and then you can already feast on.

There can be a lot of menu options, it all depends on your taste preferences.

Here is a sample menu:

in the morning: cottage cheese with strawberries, green tea; or a sandwich with a slice of cheese, tomato, herbs and cocoa;
snack: fruit and vegetable smoothie; or yogurt with berries;
lunch: vegetable soup, stew and salad, compote; or ear, vegetable stew, orange juice;
afternoon snack: omelet with herbs; or nuts;
in the evening: baked chicken with spinach in cranberry sauce, freshly squeezed juice; or stewed beans with vegetables, kefir.

As you can see, it’s tasty, satisfying and healthy.

Simple recipes for delicious meals and drinks

Simple recipes for delicious meals and drinks

The recipes for tasty and healthy dishes and drinks are very different. The main thing is not to choose heavy combinations. Here are some interesting and simple recipes.

Lentil Soup

One and a half cups of red lentils pour water, cook for five minutes. Add chopped onion, two potatoes, carrots, salt. Cook until tender, add a little mint at the end. Beat soup with a hand blender. Serve with crackers.

Chicken bouillon

Pour chicken breast with water, put on fire. When it boils, add carrots, onions, parsley root, a piece of celery root. Salt, add black pepper with peas, cook until tender.

Baked meat with sweet and sour sauce

Rub a kilogram of lean pork with salt, pepper, suneli hops. Make cuts and paste into each clove of garlic. Wrap the meat in foil and bake for 1.5-2 hours in the oven. Prepare cranberry sauce: boil two glasses of red wine for two minutes over low heat, add a glass of cranberries, a little sugar, salt and cook for another ten minutes. Cut the prepared meat and pour the sauce. You can add a little rowan berries or viburnum to the sauce.

Baked fennel with cheese

Three fennel bulbs cut in half along, cook in chicken broth for half an hour. Then put the onions in a baking sheet. Mix 200 g of mozzarella, two tablespoons of grated parmesan, a spoonful of parsley. Sprinkle the tubers with the mixture and bake for ten minutes.

Omelet with vegetables

Beat three eggs with salt and milk. Finely chop peppers, boiled green beans, tomato, dill. Stew vegetables for three minutes, pour in egg mass. Cook the omelet under the lid over low heat.


Cut two kiwi, pear, two apricots. Add a couple of sprigs of parsley, spinach, arugula, orange juice and beat well with a blender.

Fish cakes with salad

Mix 500 g of minced fish with chopped onion, salt, pepper, egg. Form cutlets and steam them or in the oven. Cut the leaves of the iceberg, five radishes, add the ruccola. Serve fish cakes with salad. A simple and satisfying recipe.

Rice with vegetables

Boil 130 g of rice. 350 g of broccoli separately boil for three minutes. Dice sweet pepper, five tomatoes, grate carrots, onion. Fry vegetables quickly, then add broccoli, a clove of garlic, salt and pepper. After ten minutes, remove the vegetables from the heat. Put rice and vegetables on the dish. Drizzle with a mixture of soy sauce and lemon juice.

Curd dessert

Beat 150 g of cottage cheese with two tablespoons of yogurt and a handful of strawberries. In peppers, put peaches chopped into small pieces, curd, sprinkle with nuts. Of course, both cottage cheese and yogurt should be selected with a small percentage of fat content.

Recipes can be chosen to your taste, but at the same time remember the right combination of products. And then proper nutrition will be really useful, and losing weight will be fast and comfortable.

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Fitness on the bike for effective weight loss


It is known that the process of losing weight starts when a deficit of calories entering the body is created. To do this, you should adjust your diet and make the body spend energy more actively. In addition, physical activity is needed to maintain the overall tone of the body, so that as a result of weight loss the skin does not sag, and the figure looks toned and attractive.

When choosing physical activity, you need to consider that it should bring not only benefits, but also great pleasure from classes. An excellent option is cycling, which contributes to effective weight loss and improve body tone. Such training is in no way inferior to work in the gym. In addition, a bike ride allows you to enjoy nature and escape from everyday worries.

Such a load simultaneously strengthens the main muscle groups, trains the work of the heart, blood vessels and respiratory organs, and also starts the process of active burning of excess fat. After only 4 weeks of regular training, the first results will become apparent – in the form of increased stamina and reduced body volume.

Bike: the benefits of losing weight

Bike: the benefits of losing weight

Cycling refers to anaerobic or cardio loads, which saturate the body with oxygen and set a specific heart rate, which contributes to weight loss. Therefore, the bike is considered one of the best loads for those who want to reduce weight. While riding, you can well pump over the calf muscles and quadriceps of the hips, giving them attractive, elastic forms. Also, the muscles of the buttocks, back, abs, arms and shoulders are actively involved in the process of riding and maintaining balance.

The amount of calories consumed during training depends on the speed of movement and the physical parameters of a particular person. On average, if you travel at a speed of 10-15 km / h, the heart rate will be about 150 beats per minute, which will allow you to burn about 300 kcal per hour. During training, it is important to periodically monitor your heart rate so that it does not exceed 180 beats per minute. This is the limit value after which the load can become hazardous to human health.

In addition to effective weight loss, cycling affects the human body as follows:

strengthen the cardiovascular system;
improve respiratory function;
develop coordination of movements and a sense of balance;
beneficial effect on the functioning of muscle groups, ligaments and joints;
help to cope with stress and bad mood;
strengthen the body's defenses.

It is worth noting that there are some contraindications for regular cycling. So, do not engage in this sport for those who have complex diseases of the spine and joints. Also, in some cases it is forbidden to train with dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system. Since contraindications are individual, people with health problems are advised to consult with their supervisor first.

Choosing a bike and equipment to reduce body weight

Before you start training for weight loss, you need to choose the right bike. If you plan to ride on smooth asphalt or dirt tracks, then you should buy a light city bike. If rough terrain acts as a bike path, then a mountain bike with good depreciation and a sufficient number of speeds will be more appropriate. It is better to choose it with an aluminum frame, because it is not only durable, but also light. At the time of purchase, you must definitely check the operation of moving parts and brakes.

It is better to ride in comfortable clothes that are not restricting movements from breathing materials. Many people prefer to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt in cold weather, and cotton shorts and a T-shirt in hot weather. Shoes should also be comfortable and light, with a sole that will provide reliable grip on the pedals.

Basic rules for effective weight loss with a bike

Basic rules for effective weight loss with a bike

Losing weight will be most effective with the right cycling techniques. So, while riding, the body should be tilted forward, and the arms bent at the elbows. Legs during movement should be almost completely straightened at the knees – this can be achieved by adjusting the height of the saddle. Advanced athletes on separate sections of the track use a more complex riding method – standing riding with the transfer of all body weight from the saddle to the pedals. This allows you to further strain the legs, hips and buttocks.

Effective weight loss is possible with daily training lasting 30 minutes or more. Over time, it is worth bringing the duration of classes to 2-2.5 hours per day. Since 30 minutes of active training helps to get rid of about 10 grams of excess fat, it is worth taking care of their sufficient duration. The choice of training regimen depends solely on personal preferences and the availability of free time. As a rule, working people choose evening bike rides, allowing them to escape from business and have a good time.

Weight reduction will be most effective during interval loads, when different speeds are constantly alternating. For example, a 5-minute drive at a fast pace is replaced by 15 minutes of a slow bike ride. It is also useful to ride over rough terrain, where flat areas are periodically interrupted by hills. This route makes the heart and lungs work more actively, due to which weight loss becomes more intense.

When developing a route, you need to try less often to cross highways, choosing a closed path that allows you to calculate the required number of laps.

Also, losing weight is impossible without revising the diet, from which harmful, fried and too fatty foods should be eliminated. It is also necessary to consume a sufficient amount of protein involved in the construction of new muscle fibers. And do not forget about clean water, which will help to remove decay products from the body and maintain a healthy metabolism.

On days when it is snowing or heavy rain outside, it is recommended to replace cycling with work on a stationary bike or temporarily choose a different type of physical activity.

Thus, regular cycling in combination with proper and balanced nutrition guarantee effective weight loss and a slim, toned figure.

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Canned food: 8 interesting facts


On September 3, 1812, the first can of industrial production was manufactured at the world's first cannery. Until then, canned foods were made by hand.

From the point of view of modern man, this date may seem insignificant. Just think, canned food. In any seedy store their carriage and a small cart, but still everyone is sure that fresh food is incomparably better.

But in fact, the invention of a method for storing products for a long time was of great importance. And it still has, although many canned foods are not a standard of wholesome food.

MedAboutMe offers a selection of interesting facts about canned food.

Canned foods have been known since ancient times.

Canned foods have been known since ancient times.

Canned products should not only be considered as being stored in hermetically sealed glass or tin cans. Dried and smoked products can also be considered canned, because the spoilage process in them is suspended for a certain time. Different peoples of the globe have long had their own ways to preserve food for a long time.

One of the oldest canned foods can be considered a find made in the tomb of Tutankhamun. To travel to the underworld, the late Pharaoh was provided with supplies: roasted ducks, oiled and hermetically sealed in clay vessels. "Canned food" lay in the tomb for more than 3 thousand years, without decaying and not turning into stone. According to some reports, some of the contents of this funeral preserve were eaten by dogs, and nothing bad happened to them.

Dried meat, grated with herbs and berries, the Indians called pemmican. The pressed pieces of pemmican were stored for several months and served as a good supply of food along the way.

In Africa, the meat of an elephant or buffalo was also procured for the future: kept in salt with the addition of herbs, and then dried. The resulting product is called biltong. It is stored for several months and tastes quite good.

Northern peoples also make peculiar canned food on a rainy day: they dig in a swamp a carcass of a deer or seal with all its contents, without gutting. The carcass is fermented for several months, after which local residents can dig it up and enjoy eating it. But only the locals, whose body has acquired resistance to cadaveric poisons that accumulate in this kind of meat blank. Everyone else who dares to try this “delicacy” faces a painful death from poisoning. Very convenient blank for future use, only "for their own."

Modern canned goods invented in France

This was done by the culinary specialist Nicola-Francois Upper, and the customer was Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who needed a lot of well-preserved products to supply his armies. In 1795, the emperor announced the award that a person would receive who offered an effective way to reliably store products. Because he confidently considered good nutrition of soldiers as one of the conditions for a successful war.

Upper experimented for a long time, more than 10 years. Pasteur has not yet been born, who was to open the pasteurization process. There was still no understanding of why products spoil. Individual experimenters were only beginning to approach an understanding of these processes.

Upper tried to preserve different foods: meat, strong broth, milk, fruits, vegetables, beans. He put the products in glass jars, closed them tightly and boiled them in salt water for several hours. The resulting canned food was well preserved for 8 months.

In 1809, Upper received a well-deserved award and the title "benefactor of mankind", after which he opened a small shop in Paris where he sold canned food of his own preparation.

The cans for canning were invented by the Englishman Peter Duran. True, only very strong and very hungry people could open his cans with a hammer, a chisel and a goddamn grandmother, and the process of making canned food at first was very laborious. Only the invention of a can opener and cans made things easier. A can opener was invented in 1860 in America.

Canned food in Russia

Canned food in Russia

In our country, the first canning factory appeared only in 1870, and only after several consignments of canned food were purchased abroad and passed the edibility test: they fed prisoners and students. The army, as in other countries, was the main customer of new food products. Gradually, the optimal capacity of canned food was determined experimentally: one pound, which the soldier had enough to reinforce his strength. The Russian cannery produced beef and lamb stew, porridge, pea stew and just peas with meat, meat stew and cabbage soup with meat. Canned food was stored for a very long time.

It is known that in 1966 one of the cans with stew, produced in 1916, got into the All-Russian Research Institute of Canning Industry. The contents of the jar were checked and tasted. Preserved pre-revolutionary stew perfectly.

And in 1974, a food warehouse was opened in Taimyr, left in 1900-1902 by the polar expedition of Eduard Toll, whose story inspired V. Kaverin for the novel “Two Captains”. Toll died without having found the mysterious Sannikov Land, and the warehouse remained unclaimed. Canned food was stored in permafrost, in a sealed box. In 2004, several cans were opened and examined. The products turned out to be quite usable.

The composition of the first canned food: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits

Conscientious manufacturers did not add anything but salt and spices. Food safety was achieved through sterilization, and not the use of any preservative additives. The jars were exposed to high temperatures: first, approximately 110 ° C, and then, after the invention of the autoclave, to 135 ° C.

However, as the popularity of the new method of harvesting grew, small canning industries began to appear, on which a variety of canned goods were made from meat and vegetables. Some of them neglected the quality of products, striving only for profit. For example, quality control of small private canning enterprises in the Yaroslavl province revealed several cases of adding copper sulfate to canned food. This poisonous substance gave the vegetables a beautiful green color, but also had a very bad effect on the health status of consumers.

As for the assortment, it was very extensive. In the United States canned seafood, fish, corn. France produced canned goods from sardines, tomatoes, and legumes; biscuits and fruits were sealed in cans. Livestock Australia was the largest producer of canned meat, and in Russia they produced many canned fish of valuable species: stellate sturgeon and sterlet, nelma and whitefish, sockeye salmon, etc.

Composition of modern canned food: from seafood to insects

Composition of modern canned food: from seafood to insects

The assortment of the canning industry today is so wide that it is hard to even imagine. Canned meat and poultry, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, milk and sauces, insects and even air. The list of the most unusual canned goods includes exotic meat of the cobra and its distant creepy alligator relative. Rare and expensive are canned truffles, specially prepared chestnuts, as well as snails, bamboo worms, silkworm larvae and even scorpions. Against the background of this exotic, canned goods from the possum and armadillo look quite modest.

But still, the main part of canned food is meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Auxiliary ingredients are added to the main ingredient: salt or sugar, spices, water, oil, and other substances. Sometimes not all of them are indicated on the packaging, and their presence is detected only during verification in the laboratory.

The general rule for choosing canned food: the less ingredients, the better. In canned meat can be meat and fat (in a certain proportion), salt, water, spices. In fish – fish, salt, spices, water (oil, tomato paste). In vegetables – vegetables, oil / water, salt, spices, acidity regulator.

How to choose good canned food: tips for the buyer

Firstly, do not rely on brand awareness. Inspections conducted by Roskontrol show that not all canned goods are equally good or bad even from the same manufacturer. Pork stew can be quite decent, and beef stew from bad to worse. Or sardines of good quality, and the cod liver is terrible with undeclared worms. By the way, that’s why it’s worth following the new tests, the results of which are published by independent laboratories.


Be sure to inspect the packaging, paying attention to its integrity and the absence of dents and scratches. Lids and cans should never be swollen.

Tin cans, thickly coated with oil, may be on the verge of shelf life. As a rule, this is how canned food is stored in state warehouses, and they go into trade when the expiration date approaches. Sometimes they are washed from the grease, but it also happens that this procedure is neglected.

Information about the expiration date, and not only about it, can be obtained from the markings squeezed out on the cover in the form of rows of numbers and letters. It is best if the marking is in the form of convex signs, since this most likely indicates that the product was produced in the factory.

Markings applied by paint or squeezed out may be a sign of counterfeiting.

The top row of numbers is the production date. The second and third row provides data on the industry to which the product belongs, the manufacturer and the product assortment number.

The meat industry is indicated by the letter A, the producers of fruits and vegetables – by the letter K, the dairy industry – M, the fish industry – P, the combination of CAs indicates that canned goods were issued by consumer cooperation.

It is difficult to remember the designation of assortment numbers for all canned food, but you can carry a list of the most popular types on your smartphone. Reconciliation with this list will help identify what is in the bank by labeling. For example, a label may indicate that there is Atlantic salmon, and the assortment number honestly says that there is cheaper pink salmon in the bank.

Pay attention to the standard of production by which the goods are produced. Although modern GOSTs have significantly changed for the better, they are still better than TU (technical specifications), or the lack of information about standards in general.

What, where, when: time and place of production

What, where, when: time and place of production

The best canned fish is produced at floating bases or on the seashore, close to the places of fishing. If canned seafood is produced by a plant in the Moscow Region, this means that frozen raw materials were used, and this immediately reduces the quality.

Canned vegetables and fruits are best made in regions where fruits are grown, meat cans are better in areas with developed livestock and poultry farming. For canned vegetables, it is also important to pay attention to the production time, as far as it corresponds to the timing of harvesting the contents. Otherwise, you can buy low-edible green peas, prepared not from fresh, but dried and restored raw materials. Or pineapple of the Moscow Region canning, probably grown on the other side of the world and having traveled a long way of transportation and storage.

Are there healthy canned foods?

Despite the usual statements about the dangers of canned food, there are among them those that deserve attention.

For example, in some canned fish, there are even more useful fatty acids than in fresh home-made fish. And cod liver in our northern latitudes can be a valuable source of vitamin D in winter. Sardines and mackerel are also useful. It is best to choose natural canned fish, that is, in your own juice, with the addition of only salt and spices.

Two tablespoons of canned seaweed perfectly fill the daily need for iodine, a deficiency of which affects residents of many regions of Russia.

Canned tomatoes in their own juice may be healthier than fresh ones. Heat treatment increases the content of lycopene in tomatoes, and this substance has anti-cancer properties.

Benefits are also preserved in canned beans and lentils. Yes, and they do not need to be cooked additionally.

Excellent preserves the beneficial properties of coconut milk.

Canned fruits can also be beneficial if sugar is not added to them.

Expert Commentary

Esther Ellis, nutritionist

Esther Ellis, nutritionist

Canned foods can be an important and healthy part of the diet. Their harm is clearly greatly exaggerated – if we are talking, of course, about high-quality canned goods.

Many people think that products in banks are literally stuffed with harmful additives and preservatives, but this is a mistake. Preservatives are simply not needed there, as the product is cooked with salt, sugar or spices. The composition of canned food is often as simple as possible: the product itself, water, salt or sugar. Everything.

Yes, due to the heat treatment, the content of vitamins C and B is reduced in canned food, but fat-soluble vitamins are preserved well. Minerals, proteins and other components also do not disappear, the content of some antioxidants may even increase.

Good canned foods can help you make your diet more balanced.

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How to replace coffee in a healthy diet?


In years when many foods and drinks were in short supply, coffee substitutes were contemptuously called surrogates. In an era of abundance, fans of a healthy lifestyle began to change their eating habits. Chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, barley, dandelion and acorns have become a useful alternative to caffeinated drinks. The MedAboutMe website will tell you about the benefits of coffee substitutes.

Healthy nutrition with chicory root

Chicory is a plant of the Asteraceae family with blue flowers. It is found in the wild and cultivated on farms. One of the most famous coffee substitutes. As a raw material for the preparation of a drink with a bitter taste and a characteristic aroma, the root part is used. Certain varieties of chicory give fleshy juicy roots, suitable for introduction into dietary food in the form of salads.

There are two types of chicory based coffee drink – dry and liquid.

In the production of a powdered drink, chicory roots are dried, fried and ground. The product goes on sale, both in pure form, and with the addition of barley, a small amount of natural coffee, ginseng or ginger. As a rule, pure chicory is more expensive.

Liquid chicory is obtained according to another scheme. The ground and roasted root is sieved, a large fraction is separated, which is saturated with water. The resulting solution was passed through a vacuum unit and evaporated. The finished food product is dark brown, viscous and very bitter.

Liquid chicory is also improved with supplements. To more easily develop the habit of drinking it instead of coffee, you can buy different types of drink. For example, with mint, rosehips, Jerusalem artichoke.

The main wealth of chicory root is the inulin polysaccharide. The compound serves as food for friendly intestinal bacteria, which leads to increased immunity and helps lower blood sugar.

Jerusalem artichoke for lunch and diet

Jerusalem artichoke for lunch and diet

Jerusalem artichoke is a plant of the family Asteraceae, a close "relative" of sunflower. Jerusalem artichoke differs from a colleague in tuberous roots, which are used as diet food. Tubers resemble cabbage stump and are suitable for use in salads, which you can take with you and eat at lunchtime.

Fresh Jerusalem artichoke is recommended to be included in the diet for diabetes, obesity, and liver diseases. Fresh tubers are not stored for a long time, so they are dried or made instant drink.

As a substitute for coffee, Jerusalem artichoke in powder is used both in pure form and in a mixture with chicory or spices. Just like chicory, Jerusalem artichoke is rich in inulin, but it contains a lot of vitamin C and vegetable protein.

Jerusalem artichoke drink is easy to make at home. The tuber peeled and grated on a fine grater is fried for a long time in a cast-iron skillet without oil. When the mass becomes brown, it is removed from the heat and cool. Cold Jerusalem artichoke is ground in a coffee grinder and brewed. The drink is sweet, not requiring a large amount of sweetener.

Drinking barley coffee as a good habit

Barley is a plant of the cereal family. The culture is cultivated on a grand scale, because its application is very wide. Therefore, barley coffee is the most common and cheapest of these drinks. Often barley is sold mixed with chicory and a similar product tastes similar to inexpensive instant coffee.

If you want to get rid of the habit of often drinking caffeinated drinks, then barley will be a good helper. Mixed with cream, chicory and cinnamon – almost indistinguishable from cappuccino, served with ice and whipped milk – reminds frappe.

The undeniable advantage of barley is its high silicon content. The trace element necessary to maintain the beauty of hair, nails and skin enters the body when pearl barley or barley porridge is introduced into the diet. Not the most popular because of the specific taste of the products that do not want to eat even for the sake of diet.

A coffee drink from barley is much more pleasant to use and does not cause increased gas formation, unlike porridge. An additional incentive to drink barley coffee will be the neutralization of stress hormones and increased stability of the nervous system.

Dandelion root coffee – a substitute for chicory

Dandelion root coffee - a substitute for chicory

The well-known dandelion is a plant of the Asteraceae family, as is chicory. Small yellow baskets in season cover the meadows with a continuous carpet.

Coffee from chicory roots is a popular drink. However, wild chicory is not so common, and efforts must be made to cultivate. Dandelion, which belongs to the same family as chicory, grows everywhere like a weed. Therefore, chicory roots for making coffee are sometimes replaced with dandelion roots.

When using roots purchased at a pharmacy or collected on your own personal plot, coffee from dandelion will cost a penny. Definitely worth a try at least once.

The drink has a choleretic effect, lowers sugar and cholesterol, weakens with constipation. The dandelion owes its useful effect to the same inulin, which is in chicory and Jerusalem artichoke.

To make coffee from dandelions, you can take pharmacy raw materials or dig up the spine yourself. Collection should be carried out in the fall, when the plant has no flowers. The peeled and chopped roots are fried in a dry pan until brown. For brewing, they are suitable both in ground form and in pieces.

Acorn coffee – a triumphant return

Acorn coffee has long been considered synonymous with poverty and deprivation. The notoriety is due to the fact that in the last years of World War II, it was he who was forced to drink by the inhabitants of Germany. They tried to forget the meager diet and the bitter black drink as soon as it became possible.

However, in the early 21st century, acorn coffee triumphantly returned to the shelves. Already not as a cheap substitute, but as a complete drink.

Consumers began to attract not the price, but the beneficial substances from acorn coffee. First of all, folic acid, necessary during pregnancy and quercetin.

Quercetin is an alkaloid that helps relieve swelling and cramping, has a diuretic and antioxidant effect. The tannins of acorns have an antimicrobial and astringent effect.

Acorn coffee is increasingly sold at handicraft fairs along with original jam and pastries. Popularity is associated with ease of preparation.

For the drink, brown acorns are collected and they are cleaned of hats and peels. The kernels are cut into large pieces and dried in the oven or in a pan. The darker the acorns become, the stronger the coffee will be. Before brewing, acorns are ground in a coffee grinder.

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Weight Loss: 10 Popular Misconceptions


Many are concerned about the process of losing weight. And, it would seem, there are so many tips around how to become slimmer. But not all of them really act. Here are 10 popular misconceptions about losing weight.

Fruits are great for losing weight.

Fruits are great for losing weight.

Of course, you need to include fruits in your diet. Indeed, many fruits have a slight diuretic effect, some help to speed up the metabolism, all of them contain fiber, useful for the intestines. Therefore, losing weight with fruits is real. However, do not abuse these products. After all, fruits contain a lot of fructose, which means sugar. High sugar levels provoke a feeling of hunger.

What is this talking about? Fruits should be eaten sparingly. It is advisable not to jam fruit for lunch or dinner, but to snack between meals.

Celery, grapefruits, oranges burn fat

There are no fat burning foods. However, there are products (these include citruses, celery) that help speed up or normalize the metabolism.

Therefore, grapefruits, and oranges, and pineapples, and celery are useful to include in the diet for weight loss. But do not rely on the fact that with the daily use of these products, fat will be removed from all problem areas.

Fatty foods should be excluded

Of course, the abundance of fatty foods will seriously interfere with weight loss. However, it cannot be completely ruled out.

The body needs fats, just choose the right products. It’s better to eat not fried potatoes, but a couple of slices of avocado, or a handful of nuts, or just season the salad with olive oil. These products provide the body with the necessary fats, and at the same time do not harm the figure.

You can not eat after 18 hours

This myth makes those who lose weight suffer from hunger every evening and, perhaps, regularly break down.

But how really? Of course, eating three hours before bedtime is undesirable. This is harmful for the figure, and for health. But this does not mean that one must suffer from hunger. First of all, you should have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. In addition, if you really want to eat in the late evening, you should not endure hungry cramps. You can have a glass of yogurt or cucumber. This will help to satisfy your hunger and at the same time not ruin the figure.

Vegetables are the best choice for those who are losing weight.

Vegetables are the best choice for those who are losing weight.

Yes, really vegetables have a lot of advantages. They satisfy hunger, establish digestion processes, some of them remove excess water from the body and accelerate metabolism. In addition, vegetables help to diversify the menu. After all, you can cook salads, soups, snacks, casseroles, cutlets, smoothies from them.

But it is very important to eat vegetables moderately. You can not abuse these products. Indeed, a large number of vegetables can cause bloating, flatulence, diarrhea.

In addition, vegetables alone are not enough for normal functioning of the body. Losing weight will be more effective if the menu contains protein foods and cereals. Just eat only healthy foods: lean meat, fish, low-calorie dairy products, eggs, seafood, cereals. And at the same time increase the number of vegetables, fruits, berries (but do not eat exclusively plant foods).

Carbohydrates are the enemies of a slim figure

In fact, only simple carbohydrates harm the figure. And they are contained in cakes, sweets, cakes, muffins.

But complex carbohydrates are useful in losing weight. They are processed slowly, helping to stay full longer. Therefore, different grains must be in the diet. It is good to eat complex carbohydrates in the morning.

Calorie Counting is the Most Important

Of course, counting calories is helpful. This gives an idea of ​​how much was consumed during the day and how much to spend. But the same amount of calories can be obtained from vegetables and sausages with bread, it all depends on the amount of food. At the same time, the body will benefit from vegetables, and not from sausages.

Therefore, effective weight loss is not only the calculation of calories, but also an understanding of which foods to eat.

Great physical activity – and no diets needed

Great physical activity - and no diets needed

Naturally, physical activity is necessary. However, an excessive load can be harmful to health and, moreover, it will not be enough for a slim figure.

What is this talking about? Physical activity will help to lose weight only in conjunction with proper nutrition. Therefore, you should not engage in the hall to the point of exhaustion and at the same time dine tightly and have a snack with hot dogs. It is better to do morning exercises regularly, do fitness a couple of times a week and at the same time stick to a healthy diet.

Moderate physical activity is much more useful and effective for the figure.

It's easier to lose weight for a company

In fact, it’s more effective to lose weight on your own. Prepare an individual weight loss plan, choose the optimal physical activity, choose a diet or nutrition system that best suits your needs.

A specific goal, a strong desire and strong motivation will certainly help to become slimmer. In this case, you should pay attention only to your successes and achievements, monitor failures, and not be distracted by other people's successes or failures.

Of course, it’s more fun to attend fitness with a friend, but he can leave the race, begin to be lazy and then there will be a risk of failure. Simply put, doubts may arise, you also want to miss classes. Therefore, it is better to rely only on yourself.

Green Tea Is A Great Slimming Tool

Indeed, green tea is healthy. This drink quenches thirst, invigorates, speeds up the metabolism, removes excess fluid. However, it must be borne in mind that excessive consumption of green tea flushes out beneficial vitamins and minerals from the body.

In addition, this slimming drink alone is not enough. We can’t hope that five cups of tea a day will save you from excess weight if you eat fatty meat, fried potatoes and do not play sports. It is better, in addition to one cup of a healthy drink, to eat regularly regularly, and also not to forget about charging.

If you want to lose weight, it is worth remembering that moderation in everything is important, as well as proper nutrition, physical activity and the right attitude.

Take the testYour fitness motivationYour fitness motivation What is a fitness motivation and do you have it? Take this test and find out the most important thing.

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Foods That Reduce Breast Cancer Risk


It is known that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women around the world, and it accounts for approximately 25% of all malignant neoplasms among the fair sex. But scientists believe that this disease can be prevented. What is surprising, they recommend starting to do this already in their kitchen. You only need to include in the menu products that reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer.



This product is considered one of the best sources of dietary fiber – almost 10 grams in half a glass. It is known that fiber gives a feeling of satiety for a long time and therefore helps to control not only appetite, but also weight. However, it also tends to lower high levels of estrogen in the blood, which is closely associated with the development of oncology in women.



A scientific study conducted by a group of scientists from Harvard confirms the hypothesis that eating foods high in fiber reduces the risk of breast cancer. Researchers also emphasize the importance of choosing such food already in childhood, and then in adolescence and early adulthood – then the risk of getting sick becomes even less.


Tomatoes painted yellow, orange and red are rich in carotenoids – we are talking about lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. These substances lower the chance of getting breast cancer. This conclusion is contained in a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Scientists have suggested that there are compounds in carotenoids that regulate cell growth, defense, and repair.


These brain-shaped nuts are rich in vitamin E, which is considered one of the recognized antioxidants. In addition, they contain plant substances phytosterols – they are able to regulate the level of estrogen in the human body, and also slow down the growth of cancer cells by blocking estrogen receptors.



A study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer suggests that a love of walnuts can contribute to a healthy diet, which can help reduce the likelihood of a disease like breast cancer.



This is one of the most powerful sources of choline – such a necessary but inaccessible nutrient that is used to build and function all cells. A disadvantage of this important compound is associated with neurological disorders and a decrease in cognitive function, however, studies show that choline is useful not only as food for the brain. According to data published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, women who consumed the highest amount of this substance had the lowest percentage of breast tumors.

Pomegranate Grains and Pomegranate Juice

It is proved that pomegranate juice due to the polyphenols contained in it has a high antioxidant activity and can slow down the growth of hormone-dependent breast cancer. Another study showed that pomegranate grains have similar properties. They are rich not only in fiber, but also in ellagic acid, which inhibits the production of estrogen and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

By the way!

By the way!

Ellagic acid is also found in raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, walnuts and pecans.


Dark green leafy greens are usually rich in antioxidants and fiber, which makes it a powerful anti-cancer agent. For example, spinach is a source of a duo of carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) – their high level is associated with a 16 percent reduction in the chance of developing breast cancer. And in the emerald leaves of this plant there is folic acid. It strengthens DNA and plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of defects in the development of the fetal neural tube during pregnancy. Low levels of folic acid in women are also associated with an increased likelihood of colliding with breast cancer, according to a study published in the journal PLoS ONE.



Each cup of this hot drink is packed with catechins – polyphenolic compounds, which are also strong natural antioxidants. It is their presence that gives tea the ability to fight free radicals and reduce their amount in the human body. And this, in turn, to some extent can prevent the risk of getting cancer.



White, yellow and green tea have more antioxidant activity, while in black tea, due to oxidation processes during the fermentation of tea leaves, the amount of catechins decreases. To get even more benefits, give preference to a home-made drink. According to a study presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, it would take 20 bottles of shop tea to get the power of polyphenols equal to that found in one cup of home-made drink.


According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the carotenoids in which this orange root crop is packaged are powerful antioxidants and have anti-cancer properties. Women who had the highest amounts of these substances in their blood had a 18–28% lower risk of developing breast cancer, especially with regard to more aggressive and ultimately fatal diseases.


These fruits are rich in fiber, as well as vitamins A, C and E, famous for their antioxidant activity. They also have polyphenols, which, according to scientists from Texas A&M University, have successfully inhibited the growth of at least one strain of breast cancer cells. To get a similar anti-cancer effect, they recommend that patients with oncology consume 2-3 peaches daily. Another study of the same university, published in the journal Food Chem, showed that peach polyphenols have a cytotoxic effect against breast cancer cells, but do not affect healthy cells.

By the way!

By the way!

Peaches, plums, apples, quinces, strawberries, currants and raspberries are also natural sources of catechins found in tea.

Cruciferous vegetables

<img width = "1000″ alt=”Cruciferous vegetables” height=”668″ title=”Cruciferous vegetables” data-src=”http://medaboutme.ru/upload/medialibrary/3b4/shutterstock_427442281.jpg” data- data- class=”lazyload”>

These products are rich in dietary fiber, as well as antioxidant vitamins C and E. There are also glucosinolates in them – plant compounds with anti-cancer and antibacterial effects. For example, broccoli contains sulforaphane. A study published in the journal Food Science and Biotechnology showed that it not only eliminates the chemicals that cause breast cancer, but also tends to slow down the process of tumor development.



Cauliflower ranks second in terms of sulforaphane, followed by Brussels sprouts and Savoy cabbage. There is it in kohlrabi, as well as in white and red cabbage. If possible, it is better to eat cruciferous vegetables in raw form, or cook them sparingly – for example, steamed. Cooking, prolonged stewing and frying reduce the content of sulforaphane practically to “no”.


Fans of this fragrant drink will not only get a boost of energy with each cup, but will also be able to reduce the chance of getting breast cancer. A recent study showed that women who drink coffee in the morning had a lower risk of developing estrogen-negative breast cancers. Scientists believe that coffee antioxidants protect cells from damage that can lead to cancer, but they recommend drinking no more than 2-4 cups of this drink per day, otherwise this will trigger an increase in homocysteine ​​levels in the blood, and this causes cardiovascular diseases.

Wild salmon

This oily fish is rich in useful Omega-3 acids, which positively affect the state of the immune system. They are also believed to reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer. A large-scale analysis of international studies published in The BMJ magazine showed that women who ate sea fish twice a week had a 14% lower risk of breast cancer than women who consumed fewer seafood or did not eat them at all. Another scientific study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research contains an assessment of the potential effects of omega-3 fatty acids on women who are obese and have high density breast tissue, which is known to increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer. The results showed that beneficial fatty acids reduce breast tissue density in obese women with a BMI> 29.

By the way!

By the way!

Other varieties of marine fish, such as cod, sardine, herring, mackerel, and anchovies, are also sources of omega-3 fatty acids.



This product is an indispensable tool in losing weight, as it is considered one of the best sources of dietary fiber and vegetable protein. But even more impressive is the fact that, according to scientists from the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), these legumes can inhibit the viability of affected cells due to their anti-cancer properties, and, of course, deserve further study as possible chemoprophylactic agents.


The yellow spice, often associated with Indian cuisine, contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has chemoprophylactic and antitumor activity against certain types of oncology, in particular, breast cancer in women. A study published in the Journal of Breast Cancer shows that curcumin can potentially inhibit cancer cell growth.



Although there is currently no accurate data on the recommended daily intake of curcumin, this antioxidant is believed to be beneficial if consumed in an amount of 200 to 500 mg per day.


This ruby ​​juicy berry with a pleasant sourness saves not only from insomnia. It is also a valuable natural source of some important biologically active compounds that can reduce the risk of cancer, as well as some chronic diseases. This was the conclusion of a group of Turkish scientists who published their study in the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Olive oil

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It has been proven that lovers of extra virgin olive oil are 68% less likely to get breast cancer compared to women who receive edible fats from other types of vegetable oil. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine suggested that phenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory properties and oleic acid, which are found in olive oil, can not only reduce the risk of tumors, but also inhibit the growth of malignant cells. And although oleic acid is found in almost all vegetable oils, only in extra virgin olive oil can its content reach 80% or more.

By the way!

By the way!

The second place in the oleic acid content is occupied by peanut butter – it contains up to 60% on average, and in other vegetable oils, for example, sunflower, corn, sesame, flaxseed, almond and hemp, it is presented on average in a proportion of up to 30%.


Flax seeds have all kinds of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. But they are also the richest source of lignans – phenolic compounds of plant origin, which also belong to the group of antioxidants. A study published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research found that dietary flaxseed can reduce the tumor growth rate in postmenopausal women with newly diagnosed breast cancer.

By the way!

By the way!

Other lignan-rich food sources include sesame seeds, cereals (wheat, rye, barley, and oats), legumes, and pumpkin seeds. In smaller quantities, these phenolic compounds are represented by vikivi, lemons, pineapples, grapes and even coffee.


This plant-based product is rich in proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, but low in carbohydrates. It also has antioxidants known as isoflavones – phytoestrogens (natural hormone-like compounds with a weak estrogenic effect). They were often blamed for the fact that soy products cause breast cancer.

But the scientific research of recent years debunk this myth. Scientists believe that a diet with a high soybean content, on the contrary, reduces the risk of developing oncology in women, since soy isoflavones can actually block more powerful natural estrogens in the blood. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which nearly 10,000 breast cancer survivors participated, showed that women who ate the most soybeans had a 15% lower relapse rate, and a mortality rate of 15%. percent. The authors of another scientific paper published in Cancer magazine concluded that the use of soy products by women with diagnosed breast cancer as a result led to a decrease in mortality.

On a note!

On a note!

Take advantage of soy products: miso, tempe, natto, edamame, soy sauces and tofu cheese diversify your diet and benefit your health.



This herbaceous plant from the onion family is known for its distinctive taste and aroma. With the mechanical destruction of garlic cells, a large amount of an organic compound is formed in it – allicin, which, in turn, upon decomposition produces sulfenic acids that react with free radicals. This explains the antioxidant properties of this product, which, in comparison with green tea or grapes, has no flavonoids at all.



Another ingredient found in garlic is diallyl trisulfide. A recent study published in the journal Biochem Biophys Res Commun, showed that it is also a chemoprophylactic agent that has a positive effect on both estrogen-dependent and estrogen-independent breast cancer and can be used as a functionally significant biologically active substance for the prevention of cancer breast diseases in women. But scientists do not deny that more research is needed to determine the final results and dosage recommendations.


Due to the cocktail of antioxidant vitamins, carotenoids and flavonoids, these bright fruits with juicy flesh possess anticancer and chemoprophylactic properties. A study in the Journal of Breast Cancer found that high intake of all citrus fruits could potentially reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer.



Although some risk factors are beyond our control, for example, the presence of a BRCA1 or 2 gene mutation in a woman, there is evidence that a healthy lifestyle, including moderate exercise and a diet rich in all necessary nutrients, can significantly reduce the risk of many diseases , including oncological. Of course, no one will give you a full guarantee of the absence of breast cancer, but changing your diet will certainly not do much harm. Be healthy!

Expert Commentary

Tatyana Butskaya, head of the All-Russian public movement “Council of Mothers”, author of the books “Pregnancy. Short film 9 months long ”and“ Eat for two. All About Maternity Nutrition »

Tatyana Butskaya, head of the All-Russian public movement “Council of Mothers”, author of the books “Pregnancy. Short film 9 months long ”and“ Eat for two. All About Maternity Nutrition »

Products That Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, not only in Russia but throughout the world.

The disease is successfully treated in the early stages. 94% of women who started therapy at the onset of the disease win cancer!

However, often women miss valuable time. According to statistics, every second patient learns about her illness in the later stages.

My advice: be sure to go for a mammary gland examination. If you are under 40 years old, sign up once a year for an ultrasound scan. If you are over 40, in addition to ultrasound, undergo a mammogram at least once every 2 years.

Consider risk factors:

Heredity. Remember the great story that Angelina Jolie removed her ovaries, fallopian tubes and mammary glands? It was no coincidence that the actress made this decision: her mother and aunt died from breast cancer. As it turned out, they had a mutation of the BRCA1 oncogen, which dramatically increases the likelihood of a malignant tumor in the chest and ovaries. Analyzes showed that Angelina inherited this mutation, so the doctor advised her to resort to surgery to remove organs at risk. However, if your relatives did not have cancer, this does not mean that you are safe. По мнению экспертов, после 65 лет ваши шансы уравниваются с обладателями плохой наследственности.

Первая менструация до или в 12 лет.

Первые роды после 30 лет.

Курение, злоупотребление алкоголем.



Improper nutrition.

Подробнее остановлюсь на последнем пункте.

Следите за количеством жиров в питании. Они должны составлять не больше трети рациона. Сделайте акцент в меню на жиры растительного происхождения (масло, орехи, авокадо).

Не увлекайтесь жареным и копченым. В таких продуктах много канцерогенов, которые могут привести к перерождению здоровых клеток в злокачественные.

Не злоупотребляйте сладким. Специалисты высказывают мнение, что глюкоза (сахар) способствует развитию раковых клеток.

Не увлекайтесь алкоголем. Он повышает всасывание вредных соединений.

Больше ешьте овощей, фруктов, ягод и злаков. Они содержат клетчатку — главную соратницу организма в борьбе с раком груди и кишечника. Кроме этого, растительная пища содержит витамины-антиоксиданты (А, В, С, Е), которые противодействуют канцерогенам, радикалам и прочим вредным веществам.

Особое внимание уделите цитрусам. Они препятствуют развитию рака груди, а также легких, желудка, поджелудочной железы.
Не пренебрегайте «простыми» овощами: капустой, редькой и чесноком. Сернистые соединения, содержащиеся в этих растениях, оберегают от образования злокачественных опухолей не только вашу грудь, но и желудок с кишечником.

Комментарий эксперта

Владимирович Князев, хирург-онколог, врач первой категории, заведующий операционным отделением в Республиканском клиническом онкологическом диспансере имени С. Г. Примушко Министерства здравоохранения Удмуртской Республики

Владимирович Князев, хирург-онколог, врач первой категории, заведующий операционным отделением в Республиканском клиническом онкологическом диспансере имени С. Г. Примушко Министерства здравоохранения Удмуртской Республики

На конец 2018 года в Удмуртской Республике состояли на учете 37 000 человек со злокачественными новообразованиями (ЗНО), т.е. приблизительно 2,4% населения республики (в РФ за 2017 год 3630567, т.е. около 2,5% соответственно). При этом у женщин в 2018 году ведущее место по заболеваемости принадлежит раку кожи — 18,0% в общей структуре ЗНО. На втором месте заболеваемость раком молочной железы — 17,6% от всех локализаций среди женского населения.

Предрасполагающие факторы к развитию рака молочной железы

Возрастной коридор с высоким риском развития рака молочной железы составлял от 45 до 70 лет (в периоды пре-, пост- и менопаузы). Но в последние годы отмечается тенденция к стремительному «омоложению болезни» и мы видим молодых, работоспособных пациенток детородного возраста (25-35 лет). Тем не менее, радует, что пока это все же единичные случаи.

Среди причин, предрасполагающих к развитию рака, можно выделить следующие факторы.

Генетическая предрасположенность. Когда в каком-то поколении случилась поломка в генах, она может не проявляться, но передаваться, а у кого-то она и передается, и проявляется. Например, если у ближайших родственников был рак молочной железы, эндометрия, яичников — это все в совокупности может стать предрасполагающим фактором к развитию онкологического заболевания. Также есть еще генетические мутации онкогенов BRCA1 и BRCA2, при которых возрастает риск возникновения рака молочной железы у дочери, если, допустим, у матери было такое же заболевание.

Среда обитания. Качество того, что окружает нас ежесекундно каждый день — воздуха и воды, без которых мы жить не можем, — играет немаловажную роль в развитии заболеваний, в том числе онкологических.

Вредные условия труда. Например, ионизирующее излучение также увеличивает риск развития рака молочной железы.

Заболевания эндокринной системы. Немаловажную роль в развитии рака молочной железы играют нарушения в эндокринной системе. Например, нарушения в работе яичников могут приводить к нехватке либо избытку женских гормонов (эстрогенов), что в свою очередь может спровоцировать развитие рака, в том числе и молочных желез. Хронические воспалительные заболевания матки и придатков тоже могут быть фоном для развития рака молочной железы.

Механическая травма молочной железы (ушибы, гематомы). Механические повреждения ведут к тому, что появляются участки воспаления, это в свою очередь может привести к формированию атипии клеток, когда пограничные клетки могут стать в перспективе злокачественными.

Поздние первые роды. На сегодняшний день у нас в стране сместились акценты: на первое место женщины ставят карьеру и профессиональный рост, поэтому уже никого не удивляет, что о первенце женщина задумалась в 28-30 лет. Но время в данном случае не в ее пользу.

Ранние и поздние месячные у девочек. Все-таки всему свое время, а если что-то происходит несвоевременно, то это признаки гормональных нарушений.

Ранняя половая жизнь, частая смена половых партнеров, частые аборты. Это, конечно, косвенный фактор. Но в результате могут возникать хронические воспалительные процессы в полости матки и придатков, затем гормональные нарушения, которые в свою очередь могут повлиять на ткань молочной железы.

Отсутствие половой жизни. Как ни странно, воздержание тоже не способствует здоровью. Оно может спровоцировать развитие застойных нарушений кровотока, что также может стать предрасполагающим фактором к развитию заболеваний.

Nutrition. Оно, конечно, может стать предрасполагающим фактором, но это не значит, что то, что мы едим, со 100% вероятностью будет вызывать рак, и в частности рак молочной железы. Все же более очевидная связь питания прослеживается с раком пищеварительного тракта (рак языка, слизистой полости рта, желудка, кишечника, поджелудочной железы и печени), но, безусловно, правильное питание и получение с пищей всех необходимых нам веществ — это залог здоровья.

Возвращаясь к такой пище, как например, продукты с высоким содержанием сахара, жиры и животные белки, которые попали в «черный список», как предрасполагающие к развитию рака, я считаю, что нельзя категорично говорить об их вредном влиянии на организм. В моем меню нет запретов, есть можно и нужно все, но в меру. Употреблять можно и те же сахара, и жиры, и белки, но определенное количество и в определенном рационе. Важную роль играет и качество продуктов. Ведь важно не только то, что мы едим и в каком количестве, но также и то, какое качество имеет эта пища. Раньше считалось, что есть было нечего, и была проблема, поэтому возникали те или иные заболевания, а сейчас, казалось бы, мы имеем такое изобилие еды, и проблем должно быть меньше, но, к сожалению, их стало только больше. Потому что опять же идут генетические измененные продукты, трансжиры, которые влияют на пищеварительный тракт, а он в какой-то мере является фильтром, через который поступают как полезные, так и вредные вещества в организм.

Все эти факторы, безусловно, увеличивают риск, но это необязательно приведет к раку, просто это еще один повод уделить внимание своему здоровью.

Профилактика предотвращения возникновения рака груди

Самообследование — это обязательная процедура, важность которой каждая мама должна доносить до своей дочери. Самообследование проводится с помощью пальпации (прощупывания) молочных желез и подмышечных областей. Необходимо обращать внимание на любые изменения — уплотнения, неестественный цвет кожи, выделения из сосков (кровянистые, гнойные, мутные, может появиться запах). Если женщина заметила любые признаки — это повод обратиться к врачу.

В профилактических целях показано проходить маммографию не реже одного раза в год после 40 лет (рекомендация ВОЗ) и ежегодно осмотр у гинеколога, при необходимости у маммолога. Хотя на самом деле осмотр молочных желез должен проводить любой врач, начиная с терапевта, но, к сожалению, у нас не развита культура осмотра и восприятия пациентом врача, как специалиста. Например, придя на прием к врачу с ОРЗ или медосмотр, женщины удивляются, что им проводят осмотр молочных желез. Не каждая это поймет и оценит, как заботу об ее здоровье, а чаще вообще будет реагировать негативно. И поэтому некоторые врачи не предлагают этого в принципе, если нет жалобы именно на проблемы молочной железы.

При наличии жалоб потребуется консультация онколога или маммолога. Далее специалист рекомендует пройти ряд обследований, исходя из конкретного клинического случая (УЗИ молочных желез, маммография, цитологическое исследование отделяемого из сосков, если таковое имеется). При наличии локального узлового уплотнения в молочной железе по показаниям может сделать тонкоигольную аспирационную пункционную биопсию (ТАПБ) с последующим цитологическим исследованием материала. Далее уже все решается по ситуации в зависимости от результатов всех проведенных манипуляций.

Профилактика у женщин, «победивших рак»

В плане профилактики для пациенток, перенесших лечение после рака молочной железы, необходимо, безусловно, наблюдение у специалиста — врача онколога-маммолога.

Также таким пациенткам противопоказаны физиопроцедуры, санаторно-курортное лечение, сауны, бани, то есть термическое воздействие.

Женщинам, перенесшим лечение по поводу рака (в том числе и рака молочных желез) первые 3-5 лет противопоказана беременность. В случае если по истечении этого периода не было рецидива или прогрессирования заболевания, можно вернуться к этому вопросу совместно с консилиумом врачей (гинеколог, эндокринолог и онколог). Они дают свое резюме, возможна беременность или нет, причем последнее слово всегда остается за онкологом. В случае положительного решения, ведение беременности осуществляется совместно с этими специалистами.

Но нужно понимать, что если возникнет рецидив или прогрессирование в период беременности, то коллегиально ставится вопрос об ее прерывании по медицинским показаниям (жизнь матери). В период беременности плод в теле матери — это инородное тело, соответственно, чтобы не было его отторжения, на этот период у любой здоровой женщины «формируется» иммунодефицитное состояние, то есть иммунная система естественным образом ослабевает. И вот как раз при иммунодефицитном состоянии у женщины, пролеченной по поводу рака и «выздоровевшей», может наступить прогрессирование либо рецидив заболевания, и поэтому таких пациенток особенно внимательно наблюдают. К сожалению, бывают случаи, когда женщина не ждет эти 3-5 лет и приходит уже беременной, и тем сложнее донести до нее, когда случается вдруг рецидив или прогрессирование онкологии, что беременность нужно прервать, а она, беременность, долгожданная. И тут начинается конфликт женской логики и здравого смысла врача. Естественно насильно заставить ее никто не может, и выбор всегда остается за женщиной, но, к сожалению, он бывает часто печальным.

В качестве вывода

«Ахиллесова пята» женского организма в периоды пре-, пост- и менопаузы — это органы малого таза (матка с придатками), щитовидная железа и молочные железы. Именно они подвержены влиянию гормонов. От этого женщинам никуда не деться, но важно любить себя и заботиться о своем здоровье. Трепетное отношение к своему организму снижает риск возникновения многих заболеваний, в том числе рака молочной железы. Be healthy!

Пройдите тестПравильно ли вы питаетесь?Правильно ли вы питаетесь?
Каков ваш режим питания и рацион? Пройдите тест и узнайте какие ошибки стоит взять на заметку.

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Culinary habits that you better get rid of


Each of us has his own culinary habits, formed under the influence of parents, accepted norms and traditions in society. Some of them are quite natural and adequate, but others can not only change the taste and quality of food for the worse, but also openly harm health. What kind?

Long cooking seafood

Perhaps, only residents of coastal cities can be considered experts in the preparation of all kinds of marine reptiles, and all the other Russians, who were able to diversify their diet with such food only with the development of globalization and world trade, at first did not even know how to approach it. Many people turned their attention to recipes for popular cookbooks, but even there you can often find incorrect information regarding the time of preparation of seafood. But their taste in many respects depends on it, because if you boil squid or shrimp for too long, they become "rubber". In fact, they only need a few minutes to become ready, juicy and incredibly tasty. Together with salt, add parsley to the water, and sprinkle the finished dish with lemon juice.

The habit of rinsing pasta

I must say that real Italian pasta on the shelves of modern stores appeared relatively recently, and the usual pasta – all kinds of spaghetti and horns have always been. The latter is simply impossible to eat without first rinsing, because then they turn into a shapeless sticky mass. But products from whole grains of wheat, which include paste, can not be washed. Moreover, well-known chefs advise to abandon this culinary habit altogether, because washing will inevitably cool the pasta, and it takes them some time to “get there”.

In addition, the water will wash away the starch, which ensures the absorption of the sauce, without which the Italians will not sit down to eat pasta. Boil pasta in large quantities of water with the addition of salt, and the broth remaining after cooking should be used as the basis for the sauce.

The use of aggressive marinades in food

Someone can’t imagine their food without marinades, and someone only resorts to their help from time to time when they come across too hard meat or, even worse, with the so-called “ducky”, that is, signs of spoilage. However, in neither case will save the meat with vinegar and spices, because no matter what the marinade, it acts only on the surface, without penetrating inside. Culinary experts consider vinegar the most unfortunate version of the marinade, because it is able to pull together the fibers of the meat and dry them. If the product is spoiled, it will not help either, especially if bacteria and microbes manage to penetrate into the deeper layers.

Yes, in some cases, you can’t do without marinade, especially when it comes to game, but you should not hope to completely reanimate an illiquid product with it. You should not buy meat with an expiring shelf life for stocks held in supermarkets. So instead of the desired savings, you can get additional costs for the treatment of poisoning.

Frying as a way of cooking

Frying as a way of cooking

Perhaps one of the most harmful culinary habits, which is better to get rid of as soon as possible. Most often, we fry meat food products – poultry, fish, offal, then by stewing or eating in this form. However, it is very unhealthy, since in the process of frying dangerous compounds are formed – heterocyclic amines with carcinogenic properties. They cause mutations in the DNA, which can increase the risk of cancer.

The same goes for grilling meat, especially in combination with caramelized sauce or marinade. The tandem of protein and sugars enhances the glycation process with the formation of substances that, in high concentrations, can provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and even affect cognitive abilities. Therefore, it is better to abandon frying as a way of cooking, preferring baking, stewing and boiling.

Ignoring recipes with raw vegetables and mushrooms

There are many recipes using mushrooms, but they all require a long boil or frying. But few people know that there are mushrooms that can be eaten raw – these are champignons. True, we are talking about artificially cultivated mushrooms, and not those that were collected in the forest closest to the house. Chefs of famous restaurants decorate thin slices of fresh champignon sandwiches and cold snacks, add them to salads. There are many vegetables that Russians also do not eat raw, but meanwhile, the well-known zucchini, squash, pumpkin and zucchini are incredibly good in their pure form and can enter a healthy diet along with cucumbers and tomatoes.

So they retain most of the vitamins and minerals. But if there are any diseases of the digestive system, then it is better not to get carried away by thermally untreated gifts of nature to eliminate undesirable consequences in the form of bloating, cramping, discomfort and abdominal pain. Better out of habit to simmer them over low heat.

Using Low Fat Salad Dressing

Using Low Fat Salad Dressing

Today, few people use salad recipes from past Soviet years. Then the Russians were limited in their choice of food, and today this problem is no longer worth it. The type of refueling has also changed a lot. Instead of fatty mayonnaise, people prefer to use low-fat yogurt, and dieters completely limit themselves to soy sauce and lemon juice. On the one hand, such a habit helps to keep fit, and on the other, it reduces the benefits of vegetables, and that's why. The thing is that for the assimilation of vitamins present in the gifts of nature, fats are needed and this is especially true for carotene, tocopherol, vitamins D and K, which are fat-soluble.

Without lipids, their benefit will be minimal, because it is fats that provide the absorption of vitamins in the intestine. Therefore, it is worth remembering the good old addictions of past years and return to them, but do it wisely. Not all fats are equally healthy, and if you choose between mayonnaise and vegetable oil, you should give preference to the latter option. Vegetable oils do not raise blood cholesterol and are ideal for dressing salads.

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