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If you do this exercise regularly, very soon you will feel positive changes in whole body.

To create beautiful body proportions skeletal muscles play a very important role. The pelvis supports the upper body, is a kind of “vessel” to preserve the internal and reproductive organs. Stiffness, shoulder stiffness, lower back pain often have their reasons, but one of them in common is distortion of the pelvis. As a result of distortion of the pelvis broken blood flow, which also causes swelling of the body. If the position of the pelvis relative to the center is distorted, deteriorating the entire balance of the body, which not only affects the lower back, shoulders, back, neck, but can lead to various disorders in the whole body. Today, we offer you practice from the Japanese specialist Kaori is designed to balance the whole body from the centre.

Exercise for the recovery of the pelvis

1. Lie on your back. Straight legs extend to the sides at a distance slightly wider than shoulders, heels lean about a floor, put your hands on both sides of the body in a comfortable position (as pictured).

2. Start to take the waist off the floor and slowly lift it up. Hold for 5 seconds. Make sure that the shoulders and heels do not lift off the floor.

3. Slowly return to starting position.

4. Close your feet together and pull your knees up. Grasp the knees and hold this position for 5 seconds. Make sure that the shoulders do not lift off the floor.

5. Lift your head and pull her to her knees. Hold this position for 5 seconds.

6. Return to starting position and repeat 2-5 times. Perform each exercise slowly and carefully, without haste.Although to raise the hips and head can be at first a little hard, don’t give up. This exercise stretches and strengthens the muscles that support the lower back and the muscles that support the head, it is beneficial to all the muscles of the neck and improves blood flow. In addition, as we pointed out at the beginning, adjusts the position of the pelvis and improves the balance of the whole body. published econet.ru.

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