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Clear speech is the ability to rapidly stretch and relax different muscles of the speech apparatus. Removing unnecessary tension in the muscles of the face and body can significantly and most importantly just to improve speech and voice. Today I will tell you how to get rid of this tension.

There are the terms “lazy language” and “lazy lips”, which is considered to be the cause of slurred speech. In fact, the tongue and lips are not lazy, and can’t relax and therefore can not be easily movable. “Voice system” has three levels: the person, larynx (includes language that is attached to the larynx) and aperture. The voltage accumulated in any of these departments stopping the voice sound, crumples it and takes away from the above the importance. The exercises listed below, it’s part of what I’ve gathered, dealing with the best coaches in the production of speech and voice, which is suitable for self-study.


Relaxation exercises that will improve your voice

1. Slightly open lips


This exercise removes tension from the places where it often hides – the jaw muscles, muscles around the mouth and eyes (when the mouth is opened, we stop to squint and frown).


  • Mouth open, is the easiest exercise, but it works. It relaxes all the muscles of the face, directly or indirectly.



The photographers ask the girls to open his mouth to give their image more sexuality and sensuality. With an open mouth, the girls not only look sexy, they look more relaxed, and therefore more attractive.


2. “Snorting horse”


Another effective exercise for the lips, leading to relaxation of the whole person.


  • Close your lips together lightly and feed them forward, holding them together on the inside.
  • Exhale with vibration of the lips.
  • Give lips povarirovat as breathe the air the horses in the cold (they shake their heads, you don’t have to do).


Exercise will relieve tension from the lower face (tense lips can’t vibrate, so you have to relax them) and gives you a feel for the boundaries of the lips, so as not to exert excessive efforts for their closure during speech.


A good boxer has evaded from blow half a meter, he goes for 10 – 15 centimeters, just enough to kick the enemy didn’t get it. So he can quickly go to the counter and does not waste effort on the beating.


Like a boxer, excessive force during closing of the lips would you just get in the way. Saying the sounds of B, P, M you just need to close and quickly open the lips, for this we need to feel their boundaries and they should be relaxed.




The system voice



3. Radist


  • Close his ears with his hands and make small circular movements, massaging the head, the ears. In this area of the head often accumulates a lot of tension.


In order to avoid the attack from behind our animal ancestors had to keep the ears open. “Ears” is not just old-fashioned expression, is a description of a situation when in times of stress, we have observed spasm of the muscles around the ears.


Today, many people have lost the ability to wiggle his ears, but those who can do it even a little, needs to learn to relax these muscles.


Relaxation exercises of the larynx


4. “Yawning lion”


The best exercise for relaxation of the jaw muscles and relieve tension from the vocal cords.


  • Put your head back and open your mouth as widely as you can.
  • When you do this, make a sound that resembles a loud yawning with a change of tone.


If you want to pozivati actually, yawn. Yawning is better than just an open mouth, it relaxes the larynx, which controls the vocal cords.


On a subconscious level, exposure of the throat and chin lift is the manner of behavior of individuals in a state of complete security, when it can’t attack. Our body reads its own signals and calms down.


Remember the yawning lion and bayduza dog in the pack and you will immediately understand the connection between the open throat and calm (and hence the relaxation and the best voice).


5. Singing the letter “M”


This exercise will create a vibration in the head and relaxes the muscles of the larynx (muscles of the larynx attached to vocal cords), followed by relaxation of the muscles of the face. You will experience the tone of your voice, and it is still very important, it will lengthen your exhalation (see item number 9).


The criterion that you are doing this exercise correctly will serve as a small tickle of vibration in the nose and lips.


Relaxation exercises the diaphragm

If the diaphragm is tense, it sends a reflex tension in the vocal cords and the voice sounds weak. The muscles of the face and lips trying to take all the load, compensating for the poor performance of the lower part of the “voice systems” and the speaker begins to look neestestvenno, he or she seemed to grimace.


The result is a strong loss or diction or excessive facial expressions and loss of confidence.


Without relaxed, freely moving diaphragm voice lacked “support”. Diaphragm for speech is like roots to a tree and neglected its role in the work on her voice, the same as wanting to have flowers in the house growing up, but do not water them.


6. “Tubby”


  • Lie on your back. Place one hand on chest, other on belly.
  • Your task each time you breathe in raise your hand on the abdomen, when you exhale to lower it.
  • The hand on your chest should remain stationary.


The more often and longer you do this exercise, the more proper breathing becomes a habit. When the exercise is finished, do the same in an upright position, trying to reinflate the anterior wall and sides of the abdomen, but in any case do not lift when breathing no shoulders, no chest.


Breathe with your belly, as babies do. Up to 3 years children are still not aware of the opinion of yourself of their environment and breathe naturally with your belly. They even look like little puzatiki.


Then these kids already want to look beautiful and fit… and lifting, of course, occurs in the region of the diaphragm. Since then our life is self-imposed stress and its consequence of weak voice and clear diction.


Bad diction and a weak voice usually affects boxers and bodybuilders because of their habit to hold their breath.


Breathe with your stomach and working on the entire amplitude of the diaphragm does not simply lend beauty to your voice, but also relaxes you overall.


7. “Tremors”


  • Feet on width of shoulders, hands and head are hanging freely downward, eyes closed, belly protruding forward in complete relaxation.
  • Start making frequent small amplitude vibrational motion in the knees.
  • Even better fit vibration machine (a platform that strongly and frequently shaking).


Shaking all cells of the body makes you feel the pockets of tension in the body because strained and relaxed cells vibrate differently.


The use of double:

1. You know what body part do you consciously tense and unable to relax, or to prevent further tension

2. Tense muscles loosen themselves from the vibration.


This exercise is secret and advanced speakers doing it behind the scenes. Outstanding speaker Tony Robbins is always on vibration machine and jumps on a small trampoline backstage before their performances (the trampoline, in addition to the benefits from the vibration, raises the level of energy at the first contact with people after leaving the wings).


The transversely striped muscles (like biceps and triceps for example) at the same time enter in a pleasant tone, and smooth muscles (muscles of the vocal cords and throat) relax.


8. “Come out of the toilet”


Stop hold your breath in any situation. Not creatice and not push. Tension accumulated and frequently to get rid of it you just have to stop it to accumulate. Always breathe easily and freely.


As a child I had a friend, who later graduated from drugs, prison, and now he’s gone. What I distinctly remember is that he constantly groaned. Guess, but a wrong interpretation of the world and unweighted solutions, a line in his life failed a simple thing – he just could not cope with the tension that he accumulated every day of his life when he needed to breathe, he could not relax the diaphragm and sought out chronic tension.


Yes, everything happens just like in the movie about Dr. house.


9. Make the exhale longer


During exhalation, the entire body “falls asleep”. While exhaling, heartbeat more slowly than during inhalation of 10-20%, and sometimes more slowly. Doctors familiar with this concept, as arrhythmia in athletes, when the slowing of the heart during exhalation exceeds the permissible limits.


Remember the instructions of your coach: “the Exhalation should be together with effort!” to smooth out the load on the system.


Our body has two nervous systems: sympathetic (stressful) and parasympathetic (relaxing). Exhale strain off the sympathetic nervous system and activates the parasympathetic relaxing (we are talking about the tension of smooth muscles of blood vessels, intestines, and not transversely striped biceps or triceps).


If you, on the contrary, will consciously to inhale longer and exhale sharp and short, your blood pressure and increase heart rate will increase, which will put you in a state of tension and stress. Most likely you did so before he entered into a state of surge, but not consciously.


10. Lie on your back on bolster


Bolster is a sack of soft content, which resembles rolled into a roll of blanket. Its diameter is 15 – 20 cm.


  • Lie on his blades and put your arms out to the sides and up.


This exercise will stretch the muscles of the chest, abdomen and arms (stretched muscles can be strained), and most importantly – will stretch the diaphragm, which will send signals of calm over the body with each inhale and exhale. The body will be to listen to yourself and calm down from his breathing.


  • Breathing, as always, belly.


11. Breathing through one nostril


  • Alternately breathe in 3 times through one nostril, then 3 times through the other.


In the mode of lack of oxygen the body has to reduce its activity and tranquility will be imposed on your brain and body, even if he originally wanted to rant and rave.


12. Running


My favorite exercise. Helps to achieve a healthy and uniform tone in the body with simultaneous relaxation of facial muscles, larynx (vocal muscles) and diaphragm.


Highly recommend to combine listening to audio books, to “communicate with an intelligent man” while running away.


Abundant oxygenation (oxygen saturation) of all tissues of the body feeds the body an invisible “fuel” (oxygen needed for muscles and systems) and causes the brain to generate new ideas during and after my run. Speeding up the blood flow, running removes toxins from the muscles and systems.


In addition, healthy vibration while running specifies the body for pockets of tension and he get rid of them.


Of the minuses – running is contraindicated to those who are concerned about pain and discomfort in the joints.


My friend replaced running with swimming, but swim only in special headphones under recommended me audio book.published econet.ru.

Alexander Gerasimenko


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