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12 foods that may soon disappear
The contents

  • Fruits and not only
    • Honey
    • Avocado
    • Bananas
    • Almonds
  • What kind of berries under threat
    • Strawberry
  • What other food can disappear
    • Wheat, corn and rice
    • Peanuts
  • You may have to change some habits
    • Wine
    • Chocolate
    • Soy

Global warming poses a tremendous threat to our planet, plants and animals because it changes the special conditions in which agriculture could thrive at the right level. There are 12 foods that may disappear due to climate change on our planet. The disappearance of one of these products may be fatal and fundamental as it will completely change the ecosystem. First of all, of course, it’s bee products. The pollination of a significant part of plants we use for food, depends on the small honey bees.

Fruits and not only

Endangered are the products of both the animal and vegetable origin. This primarily fruits, nuts and cereals. These changes can significantly affect our diet and lifestyle.


The extinction of bees can affect many different plants and products. It should be noted that fewer bees will produce a tasty honey. Without bees whole ecosystems can collapse. In addition, this will increase the price of food. And not only plants, but animals depend on plants pollinated by bees. After the disappearance of the bees will disappear and fruit trees.

To protect the bees need to reduce the use of pesticides for growing fruit trees and shrubs, which weaken the immune system of bees and make them more susceptible to disease.

Even in his garden should try to use safer chemicals against insects and pests, or use folk remedies — pepper, garlic, soap, or mustard.


This is one type of fruit tree that needs pollination by bees. After the disappearance of insects, we may lose these fruits.

Another reason for the decrease of avocado is that its cultivation requires a lot of water. And with its deficit growing these trees can be a real problem.


Another fruit that may soon disappear — bananas. Globally increasing emissions of exhaust gases and unstable climatic and temperature conditions affect when and where will be the harvest.

Bananas, for example, grow in moderate weather, then, to Mature, need constant watering. Farmers are now forced to invest in expensive irrigation systems that each year their crop of bananas was ready.

In history it has been the case when the most popular variety of banana — Cavendish, was the victim of a disease called “Tropical race”, which destroyed banana plantations around the world.


Water drought and the lack of bees — these are just a few of the reasons why almond is under threat of extinction. For the cultivation of almonds required a huge amount of water and its shortage, which is happening everywhere due to climate change can have a huge impact on the growth of these nuts. So, without pollination and water, these are rich in protein and nuts can disappear.

What kind of berries under threat


Unstable climatic conditions at the harvest season of strawberries lead to a reduction in the number of berries.

The gradual change in temperature conditions leads to delayed flowering. And that can only mean one thing — a steady decline in percent harvest strawberries, as well as the growth of prices for this product.

What other food can disappear

Wheat, corn and rice

Endangered are not only berries and fruit, but other foods.
In the study it was found that the cultivation of wheat, maize and rice (collectively, the most important crops for people all over the world) is under threat of extinction.

According to the Food and agricultural organization of the United Nations, the yield of wheat, maize and rice is 51% of the total consumption of cereals in the world, and it is expected that by 2050, global demand for crops will increase by 33%.


Peanuts are great nuts, but for their cultivation needs a stable temperature. Too little water and they won’t grow; too much water and they are covered with mold. They also do not respond well to high temperatures — peanut shoots of the tree burn from the sun and stop growing.

A large part of the peanut comes to us from the South. Thus, many believe that peanuts may disappear sooner than we can imagine.

You may have to change some habits

The disappearance of some products can change not only our diet. Certain consumers will have to change their eating habits. It’s not just about changing the diet and exclusion of the usual fruits, vegetables and nuts. The abyss are those things without which many can not imagine their life.


Climate change can affect bees, water and our wine. Due to changes in temperature and length of season, around the world of traditional wine production is on the verge of extinction. A wine cellar needs to move from place to place, so as to change the varieties of grapes is impossible, but because of climate change facing the vineyards. This can mean a reduction or even cessation of production of favorite varieties of wine.

Of the 1,100 varieties of grapes only about 12 of them (1%) produce most of our favorite wines. According to a recent study, climate change, nature in the next 50 years will hit the production of wine, because the areas with high-quality grapes become too hot for growing and wine production.

There is hope. If grape plants will start to use a variety of other grapes, the wine industry can survive.


Says National oceanic and atmospheric administration, cocoa able to grow and prosper, if adhered to a strict set of conditions for growing cocoa trees. Not only that, cacao can only grow at 20° C in the North and South near the equator. Very important and other parameters — if the humidity is not high enough or the soil is not enriched, cocoa trees will wither and die.

Since many of the cocoa plantations are located in areas where the average temperature for the year was volatile (and therefore less suitable for the growth of cocoa), a study conducted by the International centre for tropical agriculture predicted that farmers will receive a significant reduction in the cocoa crop by 2030.


An international team of scientists researching climate impacts, has developed a computer simulation that helped them to determine how important different cultures react to increases in temperature, and the results are devastating.

According to researchers, if the world will not reduce the amount of harmful emissions, the harvest of soybean crops will be reduced by 40% by 2100.

People around the world depend on soybeans, because they know the value of protein, and a world without soy means a world without the many products that are made from soy, but that’s not the worst. From soybeans produce 90% of oilseed products — sources of biofuels. What makes soy one of the most economically important products in the world.

Our diet mainly consists of those products which we can freely buy. The disappearance of certain fruits, berries, nuts can lead to the fact that you have to reconsider your diet and replace conventional foods counterparts. But not all is a possible option. So you need to be a little more attentive towards the environment and, whenever possible, to keep those plants which we can lose.

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