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5 fashion gadgets for weight loss that don’t work

The contents

  • Harmony without physical and diets

    • Items of clothing with sauna effect
    • Patches for weight loss
    • Dietary Taser
    • Vibrating massagers for cellulite
    • The device for “lazy charging”

Today to lose weight and attain a slim, toned body does not necessarily have a substantial contribution to the Bank and to use the services of advanced fitness trainers and nutritionists. To the rescue can come the latest gadgets for figure correction: the cunning rope, smart bathroom scales, fitness trackers… But stop! With them quickly do not lose weight, and forces will have to put a lot!

And they say that there are gadgets that give the result without any effort from the user. Do they really “melt” fat in a week make a “chunk” in “the skinny”?

Harmony without physical and diets

Sporting goods stores, various Internet sites and catalogs of Chinese products at catchy price offer the impossible: the “magic tools” that allow you to eat everything and lose weight.

Reading their advertising slogans, a thoughtful reader might wonder, then, where among our compatriots, so many people are overweight? Why is their number increasing every year, if “penny” you can buy products that burn fat?

And we are not talking about diet pills, dangerous properties which is a proven fact. And trendy gadgets, which are at first glance useful, or at least not able to harm. Is it worth to use them?

Items of clothing with sauna effect

A wide belt, shorts and swimwear, bodysuit & leggings — goods, which can solve the problem of excess body volume, more than enough. You can choose for every taste and budget.

Manufacturers promote funds, who this week promised to remove 4-5 inches in the waist, and two to 8-10. Don’t have to sweat in the gym or take pills — just wear the belt while watching TV and lose weight!

Does it work?

According to the manufacturers, the effectiveness of “magic” items of clothing based on the local increase metabolism, sweating in the correction area and, as a consequence, the local breakdown of fat cells. However, this is only a hypothesis that has nothing to do with reality.

The thermal effect actually increases energy expenditure (calorie burning) that are to be reimbursed, including, at the expense of adipose tissue. But not in a specific area, the insulated film.

Stocks “destroyed” in accordance with the genetic type of adiposis has. That is, if the stomach lose weight you have the latest and the chest first, then the belt prostimulirujte reducing the volume in the chest area. The waist area is also slightly reduced, but primarily because that will take excess water.


In fairness it should be noted that if you use garments with sauna effect during sports, the result really will come a little faster. However, before you fasten your belt, you need to weigh the possible risks to health and to familiarize yourself with its use. So, it cannot be used in hot socks duration should not exceed 30-45 minutes, and internal organs should not be squeezed.

Patches for weight loss

The selection of patches for weight loss today is huge. In stores you can easily purchase the products of Chinese, Korean, American and European manufacturers. Each product has its own unique composition of the impregnation. However, it usually consists of vegetable substances, which are used in alternative medicine to enhance the body’s metabolism and intense fat burning. The most popular brands of products: Beauty Style, Cettua, Lusero, Florecan.

They share identical rules for applying patches. Stick the product to the selected area, hold from 30 minutes to days to remove and stick a new patch in 2-3 cm from the previous gluing. Applying the patch is recommended to be combined with workouts and diets.

Does it work?

The essence of all patches is about the same. According to their creators, they “aktiviziruyutsya” under the influence of heat emanating from the body, whereby the impregnation is softened, and through the skin the body receives substances that enhance blood circulation and lymph flow, which is beneficial to the metabolism. The most common active substances of the impregnating — red pepper, turmeric, caffeine, citrus extracts etc.

But experts believe that patches for weight loss are weak, similar to massage local areas effect. So without effort — training in the gym or pool, but also the correction menu, the result is not achieved.

Dietary Taser

To protect yourself from excess weight with the help of a Taser offer another producers “tricky” gadgets. They created a device that is able to “tame” appetite. It is believed that when used correctly it stimulates the points responsible for the feeling of hunger and so suppress it.

Does it work?

Although the basis for the creation of the device lies an indisputable truth — to eat less, need less food put in your mouth, he has its disadvantages. To achieve stable results, dieters need to learn to control appetite and to distinguish it from hunger. While eating is necessary to reduce the probability of disruption, but at the same time to obtain a sufficient number of calories per day.

Control of appetite with the help of third-party devices do not teach a person to correctly interpret the processes that occur in the human body. In fact often hunger is disguised banal thirst or appetite.


Statistics show that in the US only for the last 5 years, stun guns have led to the death of 150 people. And although the protective device emit a larger charge current than those that are used in “diet” versions, use the current in the preventive purposes, and without consultation with a doctor is hardly a good idea.

Vibrating massagers for cellulite

To get rid of “orange peel” and extra pounds in the hips and buttocks and attain a perfectly flat stomach. All are capable of different types of vibrating massagers. At least in this convince them of the manufacturers.

At the heart of the fashionable gadget — massage stimulates blood circulation and improves metabolism, allowing are removed from the body excess fluid and increases muscle mass. What is true and what is not?

Does it work?

To achieve perfect skin on the thighs and buttocks and a flat stomach with a massage — not an easy task. The effect is only on the superficial tissue. Muscles are not affected, thus the skin will not tighten and will not be elastic. Even when planning procedures in beauty clinics and fitness centres, experts recommend to combine them with a healthy lifestyle. Without this, nothing happens.

The device for “lazy charging”

To gain six pack abs that you have always dreamed of, without intensive training in the gym now actually. It is promised by the manufacturers of muscle stimulation for home use and devices “for the lazy charging”.

While the person is resting with a Cup of coffee in a chair, with a book on the sofa or on the go driving, the gadget works by forcing the muscles to contract (due to the effect of electric pulses) and thus to grow.

Does it work?

The idea of creating homemade gadgets to study muscle was borrowed from professional EMS devices. They are used in rooms equipped specially for those who work a lot and can’t exercise regularly. In this case, the device will maintain the results achieved, and will not allow the muscles to “dry up”. The perfect solution EMS-training and for those undergoing rehabilitation after injuries. However, to become slimmer just by using EMS-training — is impossible.

Must be connected to a full fitness workout. No matter how developed your abdominal muscles if they are under a layer of fat, it won’t be noticeable. So, to lose weight you need other ways. And this is not to mention that portable devices for the lazy charge on all parameters inferior to professional equipment.


Electrical stimulation, which formed the basis of the EMS training used by Soviet physicians in 1950-m to year for the recovery of the astronauts after returning to Earth. In the 70-ies of the methodology adopted American experts and turned into a public kind of fitness.

Expert commentary

Malia Frey, fitness trainer, specialist in nutrition

No weight loss program or diet will not work until you set a solid goal of success. This “road — map” which helps at all stages of the journey, the task of which is guaranteed to lose weight.

Without motivation and goals you are like a driver who jumps in your car, but do not know where to go. It is unlikely in this case, it would go away.

After setting the correct goals talk to your doctor. He’ll tell you how in the pursuit of harmony is not to lose health and will help to develop the right steps in the right direction.

If the weight loss will be tempted to give up, fight it! Remind yourself of the reasons why you start to lose weight and the results you will achieve if you do not stop.

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