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nutrition, lifestyle, myths and reality
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6 common myths about nutrition
The contents

  • Proper nutrition and constant hunger
  • Even the most rigid diet tastier and more enjoyable
  • New eating habits will eat up the budget
  • A proper diet eliminates the consumption of fat
  • Will have to give up sweets, including fruit
  • Prohibited alcohol and other excesses

To change your life and not the most healthy eating habits prevent many of the many myths that have developed around healthy lifestyle. Proper diet is boring, tasteless and expensive, said one and the other one picked up. It’s time to tell the truth and to allow others to take a step towards your health and well-being.

Proper nutrition and constant hunger

Many see the transition to a proper balanced diet as the beginning of the hunger strike. In fact, it’s totally not necessary. The only trouble is that to think about changing their way of life, people begin when they understand that their weight has long exceeded the norm and I got something to do with it. Many by this time had become a negative experience of the application of strict diets, did not give any result, if not triggered the recruitment of even more extra pounds.

A balanced diet really is the last hope, but the stereotypes and myths scare ignorant people, making it difficult to take the first step on the way to its of slimness and good health. In fact, eat right – it does not mean to starve. In contrast, it often calls for frequent and fractional food intake, eliminates a strong sense of hunger.

Even the most rigid diet tastier and more enjoyable

It is unclear where the belief that healthy food is tasteless. This can be partly explained by the lack in the system of its rules of roasting as such, but familiar and tasty Golden crust can be obtained and the method of baking, which is much healthier. Many people sincerely cannot understand how you can get pleasure from a salad and will never be able to equate it in strength of taste sensations with pancakes from the nearest supermarket.

Actually blissfully squinting, stroking his belly with pleasure, we make many flavors that producers generously added to their products. To get rid of them, and the pancakes will not be there. But who decided to change their most helpful eating habits there is one trump card – the spice that can add a lot of new colors to the usual dishes. And if you learn how to prepare complex multi-component filling, the vegetables will be of great gastronomic pleasure.

New eating habits will eat up the budget

Many are in no hurry to join the proper diet, believing this folly can not afford. Indeed, the opportunity to regularly eat avocado, prawns and olive oil are not at all, and to buy tomatoes in winter, but this is not necessary. To change its own preferences is possible without a significant expenditure if you pay attention to the overseas fruits and vegetables, and our family – turnips and beets, cabbage, carrots, radish. One can prepare many kinds of dishes, and if you really want tomatoes, it’s better to use frozen as berries.

In fact, it probably is not in price but in time. Most modern people it is sorely lacking, which makes buying finished products and semi-finished products, significantly reduces the cooking time. However, few people know that this significantly increases the cost of the product, but the products are natural that you need to bring, to cut, and then another, and to cook, can greatly save the family budget.

A proper diet eliminates the consumption of fat

Everything is exactly the opposite. There is a strict diet and such, I must say, the majority of which state to completely abandon fats in the diet. Proper nutrition does not pursue such goals. On the contrary, any nutritionist will tell you that it is harmful to abandon fats, which are essential for our body. Fats are part of cell membranes, provide the production of hormones and the synthesis of other important biological substances. However, fats fats strife. The greatest benefit to the body is able to bring vegetable fats. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which unlike the rich, do not increase and decrease the level of cholesterol in the body.

Therefore, even those who follow a slimming diet, as well as passing on a balanced diet do not give up fat. Should just reduce their volume and to replace most animal fats vegetable. There are many ways to do it. For example, choose lean meat varieties – beef, veal, rabbit, and salad dressings use vegetable oil.

Will have to give up sweets, including fruit

Just fruit diet is recommended to replace the usual sweets and sugar. Is it possible to refuse such a useful and delicious snack and call it tasteless? But what about the sugar that they contain, will tell someone? Because they are too sweet! In fact, scientists from Harvard University found that contained in fruit sugar does not cause such a dramatic increase in the level of glucose in the blood, as it is purified refined counterpart. The thing is that he assimilated, along with many vitamins and fiber, acting much softer and gentler. In addition, the light is not so much too sweet fruit. Frankly cloying can be attributed, perhaps, only dates, figs and some grapes, but the most usual seasonal berries and fruits can be eaten without fear for their health.

Prohibited alcohol and other excesses

Of course, a great force of will can boast not all, but changing your habits does not require special victims. It is more typical for diets that impose strict limitations on the diet. Just when a person goes to a proper diet, he always understands what he needs. Typically, the goal is to improve your health and wellbeing, and to prevent the development of disease, and so of course it turns out that harmful addictions place in life just do not remain. Well, many here know where is the line between a glass of red wine with dinner and copious libations in the course of the night, a small dessert at the coffee shop or a half cake.

When there is a desire to change their lives for the better, then the person is looking for ways, not excuses. As you can see, not so scary, and most of the stereotypes should not believe. All really doable when there is a goal and desire to become healthier and happier.

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