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6 mistakes when losing weight
The contents

  • Weight loss in a specific body part
  • Fasting is proper nutrition
  • The rejection of the fractional power
  • Improper physical activity
  • Constant lack of sleep
  • Excessive self-pity

The desire to be thinner is so strong that anything goes. Even harmful ways. What mistakes are often made when losing weight?

Weight loss in a specific body part

Common mistake — the desire to lose weight in a specific part of the body. For example, I want to lose weight in the hips or arms, and the rest of the piece suit. However, slimming is not the case. Usually involves the whole body, and often lose weight first, what was quite happy, but the most problematic part is getting skinnier in the last turn.

So do not expect that losing weight will only become slimmer waistline or only the belly. You have to be prepared for the fact that the extra inches will go everywhere (even where it is not needed).

Fasting is proper nutrition

Another common mistake, especially early in the process, is the choice of fasting or a drastic reduction in calories. But it is very harmful for health. Yes, losing weight does not help.

Refusal of food leads to a slowing of metabolism. Therefore, the fat burning almost completely stops. During the fasting period weight loss possible, because out excess water. But after the process stops, and if you start eating normally, the pounds will gain even more.

So you should choose a wholesome diet or proper nutrition. Yes, weight loss will go slower, but it will not stop.

Great options: Russian, Mediterranean and protein-vegetable diet. The diet is varied and balanced, hunger will not torment while getting rid of the extra pounds will go pretty quickly.

Here is an example of simple and useful menu:

  • morning: oatmeal with walnuts and strawberries, a cheese sandwich and green tea;
  • snack: smoothie made from pear, arugula, kiwi and banana;
  • lunch: soup-puree of pumpkin with seeds and cheese, a piece of boiled chicken with salad, compote;
  • afternoon snack: salad with cottage cheese, cucumber, tomato and greens;
  • dinner: omelet with sweet peppers and herbs, bread, yogurt.

To be useful the menu is very simple. And this food is much better of a starvation diet.

The rejection of the fractional power

A proper diet involves three main meals and 2-3 snacks (subject to the occurrence of hunger). But there are rare and very tightly — another mistake dieters. But don’t force yourself to eat if you do not want. If there are no feelings of hunger and food already came, you can wait or be confined to a light broth or a smoothie.

If the amount of food is small, gaining weight just will not succeed. And eating every three hours allows you to control the feeling of hunger. In addition, the body will understand that he will not starve, so no need to stock up on extra fats.

If in the morning to drink a Cup of coffee, lunch, snacking on a sandwich and in the evening to eat the soup, two chops, mashed potatoes and a muffin with tea, neither of which losing weight is not out of the question. This is absolutely the wrong food, which on the contrary promote rapid weight gain.

Improper physical activity

First of all, physical exercise should be manageable. Do not just start doing a few hours in the gym to carry weights or run at a high pace. We need to start with a small load, gradually increasing it.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that physical activity should be varied. It is best to pick different classes and training. For example, three times a week to run, and a couple of times — to train in the gym. A day to sit, and then a couple times seven days to walk home will not be enough.

During the day (beyond basic training) you should try to move more, to walk, to climb stairs, to do morning exercises. Do not forget about such physical exertion, as dancing, outdoor games with the children, General cleaning.

Constant lack of sleep

Sleep means a lot for health and figure. But it is often ignored. During sleep the body starts the recovery process. And it is necessary for normal functioning.

If you constantly sleep at five o’clock, the body can not fully recover. And this affects not only health, but also on the shape. Long — wakefulness is stress to the body, so it begins to store body fat.

If you consciously reduce the time of sleep, should reconsider their positions. Have to get up early? So, try to go to sleep at 22 o’clock or even earlier. A lot of Affairs and fails to finish at 21.00? So, it’s time to deal with the regime of the day, to remember about time management.

Not get to sleep on time? It is necessary to find the cause. Maybe the clothes are not too comfortable or worried about a problem at work? First of all, we need a place to sleep: ventilate area, pick up natural linen. In addition, you need to calm down. You can drink a Cup of herbal tea, take a bath or go for a walk. Before bedtime it is important to relax.

Excessive self-pity

Do not constantly think about what yourself have to restrict food or force to deal with. To not be constantly feeling sorry for myself. This is a serious error, which prevents weight loss and can spoil everything.

To not have the desire to empathize with ourselves regularly, we need to understand that losing weight is necessary for you. It’s improved health, that you will become more flexible body, muscles will be stronger. So what’s to feel sorry for myself? After all, the actions you take help to get better.

Of course, you always have to work a bit to get a good result. And this rule is not only for weight loss but for other areas of life. So pity is misplaced here.

However, it should not always be the steadfast tin soldier. If they become hard, costs a bit to cheer myself up: to prepare something tasty (if you really want), cancel the once a month classes (if you don’t have the strength and desire).

To lose weight we must slowly, gradually, without sharp jumps in weight. And preferably do it in fun, without any strain.

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