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6 myths about food that we likeem network

The contents

  • Myth 1: you can’t drink coffee at night
  • Myth 2: To combat oxidation we need to take antioxidants
  • Myth 3: Putting honey in hot tea is a bad habit
  • Myth 4: detox-drinks cleanse the body
  • Myth 5: Oily food harmful to health
  • Myth 6: Salt and sugar have no place in a healthy lifestyle

Someone thinks the Internet is the greatest achievement of mankind, and someone evil, but to ignore it, to ignore it is impossible. In the network we learn a lot, but it also can wittingly or not, to act as disinformation, because often we believe and likem posts incompetent scientists and doctors, and the usual cushion of experts and “pitoresc”. What foods have earned a bad reputation unfairly and what not to believe, after reading the information on the Internet?

Myth 1: you can’t drink coffee at night

That this drink invigorates and increases vitality, everyone knows, but not everybody is aware that this reaction is highly individual. In fact, everything depends on the activity of a particular gene, which is responsible for the metabolism of caffeine. At high sensitivity to this alkaloid, a person need to even minute amounts of caffeine for a powerful stimulant effect and as a consequence problems with sleep. For low sensitivity is characterized by rapid metabolism in the liver, so people can drink coffee even before going to sleep, although doctors do not recommend to exceed the maximum allowable rate of 5 cups per day.

So it all depends on the reaction of his own body, which is established empirically. Each person understands, how much coffee he can consume in order to feel comfortable. If he notices a link between inability to sleep and drunk shortly before a Cup of coffee, then this habit should be abandoned.

Myth 2: To combat oxidation we need to take antioxidants

With the advent home Internet, people began to understand the peculiarities of your body and even put a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. As they say, “Woe from wit”. Here and about the necessity of taking a large number of antioxidants we have also learned from the network. Many have encouraged the idea of fighting with them free radicals, bad knowing what they actually represent and how do they work. The most important thing is to isolate the essence, but the essence is that the antioxidant vitamins prolong youth and delay aging.

However, most of the studies regarding the antioxidant activity of the fruits was conducted in the laboratory. Exactly how much of the vitamins and antioxidants contained in the particular fruit and how much they need to eat to obtain a pronounced effect, scientists can not yet say. That is, blueberries and carrots will never be able to solve problems with vision, replacing the medications is to consume these foods in the prevention and try to live a healthy lifestyle, if you want to be old keep fit body and spirit.

Myth 3: Putting honey in hot tea is a bad habit

The network is not just possible to meet the Council not to put honey in boiling tea. While some sources indicated that under high temperature it dissolved nutrients, while others write that it will create a harmful substance called hydroxymethylfurfural. However, it is also found in other foods, especially sugar, is obtained by heating. This is, firstly, and secondly, the potential risk to human health for this substance has remained unproven. Therefore, we can safely put honey in hot tea, and even boil it. After adding this product of beekeeping in cakes, and other dishes, in particular meat in Georgian.

Myth 4: detox-drinks cleanse the body

Perhaps one of the biggest myths widely spread in the network, associated with the detox drinks and their ability to cleanse the body of “toxins”. Today only the lazy does not conduct a regular cleansing of the body, but from what exactly he thus purified can not answer neither the man himself nor the producers of such products. If we are talking about facilitating the work of the intestine and eliminating constipation problems, regular habit of drinking smoothies and eating fruits and vegetables can really be helpful. If a person invests in this concept a different meaning, then have to disappoint him. Cleansing the body may need those who are regularly confronted with highly toxic and poisonous substances, but are used much more effective means than smoothies and various Supplements.

Myth 5: Oily food harmful to health

In General, any attempt to eliminate from the diet fats, carbohydrates or proteins — essential nutrients for our body is fraught with unpleasant consequences. And if we were talking about fat and overweight, they caused, it is worth noting that fatty foods rarely cause an uncontrolled increase in body weight, in contrast to carbohydrate. That is, glucose is converted in the body into fat, putting off reserve at the indefatigable consumption of scones, muffins and sweets.

But from carbohydrate foods should not give up, just need to know what carbs to consume is a complex, which is rich in grains, or simple, contained in abundance in baked goods. Same thing with fats. At tendency to corpulence is better to replace a piece of animal vegetable fats, which, contrary to popular belief, do not increase and decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood, helping to fight obesity. Do not be afraid of all fat products, without exception. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle try to limit your intake of fast food and convenience foods, which contain the most harmful type of fat — TRANS fats that cause cancer and other health problems.

Myth 6: Salt and sugar have no place in a healthy lifestyle

It is believed that leading a healthy lifestyle does not have to consume sugar and salt, which allegedly cause the body irreparable harm. Alternatively, it is proposed to replace common salt in any exotic- black, Asiatic or Iranian. In fact, useful is only one piece of advice — replace the salt sea, because it increased the content of iodine, which means it could be used in the prevention of iodine deficiency and its consequences. Completely abandon the habit to cook with salt is impossible, because it is necessary for our body to maintain water balance, transmission of nerve impulses.

Sugar also plays in the body is not the last role a powerful source of energy, but people with overweight and diabetes from this food product really is better to refuse.
As can be seen, the network has a lot of unverified, and often outright false information, which could violate the right ideas about food and instead use to bring harm to health. We should not blindly believe everything you read on the Internet. You can only trust reputable publications and sources, reviews real experts and doctors. Only with this approach it is possible to form a correct and healthy attitude to food.

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