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7 most harmful ways of losing weight

The contents

  • Fasting for quick weight loss
  • The transition to a raw food diet
  • Long diet with 1-2 products in the diet
  • Sharp cuts calorie diet
  • Weight loss with supplements
  • Diets that involve drinking a large amount of vinegar
  • Liquid diet

That immediately makes those who have set a goal to lose weight? Of course, reconsider your diet. And instead of having to buy a gym membership, start multi-day exhausting diets with a rather meager set of products, with meager portions on schedule. Proper weight loss is a rather lengthy process. But in the pursuit of the perfect figure man does not think about what a sharp change of habitual diet may have a negative impact on his health. What diets should be treated with extreme caution?

Fasting for quick weight loss

Despite all the assurances of nutritionists, starvation remains quite popular Express way to reduce weight. It seems that a complete lack of food for several days will help to quickly throw off those extra pounds. Maybe so, but even short fasting can harm your health.

In the body during fasting, not doing the important nutrients, lack of energy to perform the simplest of physical actions. Begin to consume domestic “stocks” — but it is mainly not fat cells and muscle tissue. It turns out that fat after finishing the “hungry” diets on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs still. After fasting (especially long) a sharp return to the old diet will lead to throw pounds soon return. And most likely, you will gain even more.

Even cyclic starvation (periodic refusal of food for a period of 10-16 h), which is now popular among the followers of healthy nutrition, it is better to practice it under strict “supervision” of a nutritionist.

The transition to a raw food diet

The raw food diet recently become extremely popular means of losing weight. A system of power in which from the diet completely eliminates the use of food, subjected to heat treatment.

A raw food diet cannot be called a diet. It’s a lifestyle, such as vegetarianism. Man refuses food of animal origin, moving to plant-based foods because you can eat them raw. Weight reduction will be noticeable, since the reduced calorie menu due to the lack of meat. But nutritionists are concerned that the lack of animal food, which is the source of important amino acids and saturated fats, can lead to hormonal disruptions in the body, the deceleration in the growth of muscle mass.

It is not recommended to live permanently in the “mode” of the raw food diet. And in adolescence, when the organism is actively growing and requires admission important nutrients of food and do is to forget.

Long diet with 1-2 products in the diet

Diets that are based only 1-2 products, can be called unbalanced, and accordingly, it is not suitable for healthy weight loss. The body does not get the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for an active life. Excess weight will go away just by reducing caloric menu. But why torture yourself with low-fat yogurt, if you can just eat varied, making a menu based on a valid for you the daily calorie?

Long mono is banned. But fasting days 2-3 times a month will be very useful for those who want to lose weight. This is the day when you eat, such as apples or cucumbers. Periodic “unloading” is extremely useful in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Sharp cuts calorie diet

It is impossible to identify a normal-calorie diet that would guarantee all the weight loss. All strictly individually. The “right” caloric content of the menu will depend on many factors — activity of man, his age, height and initial weight. Ideally, what the nutritionist needs to calculate this figure.

A sharp decrease calories without mapping all the source data can be hazardous to health. Sure, you will have to abandon whole food groups. It will reduce your activity and will lead to serious psychological pressure, which can provoke the failure of the diet.

Weight loss with supplements

There are still people who believe in “miracle” Supplements that reduce weight. Man has high hopes, buying the pills, because the manufacturer promises almost instant weight loss, but eventually gets the pacifier” is at best. At worst, detrimental to their own health.

Some of the dietary Supplements illegal to sell, but through online shopping you can buy anything you want. The composition is not patented action is clinically proven. Is very skeptical of such pills. There are no medicines that really burn fat cells. It is a myth.

Diets that involve drinking a large amount of vinegar

On the Internet you can find a lot of diets and nutrition tips that involve drinking vinegar (mostly Apple). It is believed that it speeds up metabolism, removes toxins and water burns fat. Everything is a myth. Vinegar by itself will not help to lose weight, and even worse, cause health problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not forget that even low-concentrated Apple cider vinegar is an acid. Its use in larger quantities will irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach that can cause gastritis and pancreatitis.

Liquid diet

At the peak of popularity weight loss with smoothies. These drinks are processed into a puree of vegetables, berries and fruits is extremely useful. But not in the case when you become the main food for a long period of time.

Regular consumption of foods in puree form (smoothies, cream soups) can lead to “disruptions” in the gastrointestinal tract. If you abuse this diet, solid food due to a lack of sufficient enzymes in the stomach and intestines will not digest, and the body will be difficult to absorb incoming useful nutrients.

Let the smoothie will be a useful addition to your diet, not the main meal. Periodic diet to puréed foods are the place to be, but only under the supervision of a nutritionist!

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