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9 benefits of dark chocolate for health
The contents

  • Chocolate — “food of God”
  • On the image: types of chocolate
  • 9 benefits of dark chocolate for health
    • 1. Chocolate makes adults and children happy
    • 2. Protects the heart and arteries
    • 3. Improves concentration and attention
    • 4. Helps to fight wrinkles
    • 5. Lowers blood pressure
    • 6. Improves athletic achievements of athletes
    • 7. Strengthens the immune system
    • 8. Promotes weight loss
    • 9. Prevents skin cancer

Chocolate is the most popular and the sweetness in the world. Every year on this “drug” consumers spend about $ 7 billion. However, not all know that real chocolate is actually very bitter (its almost impossible), and no tile at all, but a thick, foamy drink!

Chocolate — “food of God”

First tasted chocolate the ancient Maya. And this was in the year 500 BC. Archaeological excavations have shown that this ancient civilization was made out of cocoa thick, foamy drink. But could be consumed only the gods and very rich. Hence the second name of chocolate — “food of God”.

Mellifluous name chocolate comes from the Aztec word xocolātl, meaning “bitter water”.

The peak of the popularity of the chocolate drink was in the reign of the last Emperor of the Aztecs — Montezuma II (1502-1520). “The Emperor of the world” called it “the divine drink, which increases stamina and fights fatigue” Cup of cocoa in his opinion, allowed a human being to spend all day without food.

In the early sixteenth century in North and South America and Europe, chocolate became famous for medicine. They treated many diseases: fever, cough, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. In 1577, the year the Spanish Explorer Francisco hernández wrote that the Mexicans ate the roasted cocoa beans, crushed into powder, as the recovery from dysentery.

A new round of popularity of chocolate came in 1825-the year. French pharmacist Jean-Antoine Brutus Meunier opened a factory where bitter pills covered with a thin layer of chocolate to improve their taste and increase their marketability. When the sons of a pharmacist, continued his work, they focus on the production of chocolate, releasing the tile called Menier. Later the rights to it were sold to Nestle.

Did you know?

Most chocolate lovers live in Switzerland. On average, each resident of this small country consumes 10 kilograms of sweets a year.

On the image: types of chocolate

Real chocolate is very bitter indeed. It is a product naturally without sweeteners. It is used in cooking when the cook wants to adjust the sweetness level of the dish. It is also the basis for all kinds of chocolate products:

  • The most useful option — black bitter chocolate. It is made on the basis of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter with the icing sugar.
  • A sweeter variety — chocolate milk. Besides the above mentioned ingredients in the recipe included powdered milk. The sugar content in it, as a rule, higher than the previous position.
  • In the composition of white chocolate — cocoa butter, dry milk, sugar and vanilla. But cocoa in it, so many gourmets do not consider it chocolate: “you don’t deserve”!


Of the 20 known varieties of the cacao tree beans, only three varieties can bear fruit for cooking chocolate:

  • Forastero is 80-90% of the total number of beans used for making chocolate products all over the world, have for this African variety. All because it is very resistant to pests and diseases. About a third of the world crop of cocoa beans annually destroyed by pests and diseases. This variety — the opportunity to have unlimited access to fruit at any time.
  • Criollo is grown in Latin America. He has a very bright, rich fruit flavor but this variety is vulnerable to pests and diseases. Therefore, the fruit accounts for only 5-10% of the global turnover of the cacao fruit.
  • Trinitario — the hybrid of the above varieties grown in the Antilles in the Caribbean sea. Has a rich aroma, hardy. It accounts for 10-15% of the global turnover of cocoa beans.

9 benefits of dark chocolate for health

In our country, in the city of Pokrov, Vladimir region, installed the world’s only monument to chocolate. This is the “Chocolate fairy” in bronze, three metres tall and weighing 600 pounds. Is this artwork a few steps from the chocolate Museum.

Why so much respect to a simple dessert? Answer this question scientists and doctors.

1. Chocolate makes adults and children happy

Studies conducted in Finland, showed that children born to women who during pregnancy ate chocolate (in moderation!), more active and happy. And all because it contains the amino acid tryptophan, which the body needs for the synthesis of serotonin — the “happiness hormone”.

When planning the menu for mothers need to take into account that 100 g of dark chocolate about 80 mg of caffeine. The daily limit of caffeine for women in the state — 200 mg.


It is not necessary to replace the dark chocolate milk, since the last lot of sugar. This can lead to increased risk of gestational diabetes.

2. Protects the heart and arteries

Ten-year study by researchers at Aberdeen University in Scotland, showed that fans of dark chocolate rarely faced with cardiovascular disease. In a scientific experiment was attended by 25 thousand people!

Scientists have found that regular consumption of up to 100 g chocolate per day is associated with a decreased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. However, they also note that many chocolate lovers in General lead a healthier lifestyle.

3. Improves concentration and attention

Chocolate is a favorite snack of the students during the session. And there is a scientific explanation. Due to the content of theanine, it reduces the symptoms of stress, while enhancing focus and improving concentration.

Interesting fact!

Most of the Nobel laureates (at least prior to 2011) come from countries which are famous for high consumption of chocolate. Writes about this edition of New England Journal of Medicine.

4. Helps to fight wrinkles

Real dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants — hawks free radicals. Latest boost the aging process in the body, including the formation of wrinkles.

Studies have shown that people who consumed 20 grams of dark chocolate every day, without negative consequences for the skin to accept more UVB rays!

5. Lowers blood pressure

Great news for hypertensives! Dark variety of chocolate — a storehouse of healthy flavonoids — catechins and epicatechins.

A team of scientists from Melbourne University in Australia proved that people who constantly consume flavonoids have lower blood pressure. During the experiment, the participants used between 3 and 100 grams of chocolate per day, equivalent to 30 mg — 1 g of flavonoids.

6. Improves athletic achievements of athletes

In addition to caffeine and theobromine, which give light stimulating effect, reduces fatigue and increases concentration, chocolate contains a lot of magnesium. Today it is known that this substance helps athletes avoid cramping during and after exercise, and therefore — to improve the performance of the class. However, the rate for athletes is only 40 grams of chocolate a day.

Did you know?

Why chocolate melts in your mouth? It’s simple! At 25°C the cocoa butter maintains a solid shape, and at 32°C becomes liquid.

7. Strengthens the immune system

100-gram tile dark chocolate contains a record amount of valuable substances to the body! About 73% of the daily value of magnesium, 66% of manganese, 30% zinc, 66% iron and 12% selenium.

In the dairy tile all these components too, but in much smaller amounts. So when it comes to strengthening the immune system, preference is truly dark chocolate.

8. Promotes weight loss

Of course, the chocolate is very rich in calories. But he has one significant advantage. It contains a substance called resveratrol, which stimulates “burning” of fat. Surprisingly, chocolate is also present in fiber, which is responsible for good digestion. A significant role in the process of losing weight and playing a chocolate wrap, modeling a beautiful figure and eliminating the “orange peel”.

9. Prevents skin cancer

A study conducted in 2012-m to year in the United States with the participation of 120 thousand medical workers, showed that women and men who regularly consumed foods with caffeine (including chocolate), 13% had a lower risk of cancer of the skin.


Most of the researchers determined the daily norm of chocolate for a human is only 30 grams. Try to stick to get all the bonuses from the dessert and not be faced with the unpleasant “side effects”.

Julianna Pliskin, TV presenter, expert on healthy lifestyle, wellness coach, author of books about nutrition

Real chocolate is made from cocoa beans, the fruit of the chocolate tree, which should be composed of at least 70%. This is the main thing to remember about chocolate while in the store. Dark chocolate, which has useful properties, consists of three main ingredients — cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter. The more chocolate, the cocoa beans, the taste is more bitter, and the color is dark and the chocolate is more useful.

About the beneficial properties

  • Tones and improves mood

Why do we love chocolate? All in contained in the treat psychoactive substances that improve mood and mental ability. Chocolate also contains manganese — a microelement necessary for proper functioning of the nervous system, copper, which helps proper absorption of iron, and caffeine with stimulating properties.

  • Contains flavonoids and protects against cancer

Our body consists of a huge number of cells. Some of the cells begin to mutate and become cancerous. The task of the immune system to destroy them. The more we have the immunity, the better it copes with this task. If any unwanted cells are destroyed by the immune system and remains in the body, there is a risk of cancer. Support the body in fighting cancer cells have flavonoids, plant polyphenols, in particular Rutin (vitamin P), which is contained in dark chocolate.

  • Good for the heart and blood vessels

Regular consumption of dark chocolate leads to a decrease in blood pressure. Lowers “bad” cholesterol and increases levels of “good”. Has beneficial effects on the vascular wall and blood clotting.

  • Promotes rejuvenation

Dark chocolate percentage cocoa content of 70% has a low glycemic index. As you know, protein collagen maintains skin elasticity. Products with a high content of glucose accelerating the aging process. The fact that glucose has the property to “linked” collagen and provokes the appearance of wrinkles and tuberosity.

Products that do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels, for example, chocolate with a high proportion of cocoa beans slow down the aging process of the skin.

  • Reduces appetite

When you want to eat something sweet, stop at the chocolate. Despite the high calorie content, dark chocolate reduces appetite and even helps to lose weight with moderate consumption. Slow resorption of a small cube of chocolate triggers the production of hormones that are responsible for saturation. Thus, during the next meal you will be able to reduce the amount of food that going to use.

And the most important question

How to eat chocolate daily for the benefit of the body? 1-2 cubes (squares).

Elena Cullen, psychologist, expert in psychology of weight loss author training weight loss

The number of chocolate products on store shelves makes you wonder: what product to choose to bring not only joy but also benefit.

Black (bitter) chocolate, unlike milk, is composed of grated cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar, without adding dry milk. By varying the proportions between these components, you can modify the taste characteristics of the product, making it more sweet or tart. Often to enhance the flavor and aroma use different fillers. Should give preference to dessert with whole nuts as they contain substances that improve brain function. Candied is usually so heavily processed sugar and temperature that do not carry any additional benefit.

If the chocolate contains at least 70 weight% of cocoa, it refers to the rapid carbohydrates. When you receive these foods increases the level of glucose in the blood. The pancreas emits extra insulin to normalize the glucose level. Fill up the excess fat reserves of the body. Thus, to stay slim and not to burden the pancreas, it is important to choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70%.

Cocoa beans contain flavonoids, which have a tonic effect on the vascular wall. Moderate consumption of dark chocolate helps to prevent heart disease, blood vessels, and reduces the development of atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries.

It is believed that chocolate improves mood, gives strength and vitality. Officially, the reason for this is not found. We can assume that increase energy levels helps caffeine which is contained in cocoa beans. And the emotional impact those positive emotions that we experience when eating something delicious.

It is important to remember that chocolate is high in calories, and include it in the diet is not more than 2-3 times a week, limiting portion 1-2 slices.

Review expertJanna Blagoevska, beautician, injectionist, master bachata and manual hair removal specialist in the field of permanent makeup

Chocolate is one of the favorite delicacies for the sweet tooth. Daily dessert containing cocoa beans, can bring great health benefits. There are many advantages of dark chocolate, so no doubt you included it in your diet.

Advantages of consumption of dark chocolate

There are several varieties of chocolate, but the most useful is black.

Such a treat to reduce the risk of stroke. According to the results of studies that were conducted by Swedish scientists, the risk of heart attacks with regular consumption of chocolate, of course in small quantities reduced by almost 20%. The experiment involved women, throughout the week, ate 45 grams treats a day.

Dark chocolate helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Its regular use reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body, lowers blood pressure and, consequently, the risk of developing heart disease.

Thanks to the chocolate faster saturation. It is enriched with fiber, so does not stimulate the appetite, but on the contrary, promotes quick relief from feelings of hunger.

Helps dark chocolate and diabetes. Despite the fact that this fact is not scientifically justified, are of the opinion that it increases the receptivity of body to insulin by injection.

Chocolate benefits the skin. It contains flavonoids that protect the epidermis from ultraviolet radiation.

Include in your diet, chocolate, you can improve your mood. This product is recommended to anyone who is depressed.

We suggest to always keep a chocolate bar handy, to be able at any moment to treat yourself to a dessert and bring the benefits to the body.

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