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Since ancient times there have been developed various methods for improving health without taking medications, including acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, qigong and Taijiquan.

In China the science of preserving health has more than three thousand years of written history. Due to its simplicity, practicality and efficiency with no side effects these methods are very popular and are widely used in our days, despite the high development of modern medicine. Rubbing belly is also called the method of treating disease and prolonging life. This method of maintaining health is widely known and applied in China since the Qing dynasty.


Therapeutic exercise Chinese medicine “Rubbing the belly”


The exercise is mainly aimed at improving blood flow to the abdomen, stimulating the nerve endings of the stomach and intestines by rubbing certain acupuncture points and affected areas, massage, compression and stretching of internal organs, causing excitation of the vagus nerve associated with the Central nervous system and resulting smooth muscle contraction of the stomach and intestines, increasing their motility.


At the same time, the exercise promotes the secretion of gastric juice, bile, pancreatic and intestinal juices, improves digestion and assimilation of food in the stomach and intestines, increases the metabolic rate of sugar, protein and fat in the liver.



Helps to cure some diseases of the stomach and intestines, including stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal neurosis, inflammation of the colon and chronic constipation.


Starting position: sit or lie down on your back. If sitting, the body should be straight, feet on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width. If lying down, slightly bend your knees, feet slightly to the sides, heel pressed to the surface. In the winter (if cold) lying beneath a blanket, or sit, dressed, or covered with a blanket.




1. Rubbing points are Zhong-WAN. Place the pads of the three middle fingers of the right hand on the epigastric area and push the three middle fingers of the left hand. Use the power of both hands and gently press and RUB around the point Jung-WAN (on the midline of the abdomen, midway between the navel and xiphoid process of the sternum, Fig. 10-51) clockwise 36 times (Fig. 10-52).

2. Rubbing the navel. Gently massage the area around the navel clockwise 18 times, starting from the left side of the navel, using the pads of the three middle fingers of the right hand superimposed on top of them three fingers of the left hand. Then change all under your left hand and, starting with the right side of the navel, do 18 soft rubbing against hours hands around the navel.


3. Rubbing points qi-Hai and Guan-yuan (Fig. 10-51). Circular motion of the three middle fingers of the right hand superimposed with the three fingers of the left hand RUB the area of the lower abdomen, starting from the point qi-Hai, down-left, passing the point Guan-yuan, or up and to the right, returning to the point qi Hai. Complete 18 of these circles. Then switch hands and with soft circular motions RUB the region 18 times in the opposite direction.


4. Push the channel Ren (Fig. 10-53). Soft pushing movements go from nadrovia along the midline of the abdomen down to the pubic symphysis to fuse, using the three middle fingers of the same hand superimposed with three fingers of the other hand.


Then spread your hands out, pushing movements RUB the iliac fossa upward, the costal arcs under the nipple to the epigastrium, and finally adorable, putting the three middle fingers of one hand on three fingers of the other. This is considered one round.


Repeat 36 times. Women should use in this procedure, a method of grinding rotary motion.


5. Rubbing the entire abdomen (Fig. 10-54). -Put your left hand on the belt with your thumb forward (left hand in a free position), gently push and RUB your right hand from the lower right abdomen (right iliac fossa), by region right subcostal, left subcostal region to the left iliac fossa, back to the right lower abdomen. This is considered one round.


Repeat 18 times. Then switch hands and your left hand walk around the same areas, but in the opposite direction 18 times.

6. Press and wiggle. Using these techniques above exercises can give great results.


Depression. Two or three middle fingers of one hand tap on the dots Zhong WAN, Guan yuan and qi Hai. The first jolt hit, and then slowly lift the fingers. This one move. Tap each point 5-7 times.


Pushing and pressing. Base of the palm push and apply pressure on the lower back. Before pressing, place the brush on the hips with the tips of his fingers forward, thumbs firmly pressed at the bottom edge of the ribs. When pushed, vigorously push the bases of the palms inward and forward, bulging belly, and when you weaken the hands, pull the belly to its original position. This is one repetition, which you want to perform alternately 9 times (Fig. 10-55).


Wiggle. Sit cross-legged and put his hands on his knees. ‘S upper body 9 times clockwise and 9 times against it, gradually increasing the amplitude of the oscillations (Fig. 10-56).


The number of repetitions


The pressing and rubbing of the abdomen is performed 2-3 times a day, morning and evening. The number of repetitions of each procedure depends on your physical health.


  • In the event of illness the number of repetitions must be increased substantially.
  • For pain in the stomach can increase the number of repetitions up to several tens and even several hundred, while the symptoms do not weaken or will not go at all.


That is, after the rubbing and pressing, you should have a sense of relief and relaxation, and fatigue to leave.


What you should pay attention


1. Concentrate, pay attention and breathe naturally.

2. The movement should be gentle, slow and continuous. Don’t put too much effort in order not to damage the internal organs.

3. Sometimes during or after rubbing the abdomen can appear gases in the intestine, hunger or heat in the intestines, urination or defecation. It’s a normal reaction, caused by changes in the stomach and bowel, enhanced motility. Don’t worry about it.




  • Pregnant women should not RUB your belly.
  • For those who have a malignant tumor, perforation of the stomach or intestines, internal bleeding or peritonitis, contusion of the abdomen is contraindicated.
  • Also, do not RUB the affected part of the stomach in acute infection.
  • Women can RUB their belly during menses, but you need to protect yourself from exposure to the cold.
  • It is not desirable to RUB the belly, if you are very hungry or have overeaten.
  • If you wish, empty the bladder and bowels before the procedure. published econet.ru.


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