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Amaranth oil in nutrition
The contents

  • How to use amaranth oil with proper nutrition?
  • Possible weight loss with this oil?
  • Recipes for health and beauty
    • Salad greens
    • Vegetable salad
    • Millet porridge with vegetables
    • Oatmeal with fruit
    • Bread

Amaranth is a plant with purple flowers in paniculate inflorescences. But the plant is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also good for health if use the oil from its seeds. Amaranth oil should definitely include in your diet with proper nutrition, because it has many valuable properties.

How to use amaranth oil with proper nutrition?

Oil from amaranth seeds has a pleasant nutty flavor. 100 g of this product contains 735 calories, less than other oils. It is very important for losing weight.

It contains useful product? Amaranth oil is rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins E, C, D, b, phospholipids, amino acids. The oil contains calcium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, sodium, potassium, phytosterols. And in this product contains squalene (a substance that has immunostimulating, antitumor activity and is an antioxidant).

What are the properties of oil? It helps to reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol in blood, strengthens immunity, improves heart and blood vessels, slows the aging process of cells, helps to restore the endocrine glands. Amaranth oil improves the functioning of liver and kidneys, strengthens the bones, stimulates the brain, improves memory, relieves insomnia and depression. This useful product is recommended for eczema, infectious diseases, lesions of the mucous membranes.

The oil improves the functioning of the gallbladder, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, increases stress, lowers blood pressure. The product is useful in rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis. The oil helps to normalize the thyroid gland, and is a preventive measure against cancer.

Naturally, such a useful product should be included in the diet for proper nutrition. But I have to take it correctly. With a proper diet can be eaten 2-3 tablespoons of oil a day. This should be done during the meal or before it. And you can also add amaranth oil to salads, cereal, and pastries.

Unfortunately, such a useful product has contraindications. It is impossible to use oil from seeds of amaranth allergies, the presence of gallstones, diarrhea, pancreatitis, exacerbation of a duodenal ulcer.

Possible weight loss with this oil?

Amaranth oil can also be used for weight loss. Because this product normalizes lipid, salt, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, this oil activates the process of converting body fat into energy. And, of course, amaranth oil improves the digestive tract, relieves constipation, helps to cleanse the intestines. A very useful feature is the ability to reduce appetite and quickly cause saturation.

Weight loss with this oil is very effective. However, if you just add the oil to salads and cereals and it is wrong to eat and to spend time sport, the weight will not drop. It is necessary to follow a diet or choose the right food. And not to forget about physical activity. To choose any sport, dance, yoga and regularly. Oil is a spur of the metabolism, will help to get rid of extra pounds. That is, this product is an auxiliary means and not essential.

The easiest way is to eliminate fatty, sweet, fried and sweet. To increase the consumption of fruits, greens, vegetables. Food to bake, boil or simmer. That is, in fact, go to nutrition. And not to forget the oil. Add it into useful vegetable salads, various cereals and just drinking on the spoon before eating.

The menu for the day might be:

  • morning: millet porridge with pumpkin and spoon of butter, one egg, green tea;
  • snack: fruit;
  • lunch: vegetarian soup, baked fish, salads, stewed fruit;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese and berries;
  • dinner: vegetables in pots, yogurt.

But if you wish, you can choose any diet. As long as she was not hungry and monotonous. Then losing weight becomes easy and enjoyable process.

Recipes for health and beauty

Amaranth oil is nutty, so it is often added to salads, snacks. You can also use the product for baking (only useful), or just add to different meals. Recipes can vary, but it is necessary to choose the most useful. Here are some recipes.

Salad greens

Chop the bunch of spinach, put on the dish. Add a bunch of arugula. Slice six tomatoes, one sweet pepper and tuber of fennel. Add two boiled eggs, cut into wedges. Fill amaranth oil.

Vegetable salad

Cut into large cubes two sweet pepper, half of the root and two stalks of celery cut into small cubes. Three tomatoes and two cucumbers cut at random. All mix, sprinkle with lemon juice. Then add chopped dill and parsley, fill with oil of amaranth.

Millet porridge with vegetables

Boil the carrots and beets, cut into small cubes. Cook the millet. Add salt and vegetables. And then fill with oil from seeds of amaranth. Work satisfying and useful.

Oatmeal with fruit

Cook the oatmeal. Slice the banana slices, pear thin slices. Pear put out a couple of minutes, adding a little sugar. Add to the oatmeal fruit, and to fill useful oil. You can even add a handful of cranberries for acidity.


In warm water (about three cups), add two teaspoons of dry yeast. After two minutes add a couple tablespoons of amaranth oil, a teaspoon of salt, cumin, coriander, and 6.5 cups of flour. Mix everything and close the film, leave on for two hours. Then put into the refrigerator overnight. In the morning cut into not very large rolls and leave for twenty minutes. Bake until tender at 180 degrees.

All recipes are useful and dishes are tasty. Proper nutrition involves eating only healthy food. And amaranth oil — a very valuable product. So do not be lazy sometimes add it to diet.

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