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American food, fast food and obesity
The contents

  • The nature of American power
    • Semi-finished products
  • Fast food — a health hazard
    • Where it came from
    • Why fast food became popular
    • Negative impact of fast food on health
  • The influence of eating habits on metabolism

In America, the best — so say the people of this country. Yes, they have a lot of achievements. But if you discuss food with this statement is debatable. First of all, because the US has a lot of overweight people. This is confirmed by all who have been there.

The nature of American power

For contemporary American food has a great products in the diet. Also, there are plenty of fast food, and restaurants of national cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, etc.

The Americans are preparing dishes with the addition of a large number of spices and seasonings. These include: black, red, and allspice, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, garlic powder, ginger, vanilla, cumin, etc.

As a side dish Americans prefer to use the power fries and long grain rice, most often brown or wild. Salads made from fresh vegetables. Very popular seafood, which are commercially available in a wide range.

U.S. residents are willing to use ice. In any restaurant you can ask the waiter to bring a pitcher with ice. Tea also is drunk with ice. Beer is also consumed only chilled. Perhaps the habit of drinking cold drinks is that many us States are located in warm climate zone where the summer is very hot.

Semi-finished products

In grocery stores and supermarkets have a huge range of different products. Residents of the United States widely use them in everyday meals. For example, they buy in the supermarket meat, potatoes, carrots, spinach, etc., which are washed, chopped and Packed into bundles. This greatly reduces the time for lunch. In addition, at lunch eat many sandwiches, burgers, ham, etc.

Desserts and pastries are also made from semi-finished products. For example, the women bake a cake from prepared powder mixtures, also of the ready mixes make jelly, creams.

But food is more complex recipes, they cook only on weekends and holidays. In particular, for a Christmas tradition to serve baked Turkey (which can take weight up to 5 kg) as well as the ongoing Apple pie.

Fast food — a health hazard

Where it came from

In 1921, the United States got the burgers, they began to offer the company White Castle. At that time it was unprecedented exotic. Clients bribed the unusual dishes and it is cheap (only 5 cents!).

In addition, the owner of the company came up with a marketing ploy. He hired people and dressed them in white robes. Their task was to go to these restaurants and eat there. This was done to ensure that the buyers have the impression that doctors are also buying burgers.

After 20 years, this company has new competitors. The largest and most persistent of them was McDonald’s. Currently the institution has in 119 countries.

Why fast food became popular

Residents of big cities live a rich life, a rhythm which makes one appreciate every minute of time. They have no time to spend precious hours eating, especially on a leisurely meal, so “eating on the run” has rapidly spread. She became particularly popular the US, where the rule of the principle of “earn money”.

Entrepreneurs also assessed the profitability of this business. Fast food establishments proved to be more profitable compared to conventional restaurants, because there’s no need to hire waiters. The technology of preparation of dishes from a conveyor, used for cooking foods. Visitors there not to stay, ate some, and can again be run. All this makes these places profitable. And, of course, greatly influenced by massive advertising.

Until recently, the largest network of restaurants of fast food in the world was McDonald’s. Currently overtook her firm Subway, in 2011 it became the largest network of fast food outlets.

Negative impact of fast food on health

It is known that fast food cannot be attributed to healthy food. As with any industrial food production, it is harmful for health as it contains food additives that have a negative effect on the digestive system and the entire body and sometimes can cause disease.

The most dangerous food additive are TRANS fats. They lower the immune system and production of testosterone and disrupt the metabolic processes. In particular, they reduce the formation of the enzyme counteracts toxins and carcinogens. According to scientific studies, TRANS fats lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and development of tumors. The result health seriously affected. On this basis, the world Health Organization recommends to abandon their use.

In addition, in fast food lacks vitamins, so, which people regularly use, there may be a deficiency. Body weight they grow, but the body lacks the necessary nutrients.

The influence of eating habits on metabolism

According to the UN report of 2013, the United States is in second place in the world in the number of overweight people. The first place is Mexico.

As you know, the constant use of fast food has a negative impact on health and can lead to obesity. Indeed, in the fast food besides hamburgers and hot dogs, they sell French fries, sodas with high sugar content, etc., All these dishes have high calorie content. At their regular use in the body there is excess fat tissue.

The condition of obesity is poor metabolism. It can occur at any age, even in children. Experts believe excessive weight is one of the reasons for the increase in diseases and increased mortality. They also note that in modern society there are more people suffering from excess weight.

The main reason of obesity is the imbalance between the flow of energy in the body and its spending. With food comes a lot of calories, but because of inactivity they are not spent, this leads to the fact that the surpluses are deposited in the body as fat. As a result, the metabolism is hampered and becomes defective. This makes it difficult to output the waste substances from the body, clogging its decay products.

In ancient times, the human body has adapted to nakalimot fat stores to protect itself from starvation during periods of food scarcity, which could be lengthy. In the process of evolution it was necessary to maintain the population. However, since then times have changed, in the civilized world shortage of food is not observed.

Doctors consider the most dangerous accumulation of fat reserves in the abdomen (this type of obesity is called “Central”). According to statistics, these reserves of fat are often the cause of developing diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

By the way, the doctors have refuted the widespread belief that excessive obesity might be associated with consumption of beer (so-called “beer belly”). Studies do not confirm such a relationship.

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