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Anti-cellulite diet

Anti-cellulite diet was developed by Nicole Ronsard, who dedicated this issue a book. The diet is based on a ten-day Wellness course food and can improve the whole body.

What constitutes anti-cellulite diet

Its principle of operation is based on combating the causes of cellulite. The appearance of subcutaneous fat irregularities associated with fatty foods, junk food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, irregular eating, slagging of the body, stress, lack of movement.

As soon as you get rid of harmful factors, your skin will be tightened. The use of illegal products leads to water retention in the body, which contributes to the development of “orange peel”. Therefore it is very important to help the body excrete excess fluid.

Ten-day diet

To comply with this anti-cellulite diet will not have to torture your body with starvation. It is enough to consider the calorie foods and quality prepared meals.

This diet will not only help to cope with cellulite, but will normalize all processes in the body:

  • to improve metabolism;
  • enhances body tone;
  • enhances overall health;
  • revitalizes the complexion.

Menu ten day diet

  • All the odd days. Breakfast any fresh fruit. At lunch, eat salad vegetables and olive oil. Feel free to add in lettuce, sesame or pumpkin seeds. Eat vegetable salad and fruits.
  • The second day and the sixth. During the day, prefer fresh fruit, but the bananas forget. Drink water, any tea without sugar, some coffee.
  • All remaining even-numbered days. Breakfast should consist of low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit. Lunch salad and cereal (rice, buckwheat, oats), complete your meal with low-fat yogurt. Eat a salad of vegetables and fruit.

It is best to do cellulite diet in the summer when available, any fruit and vegetables.

Results anti-cellulite diet

After the diet continue to adhere to proper nutrition. On the advice of Nicolas Ronsard, fill your diet with seafood, mushroom, cereals and low fat products. Drink lots of green tea, herbal infusions, fruit fruit drinks and always plenty of fresh water.

Observing all recommendations and cellulite of 1-2 degrees can be removed in two months. Be sure to do with fitness, but body wraps and masks can do at will.

Alina Minaeva


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