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Available analogues of expensive food

The contents

  • Gourmet food: caviar, seafood, jamon, white truffle
  • Healthy eating: accessible analogs of high-value products
  • Interesting recipes of dishes for daily meals

    • Bruschetta
    • Frittata

There are foods that are highly appreciated by gourmets and are fabulous money. However, among the conventional products can be selected such that to meet the taste requirements of delicacies. Their use will allow each owner to easily cook complex and interesting meals at minimum cost.

Gourmet food: caviar, seafood, jamon, white truffle

Usually, if a person wants to try something new in the diet, he goes to the store, where he began to study the assortment, quality of the offered products and their prices. There are food products that are in demand despite the very high cost. These include the so-called delicacies.

Today in the list of the most expensive foods include.

  • Saffron

This spice is the most expensive in the world. Such a high price for the product due to its rarity. After all, the saffron Crocus blooms only a few weeks a year, and its stamens are collected by hand. To obtain one kilo of spices is necessary to process several hundred thousand flowers.

  • Black caviar

Most of the fishing of sturgeon is on the brink of extinction, so black caviar is extremely expensive and rare food. In addition, sturgeons are very slow growing therefore quickly rebuild their population impossible.

  • Oysters

These seafood is not always considered a delicacy. So, at the beginning of the nineteenth century these useful shellfish was the food of commoners living in coastal areas. However, the uncontrolled fishing and pollution of the environment has led to a significant reduction in their numbers and, as a consequence, multiple ascending prices. Today, therefore, regularly include in a healthy diet of oysters can only fairly wealthy people.

  • White truffle

Such foods as white truffle – considered fine food for gourmets. But the high price is due to the fact that to grow truffles in artificial environments so far no one managed. And to celebrate the white truffle in its natural habitat – a great success.

  • Jamon Iberico

Jamon Iberico traditional Spanish and Portuguese cuisine and expensive dish that is a pork roast cooked in a special process. For its first production of animals fed high quality natural feed, after which their meat is long processing cycle, which takes about three years. Only after that ham be included in the diet.

Healthy eating: accessible analogs of high-value products

The transition to a healthy diet leads many people to begin to experiment with new and interesting dishes. Often they are composed of expensive and fairly rare products, you can buy that does not always work.

In order not to restrict the freedom of your own culinary experiments, it is possible to get away from the exact recipe and substitute some food products more affordable counterparts.

  • Replacement cheese mascarpone

Mascarpone thanks to its soft, creamy texture is a traditional component of the desserts, pizza, pasta and many other Italian dishes. The consistency of this cheese is like a thick cream and gives the finished dish a delicate and spicy taste. However, the high cost of many of the mascarpone was not possible to include this cheese in your daily meals. You can rectify the situation with a mixture of whipping cream, cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt and even frozen yogurt thanks. Of course, connoisseurs will immediately notice the substitution, but in most ready meals, the difference in taste is imperceptible.

  • Replacement anchovies

The Internet are full of recipes, which include anchovies. In the original, these small fish are valued for their unusual Ambassador: anchovies stand for a long time in barrels with sea salt, which gives them a distinctive taste. Finding the recipe for this component, and not finding it in the store, the anchovies can be replaced by fish sauce, originally from Vietnam. He will also emphasize the taste of the dish and give it the desired flavor. A more budget option, the replacement of anchovies is to use any available small spicy salted fish (sprat, anchovy).

  • A substitute for maple syrup

People who adhere to a healthy diet, certainly paid attention to a frequent component of the desserts, like maple syrup. If you find this delicious and aromatic the product has failed, it can be replaced with acacia or buckwheat honey, which has the same liquid consistency and a similar color.

  • Replace coconut milk

Coconut milk is a versatile food – it is added to desserts, smoothies, soups and consumed in its pure form. To replace it you can use cow milk or cream (provided that the person is not suffering from lactose intolerance). And to add to the dish a characteristic taste and flavor by using coconut.

  • Substitute for capers

This is unusual for our kitchen product like capers, prized for its salty and sharp taste. However, in most recipes you can substitute pickled gherkins. And when cooking meat or fish dishes instead of capers, it is acceptable to use green olives.

Interesting recipes of dishes for daily meals

Cook something unusual for dinner and surprise your loved ones dreams, perhaps, every woman. To do this, it is not always necessary to buy expensive delicacies. Because of the readily available products you can prepare delicious and healthy dish.


To please the household classic Italian dish can be prepared in a simplified version of bruschetta. For this it is necessary to dry or fry in a dry pan slices of baguette or loaf. They should be lightly greased with olive oil, grate garlic, and then spread on top of stuffing. It can be fresh or grilled vegetables and cheese, nuts, olives and much more, from what is at hand.


Behind this name hides a beautiful omelet with vegetables and cheese. However, cooking a Frittata requires additional roasting almost ready meals in the oven. Also the hosts should take note that vegetables for meals should not contain excessive amounts of moisture. So they should either dry with paper towel (or give a little to drain). Self cooking a Frittata is an incremental addition to a heated pan of egg mixture, toppings and then grated cheese. Then the omelette shift in refractory form and send it to a few minutes in the oven.

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