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Basic exercises for the TABATA system for weight loss
The contents

  • TABATA as a form of fitness
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the complex for weight loss
  • Basic exercises
  • Advice

Quick and proper weight loss is the dream of almost every woman. What efforts have not been made to get rid of excess weight: exhausting fitness classes at the gym, different diets, activity hours and fasting days. However, there is an easier way to make your body beautiful and slim — it is enough to perform daily simple exercises the TABATA system. And spend a whole five minutes!

TABATA as a form of fitness

TABATA is a training consisting of efficient exercises for all the muscle groups that run with a certain time interval. The task is to perform the maximum movement in minimum time. These fitness exercise has been known for over 20 years and founded by physiologist Izumi TABATA. Wanting to find a method that can improve the endurance, he and a group of employees of the National Institute of fitness and sports has carried out many detailed studies. According to the results of a six-week training high performance (4 minutes, 4 days) was recorded sustained positive impact on all the body’s energy systems.

Exercises on the TABATA Protocol have a clear structure:

  • 20 seconds intense performance of elements — the time required for the muscles to work at maximum voltage without using oxygen.
  • 10 seconds — rest — a change of position and oxygen saturation in the blood before performing the next element.

Great importance is paid to the breath during the intensive phase it should be short and frequent, and the rest — deep.

The fitness complex consists of 8 intervals of: perform one round of exercises requires 240 seconds (4 minutes). The main indicator of effective exercise: burning sensation and bearable pain in the muscles. The main task is to keep the maximum load that contributes to active calorie expenditure. The fat burning process is observed a day after the workout. Any special terms and conditions of purchase of sports equipment is not required, so the TABATA is perfect for practicing in any conditions: at home, at the gym or outdoors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the complex for weight loss

The main advantage of training in the TABATA system is the ability to combine them with other types of exercise. In addition, studies conducted by Japanese scientists has revealed the following advantages of the method:

  • suitable for experienced athletes and beginners;
  • promote proper development of muscles;
  • quickly burns calories: an average of over 4 minutes are 60 calories in 20 minutes — at least 300 calories;
  • saves time: it is enough to do 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes (5 sets of 4 minutes);
  • provides continuous slimming: the effect of exercise lasts for another 48 hours after the training;
  • increases the stamina of the cardiovascular system;
  • working on all muscle groups thanks to the proper combination of strength and cardio;
  • speeds up the metabolism, which further stimulates the active weight loss;
  • save money: for classes do not have access to the fitness centers and to purchase special sports equipment.

Allowed independent selection of the set of exercises tailored to your individual physical fitness.

Despite the effectiveness of training Protocol TABATA, experts mark also a number of disadvantages:

  • untrained beginners run the risk of injury by intense rhythm of training;
  • people suffering from hypertension, varicose veins, heart pathology, Oncology, as well as having diseases of the musculoskeletal system and likely to develop internal bleeding to perform such exercises is not recommended.
  • TABATA is contraindicated in pregnant and limited to people with obesity of 2 and 3 degrees.

Basic exercises

Before any training mandatory warm up — increase blood flow and warming the muscle tissue. Coaches recommend a rotation with your hands, squatting, bending forward, backward and to the sides.

TABATA includes exercises for weight loss, exercising all muscle groups. It is important that the elements in one loop was unidirectional: the muscles trained only from below or only from above. The minimum number of repetitions — 5 times a lower amount reduces the efficiency of the workout.

  • For beginners.

For beginners will approach a set of core exercises:

  • squats with a pause at the point when the hips is located parallel to the floor;
  • pushups — upright or standing on his knees;
  • running in place with high knees;
  • the slopes of the body touch the floor
  • deep lunges alternate legs;
  • imitation feet of bike riding from a prone position;
  • classic strap;
  • a variety of twisting.

Serial execution of these exercises is one approach (interval). Each element is 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. After complex — one-minute rest, then on to the next approach.

The main challenge for newcomers is the strict observance of technology at the greatest possible pace.

  • For advanced.

Experienced athletes should include a set of complicated exercises that encourage more active weight loss. One approach includes the following elements:

  • deep squats with a lifting spring;
  • traditional burpee;
  • lunges with jump and with alternate change of the feet;
  • strap on outstretched arms with the addition of a “climber” (alternating leg movement) or running;
  • push-UPS with a reverse grip;
  • running on the spot;
  • classic push-UPS.

The difference in the implementation of TABATA exercises can be the following:

  • The intensity of the run: the pros for 20 seconds, perform 10 repetitions (beginners 6-8).
  • Variations of exercises: professionals can combine a set of different elements, including weights.
  • Of the offered complex of exercises for different muscle groups you need to choose four elements and perform them for 20 seconds, not forgetting the alternation of phases of intensity and rest (10 seconds). You can make your own program for the TABATA system, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism.


    Compliance with the recommendations of professional trainers will improve your performance and achieve significant results in losing weight. They are advised to follow the following rules:

    • try to do the maximum number of iterations;
    • it is desirable to use the weights (beginners not recommended);
    • to perform the exercises in the daytime in a well ventilated area;
    • follow the rhythm of breathing: inhaling through the nose while relaxing the muscles, exhale through the mouth — when stress;
    • during the one minute break between sets should not rest passively: you need to stay in motion.

    The optimal frequency of sessions 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes. If you wish to enhance result — increase the number of approaches.

    TABATA is a highly effective form of fitness, maximum working on the main muscle groups that contribute to fat burning and weight loss during the day after class. Please note that the main indicator of the correctness of the exercise — the maximum fatigue after exercise.

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