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Basic rules of combining food
The contents

  • Nutrition: a combination of vitamins and minerals
  • The features of the process of digestion
  • The chemical composition of foodstuffs: proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Products in the power menu: features of mastering
  • What products to put on one plate?

Healthy food your family members is one of the main tasks of every housewife. What foods to choose, and how they interconnect, will tell MedAboutMe.

Nutrition: a combination of vitamins and minerals

Did you know that certain vitamins and minerals taken at the same time, can not bring the body much good? All because they are able to suppress each other. For example, vitamins C and E interfere with the normal absorption of vitamin B12. Calcium prevents the full absorption of iron, phosphorus zinc. Conversely, vitamin B6 helps in the absorption of magnesium and vitamin D helps to activate the phosphorus-potassium exchange. For the full assimilation of iron is needed ascorbic acid, and vitamin a is better to combine with fats.

Remember the guidelines will not prevent every housewife preparing a meal for the whole family. If the foods are poorly combined with each other in chemical composition, they are longer to digest and do not bring significant benefits to the body.

The features of the process of digestion

The digestion process in the human body starts with the ingress of food into the oral cavity. The enzymes contained in saliva help break down starches and fast carbs. After chewing the food enters the esophagus and then into the stomach. There it is exposed to gastric juice is mostly composed of hydrochloric acid. Pepsin is one of the main enzymes of the gastric juice, helps to break down proteins.

The next stage of the digestive process — the duodenum. There the food is exposed to pancreatic enzymes that “do” the breakdown of carbohydrates. From there the liver does bile, which is actively involved in the breakdown of fats.

The final stage of digestion occurs in the colon. The microorganisms that inhabit it, help to recycle dietary fiber contained in foods of plant origin, contribute to the assimilation of vitamins and excretion of degradation products.

When food enters the stomach, the body “recognizes” its composition and selects the enzymes necessary for the full assimilation of different for each food product. If the body gets too many diverse products, for recognizing and finding the right enzymes, it takes a lot of energy, and the use of this power is significantly reduced.

The chemical composition of foodstuffs: proteins, fats and carbohydrates

The composition of the products used in the power menu of a person, includes:

  • proteins involved in the construction of new cells in the body and promotes the growth of muscle. Sufficient animal proteins contain such foods as meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products. Vegetable protein can be found in legumes, mushrooms and nuts;
  • fats — reserve energy sources. Healthy fats help to regulate the temperature of the human body and enhances immunity. The body needs fats contain such foods like oil and butter, sour cream, cream, fatty fish and meat;
  • carbohydrates are the main energy sources for the human body. There are simple and complex carbohydrates. Foods rich in carbohydrates are cereals, breads, dried fruits, honey, sugar.

In addition, nutritionists sometimes share products in the following categories:

  • with a high content of starch — potatoes, corn, carrots, rice, buckwheat, beets;
  • non-starchy tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, greens, eggplant, peppers, and onions.

Products in the power menu: features of mastering

Different products used in the power menu of the person, are digested at different rates. This should be considered to prevent overload of the organism and prevention of fermentation processes in it.

Less total time for absorption is required to fruits and berries — from 15 minutes to one hour. Faster to digest pureed berries and fruits.

Second place in the speed of digestion occupy non-starchy vegetables — about half an hour. But in order that the potato went from the mouth to the colon, it will take about two hours, while the carrots the same way goes for two and a half hours.

Quickly enough the human body to digest fish. For example, cod, Pollock and hake for this will need about half an hour, but fatty fish (herring, salmon, mackerel) to digest a little longer — about an hour and a half.

Meat chicken and Turkey enters the intestine and a half or two hours after eating. Other meats are digested much longer.

The milk leaves the stomach in about two hours, but yogurt and other milk digest faster. Much time will be needed to digest beans. It will take about two and a half hours.

The splitting of the croup, the stomach will take from one hour to three. Most quickly digested cereal, more time is spent on the digestion of buckwheat, millet and rice.

What products to put on one plate?

To make the food menu is useful, in one plate you can put:

  • different sweet fruits (e.g., grapes, prunes). In addition, sweet fruit allowed to connect with polycycline (apples with persimmons or grapes). It is recommended to combine sweet fruits with cream, sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese and greens;
  • acidic fruits (citrus, pomegranates, pineapples) can be combined with each other, with poluchennymi fruit, as well as with dairy products, cheese, nuts, herbs;
  • grain products, cereals and starchy vegetables feel good next to the vegetables, and fats, while protein, especially from animals, on one plate to put it is not recommended;
  • proteins blend well with greens and vegetables. The exception is milk, which is better to drink separately;
  • fats combine well with herbs and vegetables (salads with vegetable oil or sour cream), and another with potatoes and cereals (porridge, seasoned with butter). Not the best option — a combination of sugar and fat (cakes, pastries, ice cream, sweet cream).

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