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Best exercise equipment for weight loss at home

The contents

  • Training for effective weight loss
  • Additional exercises
  • Trainer for weight loss: how to choose?

One of the main reasons that motivate people to exercise, desire to lose weight. For weight loss use a variety of physical exercises, such as using sports equipment. If exercise is planned to spend at home, before buying sports equipment you need to get acquainted with different types of devices, to compare between them and choose the most suitable.

Training for effective weight loss

There are several groups of exercise equipment. If the workout goal is weight loss, you need to consider the device from the group of aerobic (cardio) fitness equipment, which includes cross trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and Steppers. Training on the cardio promote weight loss, endurance, strengthening cardiovascular system, improving muscle tone and overall health of the body. To make the right choice and to buy really useful and safe trainer, you need to consider each type of device separately.

  • Elliptical trainer

Ellipsoid or elliptical is a cardiovascular workout that is a cross between a stair-stepper, stationary bike, and treadmill. The movement of the person working on the ellipsoid, reminiscent of cross-country skiing. Thanks to the minimal load on the joints, this kind of fitness device can be used even in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and in rehabilitation period after injuries. Orbitrek, along with the muscles of the legs and buttocks, involves the muscles of arms and shoulder girdle. It is equipped with movable handrails that keeps the athlete during the rotation of the pedals. 30 minutes of intensive exercise on the ellipsoid, you can burn about 350 calories.

  • Treadmill

Treadmills are very popular amongst dieters. Running is an efficient cardio that makes the body active to expend calories. Trainer is very simple to use. In mechanical models, the canvas is driven by the feet of the runner. Electric treadmills are equipped with a motor that maintains the set speed. The load can be increased by increasing the speed of movement of the cloth or the angle of it. Better to start with regular walking.

  • Bike

In marked excess weight the stationary bike is an optimal choice. While working on it the weight of the body presses on the joints of the feet, and the extra pounds do not overload the spine. Particularly comfortable and safe classes on the horizontal stationary bike. He pedals forward and the seat has a high adjustable backrest. During operation, the back is in a relaxed state, no unnecessary stress in the hands and shoulder girdle. But weight loss is faster if the training involved an exercise bike with a vertical landing. It is possible to perform exercises with high intensity and change the position of the body including different muscle groups.

  • Stepper

A great exercise for weight loss — climbs the stairs. This can be done from home if you have stepper. It is a device that simulates walking up the stairs. At home is especially convenient to use a mini stepper. It is very compact and weighs only a few pounds. Even small Steppers is a display which shows all the main parameters of the workout: elapsed time, speed, distance, calorie consumption. The mini Steppers there is no handrails, but they can be equipped with an expander.

  • Rowing machine

Talking about effective weight loss, it is worth mentioning rowing machine, though it’s not often purchase for home workouts. Many classes at the rowing shell seem too difficult. The simulator simulates a rowing boat and requires considerable tension of the muscles of the hands, chest, back, shoulders and abdominals. Involved muscles of the legs. Rowing gives the body a good cardio at the same time it develops good muscles.

Additional exercises

The monotony of movements — the main disadvantage of training on the cardio. Such exercises can quickly become bored. This does not happen, if you combine the lessons on the simulator with other types of exercises. Diversified home workouts will help simple and affordable sports equipment. For weight loss at home you can use a skipping rope, fitball, hula Hoop, outdoor rotating disk.

  • Jumping rope not only promote weight loss, but also to develop speed, reaction, endurance, coordination. This is an intensive form of training, having a serious strain on the heart, vessels, joints. It should not be practiced if the weight exceeds the norm by more than 15%.
  • Fitball is a multifunctional shell. In the exercises it can be used as support, the item weights. Fitball-aerobics helps to lose weight, strengthens many muscle groups, develops coordination of movements.
  • Hoop (hula Hoop) — sports equipment that reduces the waistline, improves the condition of skin on the abdomen and hips, makes the figure slim. Effective weight loss provide classes with a weighted Hoop, the weight of which ranges from 1.5 to 3 kg.
  • Drive outdoor fitness — a simple home trainer for weight loss waist, strengthen the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs. It consists of two discs that can rotate relative to each other. It is recommended to do at the gym for 20 minutes a day.
  • Trainer for weight loss: how to choose?

    All of these cardio machines provide an effective losing weight, but, perhaps, the most versatile is the elliptical trainer. It have virtually no contraindications. It does not overload the joints of the legs as a treadmill, and involves more muscles than a stationary bike. On the elliptical you can make progress not only forward but also backward. Movement in the opposite direction in another way stressing the muscles of the legs, allow you to burn fat more quickly under the knees, in the legs and in the buttocks.

    When choosing a trainer for your home it is first necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the device, its safety and dimensions. Just to make sure that this trainer is ideal for training at home, it makes sense to visit a fitness club and work out at the selected shell to try different models and compare this device with other types of cardio equipment.

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